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  1. Chont

    Happy New Lightsaber Day....

    We try to do a Disney trip every 4-5 years. This year we got a group rate through the dance school my girls go to so we took advantage. The Star Wars section in Hollywood Studios is pretty awesome if you're a Star Wars geek like me. Since this might be our last trip all together since we have...
  2. Chont

    Fender Warranty Repair.. I hope this doesn’t become a problem

    So months ago my Superchamp X2 started showing signs of a tube socket issue after only 6 months of use. I contacted support and they sent a list of authorized repair shops to take it to. Then I got Covid and wasn’t able to make the journey. Nearest one is an hour away so with the holidays I...
  3. Chont

    Played my Guild 12 In Church

    My girls sing in the church choir regularly and the music Director asked if I could play a song with her on Piano for one of the upcoming masses. What am I gonna do say no? So I brought the 6 and 12 string acoustic to see which one she preferred for the piece. She immediately went with the 12...
  4. Chont

    RIP Taylor Hawkins - Foo Fighters drummer Dead at 50

    Way too young.
  5. Chont

    The Ides of March

  6. Chont

    Using Acoustic IR's

    Been messing around with Acoustic IR's lately. The Piezo sound used to not bother me and in some ways I kinda like it. But they also can sound thin and bland. I recorded a track a few months ago for a little project I was working on and got kind of frustrated trying to get a natural sounding...
  7. Chont

    Got Phish tix

    Haven’t seen them since NYE 2k at Big Cypress so this should be fun Tix were cheap but the service charge was nearly half the ticket price. Oh well. Still pretty stoked.
  8. Chont

    Lost my string winder...

    Broke down and ordered a battery powered one yesterday.... found my string winder this morning under my work phone on my desk.... Its just how it goes for me with tools. I'm kind of excited about a battery powered winder though....not gonna lie. ok ... nothing thread... carry on.
  9. Chont

    Would You Replace This Bridge Plate

    Finally got around to fixing an issue with the pickguard interfering with the swivel of the bridge on one of my strats. I'm going to be putting it back together after testing it out and confirming the job is a success but noticed these chips in the chrome plating of the plate where it meets the...
  10. Chont

    Weird Al Biopic

    Not gonna lie.... finally a Biopic I'm excited about
  11. Chont

    Line 6 Catalyst

    Looks like Line 6 has a new amp out that seems to appeal to the Katana crowd. If I was looking for another amp I would probably give this a solid stare. Has some good features and tones for a decent price.
  12. Chont

    10,000th Post...

    post 9,999 was Maiden related so I ended the first 10,000 on a good note.... the rest are all BS and drivel. 10,000 posts later and this is still the place to be. ROCK ON STRAT TALK !!!!
  13. Chont

    I’m at a Kill switch show

    In a private box LOL Here with my buddy. Light the Torch is on now Don’t know who they are but the beer is cold
  14. Chont


    This is a really great song. I love how everything is sort of center panned and thin sounding until 45 seconds in and then it just opens up
  15. Chont

    Book of Boba Fett

    Didn't see a thread for this.... took me three attempts to get through the first episode. One of my favorite characters of the Star Wars universe and all these years I wished there was more Boba Fett screen time and this left me wishing they hadn't bothered with it. I doubt I'll watch the...
  16. Chont

    My Christmas Haul

    I gotta say. I made out better than a bandit got the Pod Go and some other nice surprises. my kids know me LOL. Iron Maiden galore. Cool Trooper mug and action figure and a hoodie with my favorite artwork. Also got two more hoodies coming but don’t know what artwork yet. Also got a Cobra...
  17. Chont

    The IT Crowd

    This show is ****ing funy.... why have I not watched this before?
  18. Chont

    Protools question - Print tracks

    Looking for some help here. I've done this before with success but cant figure out why things arent working now. I have a mix with a lot of tracks I want to print the tracks now so I have everything Bussed to a Print Bus on the output. I then created a stereo Aux Track and set the input to...
  19. Chont

    Musicians Friend Finally Pisses Me Off

    Ive done business with them for decades and spent thousands of dollars and have always been happy with the service. Sadly today is a the day they managed to piss me off. I ordered a Pod Go not realizing my MF card was $10 short. The order went through so I figured it was fine. Still says...
  20. Chont

    Pod Go users? Question

    Anyone here have and use one? How do pedals work on the effects loop? I may be gassing for this unit but curious how it would do with extra pedals if I wanted to use the FX loop.
  21. Chont

    Now I want a MultiFX

    here I am again... got sick of pedals... sold them and bought a GT6... Got sick of that and sold it to fund pedals... now that I've accumulated a **** ton of pedals I'm thinking I want a Boss GT1 or something similar for headphone practice. ugh... I'm such a dope
  22. Chont

    New Cheap Condenser Mic Day

    I needed a condenser mic but didn’t want to spend too much. The one I was going to get was backordered so got this. $50 for the mic, shock mount, windscreen and cable. If it sucks no biggie. LOL Got good reviews for the price so we shall see.
  23. Chont


    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2022
  24. Chont

    HNMTRD - Tascam DP008EX

    Happy New Multitrack to me... arrived Saturday but wanted to play around with it before I posted. I picked this up to work on a song with my kids. Been meaning to get one for a long time but got motivated last week when Mrs. C mentioned she wished she had a recording of a song from the show...
  25. Chont

    Tascam Pocketstudio vs Portastudio

    looking at the DP008ex. almost pulled the trigger yesterday but figured I'd do a little more research on the DP008ex and whatever else is around that price range. I almost got the DP006 but figured for a few dollars more it had some useful options. Anyone have any opinion on the benefits of...