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  1. Giant

    I can't solder...

    Hey hey! I got a Weller too! I never thought I'd be posting pics of my soldering iron, but hey. What can ya do?
  2. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Us And Them - Pink Floyd
  3. Giant

    Neck relief or not...

    Also, intonate with the guitar in playing position. Pressure is different between flat on the bench and in a playing position.
  4. Giant

    Partscaster question

    my bad. forgot it was a tele
  5. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Straight Through The Heart - Dio
  6. Giant

    Player Strat experiences and toughts and questiones

    You guys notice the fret ends on these? I have a Strat and a Tele. Feels like they both need some filing. Maybe its just me...
  7. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Friends - Led Zeppelin
  8. Giant

    Grounding on a black bridge and saddles

    as long as its touching bare metal it should conduct. if it was chrome and then painted black, then maybe it wouldnt work, but im pretty sure youll be ok. I have an Ibanez RG that has cosmo black hardware and its got nothing special to make that connection.
  9. Giant

    Short Pop-in Trem Arm?

    Close enough.
  10. Giant

    Short Pop-in Trem Arm?

    I think his was homemade. He cut and bent it. Maybe get another pop in to experiment with. See what ya get.
  11. Giant

    Need Wiring Diagram for MIM HH Strat

    Fender's website has diagrams for all their guitars. I would start there.
  12. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Rusty Cage - Soundgarden
  13. Giant

    Favorite Noiseless Pickup Brand/Model?

    I like the Fender hot noiseless. My buddy has the vintage noiseless so, monkey see monkey do. I prefer the sound of singles, but playing these bars you never know what kind of noise you're gonna be in for. (Neon BEER signs, dimmers, old wiring, etc). You're already introducing noise by using...
  14. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier - As I Lay Dying
  15. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Blood Sugar Sex Magik - RHCP
  16. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Sweet Sweet - Smashing Pumpkins
  17. Giant

    just got tix to Metallica

    I got to see Slayer. At that time Killswitch was opening for them. Went for Killswitch, stayed for Slayer. Haha
  18. Giant

    acoustic strings- what is your string guage?

    I use Elixir Polyweb 12s for my acoustic. That's what came on it, so who am I to buck the system?
  19. Giant

    One word song title transference

    Rocket Ride - KISS (Bet those two are almost the same song. Haha)
  20. Giant

    just got tix to Metallica

    I saw them a few years ago with Gojira and Lamb Of God. I was happier to see LOG to be honest. I LOVE Metallica, but LOG is my favorite. (First time I saw them was opening for Slipknot, and I was hooked instantly) Anyway, back to the thread... Haha
  21. Giant

    One word song title transference

    You - Candlebox
  22. Giant

    Anyone play strats with a 12" radius?

    I have an old Peavey Predator Strat copy from the early 90s with a 12" radius and it's great for me. I also have a funky Squier Tele with the same. They are my faves.
  23. Giant


    Very nice. Congratulations.
  24. Giant

    Get rich slow scheme - it's great

    In that same line of thinking, Groucho Marx lost a ton of money in the stock market. I dunno how much, so I'll paraphrase... "I lost two million dollars. I woulda lost more, but that was all I had..."