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  1. Otisblove

    Tone Master problem solved. User error to blame!

    I'm saddened to report that's how long the reverb and tremolo worked on my Tone Master Twin Reverb. Everything else still works for now. Still my favorite amp tone I've ever had. Nothing to be done, just thought I'd mention it.
  2. Otisblove

    Danelectro Owners Club

    Just perusing the various guitar owners clubs and couldn’t find one for Danelectro. Here are mine:
  3. Otisblove


    New Danelectro Day! This here is a '59 M NOS+ in Baby Come Back Blue. Plays and sounds great and I personally think it is absolutely beautiful.
  4. Otisblove

    Let’s play a game.

    I’ve seen so much negativity and in-fighting lately and it’s killing my buzz, so let’s play a game. Here’s the rules. 1. Say something you’re grateful for. 2. Don’t mention politics. 3. Don’t mention religion. 4. Don’t mention any viruses/diseases. 5. Don’t be sarcastic. I’ll go first. I’m...
  5. Otisblove


    New microphone day. I started recording a few years ago. First couple years I used an SM58 I’ve had forever. Eventually bought an AT2020. Yesterday I received a brand spanking new Warm Audio WA-251. Mic preamp to follow soon.
  6. Otisblove

    I’m sure it’s been asked before…(Poll)

    but we’re halfway through 2021, so I’ll ask again. What’s your favorite Strat pickup position to play?
  7. Otisblove

    Pretty good day.

    May 25th I called my cable/internet provider and asked for a new modem/router. They said I’d get it in 3-5 business days. 10 days later I called to see what was up. They said the order had been canceled. Odd, but okay. Stuff happens. Requested new modem/router again. 3-5 business days they...
  8. Otisblove

    I’m going to the store.

    Need anything?
  9. Otisblove


    I got a crazy good deal on this 2019 G&L ASAT Special Tribute in Irish ale yesterday. (That’s the color, not the price.)
  10. Otisblove

    My new OCD pick!

  11. Otisblove

    Don’t hold your breath.

    Noticed something the other day. When I’m tuning a guitar I find myself holding my breath. Anybody else do that or am I just a big weirdo?
  12. Otisblove

    Your first 3 guitars

    I’ve seen a lot of (and may have started some) “what was your first guitar” threads, but how about your first THREE, in order? Here were mine. I no longer own any of them and these are not pictures of my actual guitars, but they’re close. I think. #1 - Kay Star-Ter Series I remember nothing...
  13. Otisblove

    New Vox Day

    A couple years ago I found myself with the kind of optimistic can-do attitude that made me feel like I could build an amplifier even though I don’t understand how they work and my soldering skills had advanced to mediocre. I bought a hand made Tweed Deluxe cabinet and accidentally bought a...
  14. Otisblove

    Threw a little paint on a guitar yesterday.

    I had the good people at Warmoth make me a body and neck last year. Decided to go with a non-traditional clear blue satin finish. Three things I learned from this experience: 1. I don’t like the look of a roasted maple headstock and 2: Non-traditional guitar finishes are cool, but not for...
  15. Otisblove

    New baritone guitar day

    Got this baritone a couple days ago. My first. Pretty darn cool. Neck heavy, but only weighs 7 pounds 2 ounces. Same great sounding pickup combination as my Danelectro 59X12 twelve string. @Deafsoundguy
  16. Otisblove

    She was mine. A new original.

  17. Otisblove

    I love guitars! A tone test.

    Here’s a little something I put together today. 9 different guitars through the same amp. Can you tell what’s what?
  18. Otisblove

    Now THAT is a headstock!

  19. Otisblove

    What’s your brand?

    I did some figuring tonight and I’m currently blessed to have a collection that includes: 2.5 Fenders 2 G&Ls 2 Yamahas 2 Gibsons 1 SX 1 Warmoth 1 Danelectro 1 Douglas 1 Epiphone 1 Blueridge and .5 Squier guitars This includes electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Is there a brand you favor...
  20. Otisblove

    Broken New P90 Day solution

    Last week I got an Epiphone Les Paul Special with P90’s in the mail and the head popped off. I’ve been wanting a guitar with P90’s for a while, so here’s what I did: I ordered a pickguard and a cheap pair of ceramic P90’s off the internet. I only have one guitar that can take them without...
  21. Otisblove

    Hey, I ALSO got a Les Paul Special in TV yellow today!

    In the never ending search for new tones, I've been on the lookout for a guitar with a P90 in the bridge. (I own a Danelectro 59X12 which I currently have only six strings on. It has a neck P90 and it's a killer guitar.) Money is an issue, so I've been looking for used import stuff. My very...
  22. Otisblove

    I find google earth fascinating

    Think of all the humans who have risked and lost their lives over the centuries to explore our planet. Now, anytime I want I can see anywhere in the world. I’ve seen more of the world with my eyes than any explorer who died before 2000. It absolutely blows my mind. Here are some random street...
  23. Otisblove

    NGD yesterday

    Please meet the world’s only Lovemaster ‘74. Flat blue finished swamp ash Jazzmaster body and roasted maple neck with rosewood fretboard; both from Warmoth. My first ever custom order. Hipshot locking tuners. They have the plate so you don’t damage the headstock. Dropped right in and work...
  24. Otisblove

    The End

    The End by the Doors just came on and I think it gave me a contact high.
  25. Otisblove

    New song called Soul Food.

    Wrote and recorded this one over the last few days.