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    (duplicate post, sorry)
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    Note to future self about a house remodel

    Label your boxes. You think you'll remember where your sh*t is, but you won't
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    What are the odds of ruining a rail ceramic pickup by "leveling" the rails?

    I notice a slight volume drop between the strings while playing with my strat.. enough to bother me. The bridge pickup is a rail hum cancelling pickup, single coil sized. I believe the rails have a 9.5" radius and the neck of my guitar has a 16" radius. I tried messing with different...
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    A guitar and a cartoon .. guess the artist?

    A famous guitarist likes this combination.. can you guess who?
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    NGD RG5121 (hardtail ibanez)

    Just a quick NGD post, today has been a very busy day at work, and I'll post more of the impressions once I have a chance to play it more, but here she is! it's a MIJ ibanez model.. here are my first impressions Neck profile, features, etc - This supposedly has a Wizard profile (D shape). I'm...
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    Nita Strauss fans?

    Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss.. she's obviously very good looking and is one of my favorite players still active today.. I've always had this question in my head and was too afraid to ask: I wonder if she's done a cosmetic surgery on her lips to look hotter? Can anyone help me speculate...
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    dealer treating me like crap?

    I decided to buy a guitar online. It's kind of a rarer model, slower demand type of guitar An international dealer had it sitting in the shop for a while, I felt the guitar was correctly discounted. The dealer had two of them so I asked about the weight of each. Their response: I insisted...
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    Cracked finish. Minor?

    What are you guys' thoughts on this one? I thought that pocket finish cracks usually happen on the back side of the guitar Body is basswood
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    bad mood sellers?

    From the listing
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    metric guys: what's the sweet spot for guitar weight for you?

    Just curious about guys who think of guitar weight in kg... what's your take on ideal guitar weight? Not sure how many responses I'll get :P
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    Incoming NGD.. will I get busted?

    I usually give wifey a heads up that a new guitar is coming, but this time I speed-clicked on a deal and forgot to tell her. I feel bad, but I'll try to sneak in the guitar hehe. Question is: will I get busted? I mean, she couldn't care less because she knows I'm financially responsible. I keep...
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    I haven't done a good job at buying guitars recently...

    has anyone lost their hand when trying to get "the right guitar"? there was a period I didn't buy a guitar for like 5 years.. But, last year I bought and sold like 5 guitars... something like this: - ESP Horizon. Sold 6 months later because forearm contour was uncomfortable, Sold it at...
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    Any custom builders that do 24-fret guitars that you recommend?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to slim down my mini collection, but before that , I want to have a guitar that has 24 frets and is versatile enough. Here is what I'm looking for Must-have’s Neck 1. 24 ss frets 2. Compound fretboard 12-16” 3. C shape (slim but not too slim) Body 4. 2 humbuckers 5...
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    Gotoh HAP tuning - string stuck

    Hello there, I'm new to this HAP/height adjustable pole system from gotoh and I'm struggling to unstuck the G string from there. Manual says all I have to do is to unwind the string and it should automatically unlock. Well, it didn't for the G string. All others unlocked except for this one. I...
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    Favorite string gauge and tuning?

    I keep seeing lots of people commenting on the gauge they use but I wonder what tuning they use as tuning changes quite a bit the string stiffness. What is your favorite combination? Assume 25.5". For the record, I saw a similar poll here, but I felt the options were a little confusing :)
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    thanks guys
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    How to clean a maple fretboard without glossing it?

    It's the first time I own a maple fretboard guitar that isn't scalloped. Can anyone recommend what to use? For now, I'm just using a dry cloth and is working. I don't want to use anything that will "gloss" the fretboard. Lots of guitar cleaners have some kind of polish compound, which I don't...
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    80's tiger stripes, what's your favorite?

    I might snag a deal on a custom paint, but I'm not 100% sure if this is for me.. what's your favorite color combination? Freboard is some kind of dark rosewood update: it turns out the maker (LSL) has an upcharge for the custom bengal/zebra/tiger paint.. I was aiming for $3k on this build but...
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    Guitarcenter logic - PRS used pricing

    Ok, I love GC for making guitar playing a popular thing in the 80's and 90's, but I wanted to share an illogical price change This is not the prettiest PRS I've seen (not a huge fan of quilt tops myself, not a fan of "burl"... and not a fan when they come together.. and I wouldn't choose natural...
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    Dimarzio Fast Track/Cruiser set output matching?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to replace the old Fender Gen 4 noiseless set on my strat. I like the sound but the stagger of the pole pieces doesn't work for my 16" radius neck... I was thinking something like this: Bridge: Dimarzio Fast Track 1 Middle: Dimarzio True Velvet (custom order w/o pole...
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    anybody hated a guitar then loved it again?

    Ibanez guitars were my main shredders for about 11 years. After I got into fatter strat and LP necks, I started feeling the Ibanez necks were lacking character when in my hands. I almost thought about selling my latest acquisition, but somehow I clicked with this ultra thin D neck profile again...
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    buying online: tolerance for wrong weight on guitar?

    hello, friends Let's say you found the perfect axe online, it has a decent weight (let's say 7.5lbs strat). you buy it and when it gets home, it's literally over 1lb/400g+ difference. How would you feel? What about 8oz/200g difference? Just curious
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    What's your take on this natural finished guitar?

    hey strat-talk! I'm thinking about getting this guitar, but I'm not convinced this is for me This guitar has many of the specs I'm looking for, but I'm not sure how I feel about the natural top. If I were to purchase it, I'd probably swap the pickups to something else (maybe black or chrome...
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    Bandmates backed out today

    Backstory A few of my friends are musicians and we were having a mini halloween party at someone's house. We were like "why don't we play something at the party? We organized 10-some songs, learned on our own and played live. Sound was great for an unrehearsed show. Getting together again...
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    is the American Ultra strat consistently heavier than the Pro II?

    This is a super small sample of 8 guitars, but seems like the ultras are around 8lbs 6 oz, the Pro IIs are around 7lbs 14 oz, which turns out to be a 8oz/226g difference. I mean, I can rock my 9lbs LP all night, but this just came to me as a surprise. Thoughts?