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  1. Kester

    NGD - '62 AVRI Surf Green

    I'm a maple fretboard guy really. But I used to have one of these in Ice Blue Metallic. Sold it and realised it was the best rosewood necked Strat I'd ever played. Hankered for another ever since, bought a white one a couple of years ago, but it didn't have the magic. This one is a little...
  2. Kester

    NGD - JV Telecaster

    I had one of these a few years ago and, like a fool, sold it. I've sold over 60 guitars over the years and only regretted two of them. That was one. This appeared at my local store. Was described as 4/5 condition. It's pretty much as new. I had to tweak the truss rod, has a neck date of...
  3. Kester

    NGD 50s Lacquer

    I've been itching for one of these for a while. Second hand but it's absolutely mint, still had the film on the pickguard. The neck is a little chunkier than I normally go for but it's so comfortable it makes a pleasant change for me. The pickups on these are often moaned about, I think...
  4. Kester

    NGD - Noventa

    I've been hankering for one of these since they were announced. Picked up this one for a great price second hand. It's absolutely mint, still had the film on the pickguard. I run a blues jnr and an ac15 wet/dry and this thing is an absolute beast.
  5. Kester

    NGD - What a Player!

    I've long thought that, bang for the buck, the Player Stratocaster is the best Fender make. My local store had 3 in stock and I desperately wanted to like the Capri Orange one more. But I didn't, this one is great.
  6. Kester

    NGD - CV Telecaster

    My goodness, I've got Custom Shop guitars and AVRIs and a JV Strat and this Chinese Tele plays as well as any of them. It's a tiny bit weighty, and the bevelled pickguard must go, as must the pickups. But for the money it's ludicrous.
  7. Kester


    I've been after one of these for a while. Got a decent deal, it's in great condition and plays like a dream. It's a Custom 22 and has got the wide thin neck that I really like. Has a Paul Reed Smith signed back plate in the case too.
  8. Kester

    NPD - Chorus Goodness

    I’ve wanted one of these for a while, 80s chorus magic.
  9. Kester

    NGD - Not for me though.

    Treated the kids, I’ve started to show them a couple of chords and they’re keen. The Jazzmaster Mini is really rather good and sounds perfectly decent.
  10. Kester


    I’ve always fancied a CV and was on the lookout for a guitar that would be a good platform for pickup experimentation. Great colour, plays a treat and is nice and light - what’s not to like. No fret wear at all and c ame with a hard case too. I changed the plastics as they were a bit cheap...
  11. Kester

    My First Effort

    I recently (good job considering the lockdown) invested in Logic software. This is my first foray, not perfect (as they never are) but tolerable. Recorded using a Strat or two, 335 and maybe a bit of Tele and a CV Squire Jazz bass.
  12. Kester

    Help needed with a bit of soldering.

    Hi guys and girls. I need a bit of help. My friends son has an Indonesian Epi SG, the only signal output at the moment is a noise. Opening up the back I can see the two bare wires are not connected anywhere. Looking online I can’t see a circuit diagram for this pickup/knob (and don’t want to...
  13. Kester

    NAD Fender Stage 185

    I had one of these around 20 years ago and always regretted selling it. They have a sound, because of the reverb I think, that I’ve quite heard in any other amp. This one arrived today and I’m in love with it all over again. A lot of amp for the money.
  14. Kester

    NGD - JV

    I’ve owned a few JVs over the years. But for reasons I won’t bore you with I always wanted a domestic model from late May/early June 1983. I also only wanted one in Black or CAR, so all in all I have been waiting a good while for one to crop up. It’s a gem, the best JV I’ve had. When I got it...
  15. Kester

    NAD - I think I found my perfect practice amp.

    Had some money for my birthday and fancied a new practice amp. I tried a few, including things twice the price of this. Got a Blackstar IDCore 10. This thing is nuts, the reverbs and delays are cleverly stereod and sound like they are filling the room. I’ve not come across anything like it...
  16. Kester

    NGD Olympic White

    I got this today. I’ve got 3 other Strats and generally everything I ever go for is vintage specced. I’ve owned 97 and 01 standards, and an 06 deluxe, they were very nice but I could never really get excited about them. This however is a belter. The neck is beautiful. All of the US...
  17. Kester

    NGD Custom Shop

    I have been hankering after this guitar for a couple of years. A dealer over here had a run of dealer select models with features that amount to my perfect guitar. A Clapton neck with21 frets. Light ash bodies, locking vintage tuners, fat 50s pickups, and a thin finish (I’ve seen them...
  18. Kester

    NGD - Partscaster

    I’ve been hankering after a daphne blue for ages. CIJ body, Classic Player neck and brilliant hand wound pickups from a local guy - looks, sounds and plays great!
  19. Kester

    NAD x 2

    I went looking for a new amp as lugging around a Boogie Lonestar Special 212 has worn thin. Tried both of these and they were both amazing in different ways so I bought both. Fender Blues Deluxe Western special edition with a nice Celestion, which was reduced to a price less than the standard...
  20. Kester

    NGD - Levinson Blade RH4

    I’ve been hankering after one of these for a while. Needed a guitar for some ‘rock’ type stuff i’m doing at the moment so it was a good excuse. Humbucker is a bit ‘full on’ for my usual tastes but great for what I need it for. Great range of tones with the mini-toggle, although remains to be...
  21. Kester

    AVRI neck - What a bargain

    Check out this great neck. It was made on THE SAME DAY as Gilmour's - imagine that. This neck may have been in the same room as the neck of Gilmour's...
  22. Kester

    Feast Your Eyes on this Beauty!

    Look at this astounding piece of luthiery. The staggeringly authentic paint job, revolutionary 'straight on thru' neck pocket, lovely body contours and super low price of £300. If I was a multi millionaire who suddenly took leave of all his senses I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Seriously though...
  23. Kester

    NGD - Warning, Candy Tangerine and HSS content

    I’ve always gazed adoringly at Candy Tangerine Strats. I needed a HSS for something I’m doing band-wise and picked this up for a reasonable price. I appreciate the colour is a bit like marmite and HSS strats never look quite right to me but whatever. In absolutely great nick and perfectly set...
  24. Kester

    NGD - Custom Shop Ltd Edition

    I've been hankering after a CS Strat for a while but I they always seem to have large necks at the moment, which I'm not a fan of. However my local dealer has had a run of Masterbuilder Designed Strats in. They have a Clapton flamed maple neck but with 21 frets - and I love a v neck. The...
  25. Kester

    NGD '62 AVRI

    Well, I'm normally a maple fretboard guy. But I've always eyed one of these and I have to say it's brilliant. From 2008, came with all the candy and has no fretwear. These never came with a mint guard though did they?