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  1. mapleglo

    EMF-Proof Underwear

    Mods, please delete if inappropriate. So I've been seeing this ad quite often lately, here on Strat-Talk. Apparently, it's a thing. $45.00 a pair. Plus shipping, I would imagine. For those people who think that somehow, a Faraday cage around your privates is somehow going to make you...
  2. mapleglo

    The Capo

    I have tried to get around using them for most of my life. But when you play in a band with a singer, they have usually have a pretty strong feelings about what key in which they want to sing a song. So I've recently been using one. I have tried a few different ones, and had been using the...
  3. mapleglo

    NGD - Ovation 12 String Content

    I just received this Ovation 1866 Legend, purchased used from the 'bay. Yes, it's a 12 string. My first, and it sounds amazing. It's a bear to tune, but sounds great, especially considering the shallow bowl. They apparently do not make the shallow bowl 12 strings anymore, so I was...
  4. mapleglo

    Best Guitarist who also rocks Bass - Living & Dead

    Living: Tal Wilkenfeld Dead: Greg Lake
  5. mapleglo


    New stand day, Hercules stands, from a Stupid Deal of the Hour from MF. Now I just need to clean up some space...
  6. mapleglo

    MXR vs TC Electronic

    TC really ought to move their power plug to the top like MXR. Or MXR should really make a tuner.
  7. mapleglo

    Strat Kit Inbound

    So I was looking at this thread and posted this response: At which time I realized that the kits were on sale. What better time than to order one? It's on the way! So I was thinking natural for a finish, but now I'm thinking white. Or maybe pink.
  8. mapleglo


    Just received this guitar last night. An Ovation Celebrity. Nothing fancy, kind of an entry level guitar, but it plays surprisingly well, and sounds surprisingly good. It's one of those "super shallow" body styles, so it's really comfortable to wear and play. A pretty nicely flamed top as...
  9. mapleglo

    What's Your Lockdown Rig of Choice?

    Like the title says, what rig are you using for practicing at home until this thing blows over? For quiet Sunday mornings, I'm using my Partscaster Elite Hardtail, into my mini board, into headphones while my hubby is still asleep. During the day, I'll switch over to my TM Twin, or just use an...
  10. mapleglo

    Pictures of You at Band Practice

    I'll start. Last night.
  11. mapleglo

    Why use an amp?

    Has your hearing deteriorated so badly that you can't hear anymore? Not concerned that electricity use will further increase global warming? Aren't those amps too heavy to carry around? Go DI into the PA. Or better yet, just play an acoustic!
  12. mapleglo

    1000 Posts

    I noticed I was at 999 posts this morning, which means this will be my 1000th post. I know it's not much compared to some of the people here, but it's my first big milestone. Will I advance to something beyond "Strat-O-Master"? Will I get free gifts? Awards? Free beer?
  13. mapleglo

    What did I just buy?

    I saw this a while back on the Fender website and thought it was cute, so I had Fender notify me when it became available. They did, and I ordered it. It arrived today. Talk about alternate reality...
  14. mapleglo

    NND - What to Do with This New Neck

    So an on-line parts seller had this Elite Stratocaster neck on special. I really have come to love my Elite Strat and Tele, so I decided that it might be worth getting this neck and a set of locking tuners. My initial plan for this would be to build a body. I think I'd like to do a...
  15. mapleglo

    Fishman Powerbridge

    So I bought one of these Fishman Powerbridge Piezo pickup systems. I had a few different Strats that I could install it in, and I chose this victim. There were a few different ways I could wire it in. I also bought the Powerchip preamp blender, but opted not to install that at this...
  16. mapleglo

    Stupid Deal of the Day - Quilter Content

    So this Quilter 200 watt amp is 50% off as the stupid deal of the day over at Musician's Friend. I ordered it as a backup, since it's small, powerful, and now, pretty inexpensive. Full review pending receipt.
  17. mapleglo

    NGD - Martin Content

    It was hanging on the wall at Guitar Center and I made the mistake of playing it. Immediately fell in love with this diminutive LX1E. So easy to play, so small, yet with a remarkably powerful sound that really projects. I think I'll leave this one by the couch, to play when I'm watching TV...
  18. mapleglo

    What Did I Just Build?

    I was pretty cramped on stage at my last gig. I'm playing keys and rhythm guitar, so we squeezed the keyboard and drum set on the "stage". My amp, a new Tone Master Twin Reverb, just fit. I brought my amp stand, but that would not fit. I couldn't use the tilt-back legs on the amp either...
  19. mapleglo

    PNGD - Pending New Guitar Day

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I think this sub forum is likely the best spot, as opposed to the acoustic sub forum. My buddy at MF gave me a fairly good discount. On the down side, they're now charging sale tax, as of October. Crap - should have bought this last month. He did add 2...
  20. mapleglo

    Pickguard color

    Some may have seen the Elite Stratocaster I got a little while back. I also purchased a White Moto set of plastic, as I am not a fan of tort. Some might even say I am an anti-tortite. So at first, I thought that perhaps the tort wasn't so bad. But now I think I want to swap it out. So I...
  21. mapleglo

    NGD: Shell Pink Player Stratocaster

    I blame @btp25 - I saw his NGD thread, and couldn't resist. Guitar Center priced matched the sale price at MF. I'll have to change out the pickguard - not a fan of tort. I think I have a white one around here somewhere. Other than that, it's pretty nice!
  22. mapleglo

    Pedalboards and Acoustic Guitars

    I use the same pedalboard for my electrics and I do for my acoustics. And I use it for bass as well, but that's another thread. I play rhythm guitar in a country cover band. I've been using my Strat for electric: But recently got a Tele, which I may use more: And my Ovation shallow...
  23. mapleglo

    NGD - American Elite Stratocaster content

    So I took a chance and ordered this from MF: An American Elite SSS Strat in Olympic Pearl, scratch and dent, no pictures - yikes. The price was too good to pass up, and the rep assured me that if the neck was chewed up, they'll take it back and they'll pay shipping. I don't care if the...
  24. mapleglo

    NAD - Vibrolux content

    So I recently got a Deluxe Reverb RI, based on some great advice from everyone here. It's a great amp and it performed really well at my gig a couple of weekends ago. But I found myself just browsing through the GC website, and saw that they had a used Vibrolux in great condition at a pretty...
  25. mapleglo

    NGD, Elite Content

    First, the pictures: This is the first new Fender guitar I've purchased since the 70's. I saw it in GC today, on sale for $1599 for the holiday. Picked it up and played it, and knew right away i had to buy it. The compound radius is divine, and these noiseless pickups sound superb. I...