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  1. Malurkey

    Princeton Custom ‘68 RI - Resonance issue

    Somehow my Fender Princeton’68 Custom Reissue has developed a new issue. At 440Hz, something starts to vibrate, and creates a buzz. The odd thing is that this just started yesterday, and nothing was changed or moved. The loudness of the buzz depends on the output volume, as one would expect. I...
  2. Malurkey

    NAD - Bugera BC15

    It’s really small, really simple, has a real tube, and is very budget friendly! :thumb:
  3. Malurkey

    Oh Strat-Talk, speak to me of the Peavey Bandit 112

    My youngest sister has recently taken up guitar. As I fully support this endeavor, I have supplied her with an electric guitar, but so far she’s used her other brother’s amp. Now her birthday is coming up and a local store has a second hand Peavey Bandit 112 available. What are the opinions on...
  4. Malurkey

    Sidney Poitier died aged 94

    That’s very sad! :(
  5. Malurkey

    NGD - But not mine

    My little sister has taken up guitar. As I fully support this endeavor I have gotten her this secondhand Epiphone Les Paul SL, so she doesn’t have to steal my little brothers guitar anymore (which he received from me as well). I really like the color, and its no-nonsense design: She’ll get...
  6. Malurkey

    Oh dear, I seem to have spent quite some time here…

    …This being my 4000th post and all. Thank you all for the good times and the lessons learned! :thumb:
  7. Malurkey

    New toy day

    In the Netherlands we don’t customarily exchange gifts on Christmas, but rather on the eve of the feast of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas, AKA Santa Clause). This was on December 5th. I got a Xvive U2 wireless system. Due to work I only got to plug it in today. Conclusion: No noticeable change in...
  8. Malurkey

    How the **** did this just happen?

    And more importantly, how do I get the jack back out of the guitar?
  9. Malurkey

    NMD - Shure SM58S

    It arrived! Based on your very enthusiastic endorsement of the Shure SM58 I tested the SM58 against the Sennheiser E835, and selected the SM58: Now I have my own microphone for Euroguestock! :thumb:
  10. Malurkey

    I want my own microphone!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be going to Euroguestock shortly, which means that I’ll be singing a lot. With a virus going round, I thought it would be good to get my own microphone. I’m looking for something that sounds good in a live music setting, something sturdy, and won’t break the bank...
  11. Malurkey

    Disco Fairy

    “Dad, what’s a Disco Fairy?” “A what?” “It says so right here, on this car.” Somehow my image of Land Rovers will never quite be the same… o_O
  12. Malurkey

    For those sinister types…

    …You know, who play left handed (sinister means ‘left’ in Latin)? There is a guitar store in Paris that caters exclusively to your type:
  13. Malurkey

    Right-wing cats…

    Somehow our cats refuse to drink from the left bowl. In case of a dire emergency (the humans aren’t in to refill the right bowl), they will change position and squeeze themselves in between the wall and the bowl before drinking, so the left bowl becomes the right bowl: And now, they have...
  14. Malurkey

    Happy birthday @Mansonienne

    Happy birthday Andrea!
  15. Malurkey

    Learning alternate picking - Any tips?

    So far I’ve managed to fudge my way through my guitar lessons on the Yousician app, omitting alternate picking as I was supposed to be doing. Now I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t match the tempo using only down strokes, so I really have to start using proper technique. Now I can alternate...
  16. Malurkey

    Ace of Spades - Alt version

    …As bell player Frank Steijns said: “If 40,000 pounds of brass isn’t heavy metal, what is?” The church bells in the Dutch town of Weert had a slightly different program during the Tower Festival. :thumb:
  17. Malurkey

    Flooding in DE and BE - Everyone OK?

    Parts of Germany and Belgium are badly flooded, with at the time of writing 165 confirmed dead and many missing. We have members from Belgium and Germany, is everyone OK? Are we missing people?
  18. Malurkey

    NGD - TravelTar

    A friend of mine designed a travel guitar as part of her engineering master thesis. She ignored many conventional wisdoms in her design, and came up with something completely different, that works surprisingly well. For instance, I’ve never seen a guitar with a detachable neck, where the...
  19. Malurkey

    This is what you get…

    …When you enter questionnaires! Back in October I forwarded the request of a young lady of my acquaintance that needed help in formulating requirements for her masters thesis. Many of you filled in her questionnaire on what you would look for in a travel guitar, and here is the result:
  20. Malurkey

    NGD - EDS-1275 kit guitar

    This one has some history: In the first grade of high school we had to build a musical instrument for Arts & Crafts. It didn’t have to be functional, it just had to look like a real instrument. I built a double neck guitar. I was told that I had failed the assignment, as it did not resemble an...
  21. Malurkey

    Help! My new strings are cutting up my nut!

    Hi all, I’m building an EDD-1275 kit, and I have issues with the 12-string neck. Yesterday, as I was filing the nut, I accidentally overshot the mark on one of the high E slots, and broke one of the D strings. Apart from these mishaps I was quite happy with the way the nut turned out. So...
  22. Malurkey

    NPD - Big Muff Pi

    Look what I got for Father’s Day: Yay! :thumb:
  23. Malurkey


    I was having breakfast in town this morning, and I noticed something I’d never seen before: Every time the waitress turned her back, Jackdaws stole sugar packets, ripped them open, and feasted on the contents. It can’t be good for them, but I guess are advantages to not having any teeth to...
  24. Malurkey

    Back bow

    Hi all, I have an issue with a EDS-1275 kit that I’m building: Both necks suffer from light to pretty severe back bow, and I’ve fully loosened the truss rods. How do I correct this in a controlled manner? The necks are of the bolt-on variety, do I need to take them off? The picture isn’t...