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  1. Nocevets

    Quality Issues

    I just recieved my new FSR player strat from Andertons online store and am really appauled at the sub standard finishing of the guitar and wondered if anyone else has recently encountered a drop in standards? Fender guitars have always been my instruments of choice since my first MIJ E series in...
  2. Nocevets

    Getting started

    Apologies if a similar thread has previously been posted on this topic I'm new to the forum and a bit crap at navigating the menus. I'd like to start some basic home recording just for fun and limited outlay and looking for some opinions on options. Should I go down the software route (...
  3. Nocevets

    MIJ E series pot information.

    I've read mixed opinions regarding the quality of the electronics hardware used in the E series (mines a 1984 model system 1 trem). I've owned it from new and up to a couple of months ago it was fully stock, I decided to swap out the pups for SSL1's in the neck and middle and SSL5 on the bridge...