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  1. guitarman1984

    Hot rod deville 212 II

    Bought this used today, I paid for it before I (tried) to lift it, otherwise I may have left it there lol (this thing is heavy). Done three stair ramps at the owner house, one at mine, my arm is in pain. Sounds sweeeeeeet though! I plan to keep it in my music room as main amp for the loud clean...
  2. guitarman1984

    1979 Tokai Springy Sound vs Fender

    Hi all, I have made a side by side comparison between two nice guitars of mine, a Tokai Springy Sound ST60 made in Japan in 1979 and a Classic Series 60 Stratocaster made in Mexico in 2015. Both are vintage inspired, spec wise. Hope you enjoy!!!
  3. guitarman1984

    Bourgeois Vintage D

    On the market for this unicorn, would you go for a recent one or for a 90s or early 2000s one? Also, is someone able to give me a price range for these? I have little reference points and prices vary from year and conditions.... Thanks a lot everyone!
  4. guitarman1984

    Gary Moore passed away this day

    Deeply missed Gary... My tribute to the man... Who else love the guy? Almost every note from him could hit you straight into your heart.
  5. guitarman1984

    Neck to body joint

    I wonder who else checks and eventually correct this flaw. I happen to find this in many strats and teles. Some are fine from the factory though.
  6. guitarman1984

    NGD - Lake Placid Blue content

    What do you say about this? Can you spot the model while I am waiting for Fender consumer relations to give me back their confirmation? It's a 2006 MIM by the way
  7. guitarman1984

    Two Strat models usually misunderstood

    I have came across countless discussions and sale ads which misunderstand the Classic SERIES and the Classic PLAYER Strat. Since I have both in my collection at the moment, I have shoot a video!
  8. guitarman1984

    Merry Christmas, happy new 2022

    With one of my favourite Christmas carol!!! SILENT NIGHT Played on LP Traditional!
  9. guitarman1984

    Tom Bukovac TABS

    Some TABS of a classy solo by Tom Bukovac on Paul Davids epic solo collaboration! Tom is an unbelievable guitar player.....
  10. guitarman1984

    Lindy Fralin Real 54

    Lindy Fralin pickups tone demo.... Are they better than Fender pickups? Are those really worth the money? This is an AVRI strat that has always been quite dark sounding, I ended up switching to Fralin and removing tone control from middle pickup. Great overall improvement but I am still not 100%...
  11. guitarman1984

    The Loner, Gary Moore

    I stumbled upon this old video of mine, I remember I was working at this cover during the first lockdown here in Italy. What do you all think about it? I still consider it the best fretjob I can do (really over my limits). It's on a beautiful LP, don't ban me please!
  12. guitarman1984

    NGD - 1979 Tokai Springy Sound ST60

    Well, sort of "New" guitar day, this one is from 1979. ST60. Still have to check under to hood, plugged in and it sounds fine but need to be set-up to my liking. Killer body wood!
  13. guitarman1984

    Tokai prices nowadays

    ST50, 60, 80, 100, what's the current price level nowadays? I am referring to Tokay springy sound spaghetti logo from late 70s early 80s mainly. Looking for a reasonable price level to buy something in Europe. Thanks!!!
  14. guitarman1984

    NGD: 2011 Robert Cray Strat Inca Silver

    Picked it up yesterday after your feedbacks, this time I was lucky. Few minor scratches here and there from normal play, little to none fret wear, the neck is rather chunky but feels way less chunky tham my '62 Hot Rod AVRI. Overall great feeling. Cleaned, polished the frets, a quick look under...
  15. guitarman1984

    Stratocaster Robert Cray anyone?

    Hi strat friends, I am going to have a look and possibly pick-up a MIM Cray Strat, as you know it's an hard tail strat. I was always interested in trying an hardtail and this baby could be the right one. Any feedbacks, opinions on the model and any drawbacks? I have heard mixed reviews on the...
  16. guitarman1984

    Pickups installation and soldering

    Just edited a video about it!
  17. guitarman1984

    Guitarists make the best facial expressions

    But why? Is it because we feel the pain of what we are playing? Because we are strongly connected with the instrument? Because bending is also fighting against the strings? I am no exception lol!
  18. guitarman1984

    Value of a 1973 stray nowadays?

    Fully original, 3tsb maple neck, with original black case and all accessories, almost mint conditions. Any idea on current market price? Anyone who recently has bought or sold one? Thanks in advance!!!
  19. guitarman1984

    Volume pot 180-196 kOhm DARK tone???

    Hi all, I am trying to get a satisfactory tone out of my AVRI strat, so far the pickup swap from stock 57/72 to Lindy Fralin real 54 didn't do the trick to my ears at least. The guitar is quite dark sounding and it lacks lot of sparkle and quack especially in positions 2 and 4. Individual...
  20. guitarman1984

    Hallelujah acoustic duo

    We use to play in a trio however in the church we play only with guitar and voice. This is my acoustic Crafter guitar straight into the mixer.
  21. guitarman1984

    Lindy Fralin Real 54's

    I have bought a Set of Lindy Fralin Real 54's, any thoughts on these? I will make 3 videos to share with all of you this little experiment, from first check to installation to final sound test. Let's see if I have found my dream TONE for my AVRI Strat.
  22. guitarman1984

    Need help on wiring tidyness

    I am excited I have bought a set of Lindy Fralin real 54 to load into my AVRI Strat. I am looking to some pictures of some neat and tidy pickup wiring, in particular how to wire the wires to the switch so that it's clean, neat, tidy and professional looking. Any help??? I have seen some damn...
  23. guitarman1984

    John Mayer song FULL cover guitar vocals and band

    I like Sob Rock because I can cover some of the songs (difficulty level is not too high). Shouldn't matter but it does, acoustic cover. I have created/recorded the whole thing with GarageBand and my guitar, of course...
  24. guitarman1984

    Vintera Modified lovers or haters?

    Vintera 60 modified, classic Strat look with some modern touches like the 2 point pivot bridge, 9.5 inches radius, S1 switch that adds two additional pickup combinations. Pau ferro board. Love, like or meh? This is mine through all 7 tones.
  25. guitarman1984

    Hum when not touching metal parts

    I have an Hot Rod 62 Strat (57/62 pickups with the middle rwrp) that's driving me nuts. In any selector position, if I am not touching any metal parts, I hear a loud hum/buzz. If I touch anything metallic (strings, bridge, jack plate, trem claw....), the hum disappear. I have excluded the rest...