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    Rando post Stupidest Purchase of the Year

    Well.... I felt kind of dumb after buying it, but the I always have remorse after spending this much on anything. It has to run all my music, video editing, photo editing, and gaming software so it had to be beefy. Specs: ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733ZW-XS96 - Intel Core i9 12900H / 2.5 GHz - Win...
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    Unusual or Guilty Pleasure YouTube Videos

    Do you ave any? Interesting or weird, both of which can be subjective but I wager there's common ground. Lately for me it's been these Japanese train and/or travel videos, this person rides these nice trains and shows off their rooms, and a variety of other travel related items. That and...
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    The Namib Desert Cam

    Been enjoying this for a while, it's the sort of thing you have to leave running to see the cool stuff, currently night time but animals still come by the water hole. A solar-powered borehole fills a nearby reservoir and is monitored by a water float that opens as the waterhole’s levels...
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    Music I've Been Enjoying Lately

    Been looking for different styles and found a couple I thought people here might like. First one is Yahritza Y Su Esencia, the lyrics are safe to play in public. Second one is Billy Strings, he has gotten quite a bit of attention so you may already be aware of him. Enjoy.
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    Loop Station World Championships

    Wow, never seen anyone use looping so effectively, this popped up in my YT thread but it's worth exploring some more if you think this is cool.
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    Who am I?

    Using my tablet with no ad block and the header ad shows Glocks and thongs… That is all.
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    Windows 11 Rant

    What a POS, 30 minutes to set it up, of course they changed the GUI again but when you click the right button it looks just like windows 10 panels, so what was the point? Not to mention the ridiculous requirements to run it. Then comes all the questions "what was you pets first name?" F you...
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    Anyone using Apple's M1 laptop for DAW recording?

    I'm aware of compatibility of my apps, what I am wondering is how many synths and tracks you can get going before the M1 laptop starts stutter, and which DAW you're using.
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    For Sale 2 Guitars For Free SORRY ALL GONE

    If you're in the Sacramento area I have 2 guitars that are free to the first person that gets here, 1 MIM Butterscotch Tele with locking tuners in excellent condition. And an Ibanez see link. Both are in...
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    So I am new to this Craigslist thing.

    And I have to say it's been odd, for example I posted a Les Paul on and almost instantly got offers and sold it for close to what wanted.Then I tried another ad with a Strat, do me a favor and look this ad and explain to me why no one has bothered msg me about for several days now. What did I...
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    Apple M1

    Anyone using the laptop or iMac with the M1? How much software did you have to give up with it? Seems very few things are directly compatible. They don't sell Intel Macs any longer.
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    Good price or no?

    2018 Oly White Stratocaster with pleked neck in excellent condition $1400
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    What's the best way to ship a guitar

    As in who to go and how much, I can pack it into the case and I have a few guitar sized cardboard boxes. But the last time I went to a UPS store to ship a box to my sister it was $300, and it was not as heavy or as big as a guitar.
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    For Sale 2018 MIM Blond with extras $400 OBO

    It's in decent shape but needs fret work (chokes out on B and high E string at ~12th to 14th), has locking tuners, Callaham plate and some screws are the stainless Callaham screws. This is PICK UP only in the Sacramento area $400. Comes with case.
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    Sometimes I believe, the feeling is that strong. But I don't want it to mean trapped, here for too long. It was a pleasant shadow like that of a tree on a hot day, and when the thing that you saw move that never really moved. When his voice calls you, but the sheets are cold, and you ache, you...
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    TDPRI is getting upgraded

    Telecaster forum down, or did I get banned for a "thought crime" (not something actually posted....just thought about it)?? Anyone else having problems getting on the site?
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    Anyone in NORCAL interested in some gear?

    My father died on the 29th and I have to handle everything so I will be there for a few months. Dr Z Carmen Ghia 18 watt H&K Tubemeister Deluxe 18/5/1 watt (not a bad bedroom amp) Jet City Custom 5 5/2 watt Les Paul 60's unburst (minor finish damage near jack holes, comes with spare tail and...
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    I love Japanese stuff.

    Some of you read my $199 Ibanez guitar (still love it) Welp, I loved that cheapo thing so much I took a chance on a higher end model: Ibanez Prestige RG652AHMFX - Nebula Green Burst I can't get over how good a flat neck feels (Radius 16.9)...
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    Song Appreciation Doobie Brothers

    Forgot how good this song was, enjoy and or post something unusual too. If you're bored.
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    $199 Guitar

    Ibanez Gio GRG121DX - Walnut Flat Details: Someone asked for a review here's mine after a day with it. It came in a cardboard box in a...
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    $199 Guitar?

    Super tempted what do you people think?
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    Fret Leveling

    I have never attempted this but an MIM I have needs some fret work done. Stewmac is too expensive, anyone know where to get reasonably prices block sanders and fret crowning files?
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    Taylor Sense

    Any one using one of these doo dads?
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    Is age a factor?

    I'm not interested in being in the music business but lately I've been thinking, there's a shelf life for a lot of things in life that we do, some things are done better at some ages than others. It's not a rule, but it seems true more often than not to me. With that said how many artist over...