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  1. chicago slim

    NUAD - Bad Cat

    While demoing a couple of guitars, I got to try a used Bad Cat, Cougar 15. I passed on the guitars, but bought the amp. I had always read bad things about them, on the forums. They are noisy, heavy, no clean headroom. Man were they wrong. I really liked the sound. After I got it home, I did...
  2. chicago slim

    S2 McCarty

    I'm giving the Les Paul type guitar, another try. It's an S2 McCarty 594 SC. I did have a Les Paul Jr. for about 12 years. But, it was thin, light and had a P90. So, I don't really count it. I used the guitar at a guitar shop, while trying some amps. I liked it, so I went back and compared it to...
  3. chicago slim

    Reverend Roundhouse 449

    Has anyone played a Reverend Roundhouse? This is the guitar I saw at the music shop last week, while I was buying an amp. It looked great, but I didn't what to play it, as I was using trying the amp with a couple of guitars that were similar to ones that I owned. I didn't want to make them...
  4. chicago slim

    NAD Tone Master Deluxe

    I finally broke down and got the Tone Master Deluxe. The last few years I've basically run my tube amps every 3 months, in order to keep them working. I've been using a Katana most of the time. I'm a 6V6 guy to start with. I had an original Deluxe Reverb, and sold it because people would tell...
  5. chicago slim

    NPD - Porter Pickups

    I received and installed a set of Porter, Gatekeeper pickups in my PRS S2, Custom 22. I placed my order on Monday and received the pickups on Thursday, using their cheapest and slowest shipping option (USPS). Porter is a small custom guitar and pickup builder (4 man shop). The Gatekeeper set is...
  6. chicago slim

    Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute

    Skyville Live on CMT, is airing a Jerry Lee Lewis tribute tonight. I watched the Kris Kristofferson tribute, and thought that it was pretty good. It included people like Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Lady A and Raul Malo.
  7. chicago slim

    Guitar Straps

    What guitar straps do you recommend? I have Levy's Suede straps that have held up, over 15 years. I thought that Vorson straps gave me more for my money. The problem is, the vinyl backing (underside) is falling apart. Has anyone tried the Fender or Perri guitar straps? Or, any other brand...
  8. chicago slim


    I got my Covid shot Thursday and went to the guitar store, Friday. So, I'm calling it a side effect, guitar. It's a PRS S2 Custom 22, in Faded Blue, Smokeburst. I started with PRS core guitars with a dished top, and found that I actually prefer the plainer S2's. It mainly looks dark in person...
  9. chicago slim

    Sultans Of Swing

    John Bohlinger, a buddy from another forum, did a little piece for Premier Guitar, on the song, Sultans Of Swing. We both started playing rock and Blues scale. He used Sultans of Swing, to expand his playing. I took the Brian Setzer route of playing saxophone solo's. We both ended up playing for...
  10. chicago slim

    Eagles 2018 Concert

    Last night I'm scrolling through the cable guide, and I see an Eagles concert, on ESPN. So I tune in, thinking that it will be about the Eagles football team. No, it's the Eagles 2018 tour, featuring Vince Gill and Glen Frey's son, Deacon. With the world class musician and singers in the Eagles...
  11. chicago slim


    New Pickup Day or to be more precise, New Loaded Pickguard Day. I own 7 SSS Strat's, 2 American, 2 Mexican, 2 Classic Vibes and a Parts Caster. Instead of filling up my house with more Strat's, I decided to do some upgrades. I ordered a set of Yosemite pickups, on an Antique Pearl pickguard. My...
  12. chicago slim

    Natural Aging

    Has anyone had good luck getting their guitars to age without artificial tints or relicing? My 2012 maple neck has darkened nicely. It actually looked good after two years. However, the white pickguard, still looks very white. I'm getting tired of the unnatural green mint pickguards. If I...
  13. chicago slim

    Fender Pickups

    My favorite pickups are Fender Texas Specials. The thing that I like is that I can get a good sound, with the volume rolled down to around 6. Whether I'm playing for a recording artist or fronting my amateur rockabilly band, I can ride my volume in order to stay off the vocals. I would like to...
  14. chicago slim

    Shelter In Place Project 3 & 4

    Since I have the time, I thought that I would see what I could do about the high saddle screws on my Classic Vibe. I've already replaced the tremolo with a newer Mexican model, with shorter screws on the outside saddles. It's the same as my MIM SE Standard, that doesn't have the same problem...
  15. chicago slim

    CS Classic Vibe 50

    While watching youtube, blindfolded Demo's of Strat's, I noticed that they had trouble telling Classic Vibes from Custom Shop models. They would usually fiddle with the switch and POTs, in order to spot the CV. Now, I've had this guitar in several configurations, using Fender American and...
  16. chicago slim

    Tribute & Sterling vs Classic Vibe

    Has anyone compared the G&L Tribute and Music Man Sterling to a Classic Vibe. I am most interested in the necks. The Classic Vibe necks are pretty comfortable to me, but I still prefer the size and shape of the MIM player necks. I even like them better than my American necks. I'm looking for...
  17. chicago slim

    Classic Vibe 50s, 60s & 70s

    I currently own two MIC, CV 50's. Is it just me, or does the neck seem thicker on the all maple necks? Has anyone compared the maple 50's necks to the Indian Laurel models? Do the Indonesian necks, seem any thicker? I like the guitars that I own. The necks seem to work better for me, as my...
  18. chicago slim

    Saint Patrick's (Green Strat) Day

    Sherwood Green Mystic Seafoam Green
  19. chicago slim

    Fender Lead II & III.

    Has anyone tried the Player Lead II (single coil) or Lead III (humbucker) Strat's?
  20. chicago slim

    Light Weight Alternative To An AC15

    What is the best best light weight alternative to a Vox AC15, with Reverb and Tremolo? I'm not looking for Top Boost Overdrive, but semi-clean sounds for Americana type music. I would be willing to go solid state, hybrid or digital. Delay would be a plus. I would be willing to try an AV30...
  21. chicago slim

    Modding, Swapping Parts & Setups

    This is a follow-up, to an earlier thread, and what I have learned. I started with 2 American, 2 Mexican, 2 CV50's and an AVRI 1956. Background: I'm a 50 year player, 15 years as a professional musician...
  22. chicago slim

    Multiple Strats - Different Setups

    Yea, I own too many Strats. But, I do try to set them up for different uses. Main Guitar - MIA Special, Floating Tremolo, 9-42 Strings, Texas Special Pickups, Grease Bucket circuitry, Tone Controls on Bridge and neck pickups. Backup Guitar - MIM Classic 50, Decked Tremolo, 9-42 Strings, 57/62...
  23. chicago slim

    NGD: American Special

    My green Strat addiction, continues. My second Special, Seafoam Green, to go with my Mystic Seafoam Green Metallic. I love the Texas Special pickups, with the grease bucket wiring. And, a good case.
  24. chicago slim

    Ceramic Pickup Surprise

    I'm really impressed with the pickups on my FSR Standard. I bought a GC FSR Seafoam Green, Standard. I have other Strat's with Texas Special's, 57/63's, after market Alnico V's and Tone Rider Alnico III's. Since the Texas Specials have been my favorite sounding pickups, I adjusted Standard...
  25. chicago slim

    Blackstar HT-5R

    Does anyone own a Blackstar HT-5R? I'm considering ordering one without playing. This is as an alternative to a Vox AV15, Marshall MG30GFX or a second Boss Katana. I sold two of my tube amps, but I still own a Vox TB18C1 and two modified Fender SCXD's. Thanks.