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  1. fos1

    Ordered a Klon Klone from StewMac

    I just ordered a Ghost Drive (Klon Klone) from StewMac. I figure at $99 it beats thousands. Its a kit. I'll post back with my construction progress. It doesn't look too bad in their online photos.
  2. fos1

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser -> Frets?

    The frets on my Ultra need to be cleaned. We use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads in the kitchen to clean pots and pans. It is amazing the way it easily removes coffee stains from cups and coffee pots. Has anyone ever thought to try them for fret cleaning?
  3. fos1

    Rockin' to ELO over the weekend!

    I ran across some live concert video from ELO. I have been rockin' all weekend. :) Here is a sample:
  4. fos1

    Phantom order at Sweetwater!

    I just logged into my "Account History" at Sweetwater. I was looking for the date I purchased a guitar several years ago. Imagine my surprise when I see a pending order for an Acoustasonic Strat and a Fender George Benson speaker cab! Both items are waiting for merchandise. The total is $2645...
  5. fos1

    Aargh! My 30 year old live in son has COVID!

    Whether its in my mind or not, I feel like I am getting symptoms! I am 70+ with lots of risk factors! Yikes!
  6. fos1

    Acoustasonic Strat - $400 off - Price Drop at Sweetwater

    The Acoiustonic Strat is my last bucket list guitar and now it is $400 off at Sweetwater. I wonder why with everything else going up? 12 days only until Jan. 2, 2022. I don't have any funds for gas. :(
  7. fos1

    NGD - Worth the wait

    I pre-ordered this Ibanez AZ2204N Prussian Blue months ago. Earlier this month Sweetwater expected the arrival date to move to February 2022. It arrived today. It is beautiful. After playing a short while, I think the Strat Ultra's neck may be a tiny bit better. But the AZ is not yet broken in...
  8. fos1

    Best Fender Sound? 65 or 68 Princeton Reverb (Both New)?

    I may be able to buy a nice amp. I have been so impressed by the Fender Reverb sound coming out of my Fender Mustang Micro, I want a Fender tube amp. Is there much difference other than the price between the 65 & 68 Princeton Reverb amps? I could splurge and buy a Twin Reverb but that is way...
  9. fos1

    Guitar / Music Instrument Insurance?

    Living near Houston, we currently have a tropical storm bearing down on us. We sustained some damage from the ice storm early in the year. Our home owners insurance maxed out at $1750 after the deductible. It is terrible insurance but that is what we have. I had discussed better insurance...
  10. fos1

    Fender Mustang Micro

    I recently purchased a Fender Mustang Micro. My son from Germany is visiting and is using my office/music room. I am using the Micro along with a pair of cheap over the ear headphones. The "65 Deluxe" amp sim actually sounds pretty good. I am using the spring reverb effect and one notch to...
  11. fos1

    Sweetwater bought out?

    Oouch! Thoughts? Sweetwater Bought Out - Youtube Video
  12. fos1

    Justin Guitar - Unwanted Software Installed

    I frequently visit the Justin Guitar learning site. I have generally found the site quite useful over the last several years. The site has recently gone through an update making new learning information available. I have purchased most of their legacy hard copy and digital learning software in...
  13. fos1

    One muted fret on high E string?

    The 9th fret on the high E string (C#) is muted on my new neck with SS frets. That is the only fret. Frets on that string above and below the 9th fret ring out properly. I haven't noticed any other notes on the neck that do not ring out properly. Does that mean the 10th fret just above is...
  14. fos1

    (NND) Roasted Maple Neck

    I have the new roasted maple neck installed on my no-name S type body. It plays beautifully, much better than the very glossy finish neck it replaced. Between the roasted maple and the jumbo stainless frets, it should be good to go for life. It has always been my day to day and travel guitar...
  15. fos1

    Tale of Two Necks

    After about 10 weeks I have received two beautiful Warmoth necks for my no name (Vintage Brand V6) guitar. The S6 is about 4 years old, sunburst finish and the frets were showing wear. They seem to be very soft but I did play it quite a bit. I like the guitar but the neck had a heavy gloss...
  16. fos1

    Speaker Cab Resonance?

    I have an inexpensive ( < $100 ) Bugera 1x12 closed back speaker cabinet. Ever since I purchased it a couple of years ago, I noticed that some individual notes stood out more than others. I thought it might be caused by a pickup, a guitar or an amp. Not having anything to do this weekend as...
  17. fos1

    Detour to Puerto Rico

    I ordered some tools from Stew-Mac a couple of weeks ago. They are in Ohio. I received a tracking number a couple of days after the order. I verified the ship to address. It is correct. I expected the shipment to arrive last week. When I checked the tracking today, the US Post Office has sent...
  18. fos1

    Sperzel Locking Tuners?

    As I wait for my Warmoth neck to be produced and delivered, I am looking at tuners to fit it out. I have done a lot of research and find the Sperzel locking tuners interesting. They seem to have good reviews. Unfortunately, they are back ordered a the suppliers I frequent. They are a small...
  19. fos1

    Fender Pick

    I received an email advertising a Sterling Silver Fender pick a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't resist. It is actually pretty nice, the right size and provides a nice mellow sound. The grip area is nice affording a good grasp purchase.
  20. fos1

    Fret color?

    The current thread discussing a re-fret is very interesting. I examined the frets on my three favorite guitars and noticed a difference in color. (All three guitars have maple fretboards.) The Strat Ultra has a darker color, more brassy. The Ibanez RG Prestige is a more silver color and the...
  21. fos1

    School of Rock?

    Have any forum members heard of School of Rock. They provide performance grade rock instruction. They seem to target high school age students to learn and then perform concerts. They have franchises all over the country. Some of their youtube videos look very professional. They also offer...
  22. fos1

    NAD: Orange Rocker Terror 15

    I received my new OR Terror 15 today. Very nice. Thank goodness it has the "bedroom" switch on the back. It is my first all tube amp. No fiddling with knobs on the clean channel - just a go juice knob. I am still figuring out the Dirty channel. Again, not much fiddling which is nice. I will...
  23. fos1

    Yesterday's Purchase

    Yesterday was a NGD! The celebration photo is the start of another thread. This post is about the purchase experience. I have been back in the Houston metro area for months now. There are no guitar stores near my location. There are roughly a half dozen listed in the greater Houston area, 50...
  24. fos1

    NGD - Fender Am. Ultra

    I splurged and bought a large helping of Texas Tea American Strat. Ultra. I have gone over the guitar with my usual magnification. It is flawless and beautiful! Fit and finish are incredible. Frets and fretboard are smooth, not an edge in sight or touch. Pardon the picture but it is on my ready...
  25. fos1

    Fender American Ultra?

    I probably have but one guitar purchase left. I have been searching for months trying to decide my best choice. I definitely want an SSS Strat. I am considering a Fender American Ultra. The only thing I am not pretty sure about is the "noiseless" pups. Anyone have experience with the Ultra? It...