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    I don't know about you.........

    But I am seriously considering going to an Asian sponsored university in Australia. Hmmmmm........ Lol:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Some times it's the little things that matter.

    Like guitar cables. Yes, I am just realizing this after decades. 😱 I went from a cheapie 20 footer to a not so cheapie 10 footer. Everything sounds completely different. More highs! More lows! More Everything!!! I had to tweak my amp and pedal eqs. Even the gain (at a particular pedal...
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    How many of you have used lace humbuckers?

    Just curious. I've liked every sensor that I played.....except for the hemibuckers I originally ordered for my strat This guy: It had the 2 hemis with a hot gold in the middle originally. This was truly great for getting any combo you wanted with no phase issues. Well, i thought the hemis...
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    Lace humbuckers. Who has them, who likes them?

    I have a set of hemibuckers. I have disliked them for a very long time, but now i really like them. I got them for my warmoth hardtail strat as the original set, with a hot gold in the middle. While not bad, they never really wowed me. They were that way in just about every guitar i tried...
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    I had a holy cr** moment

    The light bulb turned on the other night and I decided to swap the 10s on my ltd ec401v to 9s. It's the first time I have ever played a les paul type with 9s. After 20 some odd years in and out of shops, friends with les Paul's, etc. I have never experienced this. It solves the one thing I...
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    Crutchfield as a crutch.

    I mean, can we just give it a rest already? They have nothing to do with your poor choices in sound equipment. Thanks for the laughs this evening!
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    NGMD! (new guitar mod day)

    I just got my new toys delivered, and true to form, I cleared my schedule and got to work. Up for install: Freeway 3b3 6 way switch and a fishman strat trem cover battery. And yes, it is a hardtail. First the switch. It doesn't feel like a CRL, but it is smooth operating. It has 2...
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    Neck discolorations?

    Hey guys. Have any of you seen or experienced this? First two are of my rg921. The rest are from my rg3xxv. It seems to be discolored where my hands touch the neck the most. It looks like when you get an oily spot on a piece of paper. Both of these are indo-made ibbys and came with the satin...
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    Quarantine projects?

    Who else has taken the *ahem* opportunity to tackle some of those mods, repairs, etc. they've been putting off? How about out of boredom? I've done: -Swapped the battery in my strat (ec boost, under pickguard). -Swapped the pickup positions on the 5 way switch so I get bridge in the middle...