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  1. jayoldschool

    Forum Rules PLEASE READ and follow

    We operate this forum on a few basic principles-- 1. This website is "PG" rated and will contain materials consistent with that rating. 2. Everyone deserves respect -- treat others with respect regardless of how difficult that may be 3. As a community we all appreciate and deserve civil...
  2. jayoldschool

    How to hide the "latest posts" sidebar?

    I seem to remember on other forums after they upgraded there was a way to hide the right sidebar for Latest Posts. It's redundant when viewing New Posts. Anyone remember how to do it? I've looked through my profile preferences quickly, and can't spot it.
  3. jayoldschool

    Please use the correct section for posts

    Help us help you! Our forum has many different sections that allow for discussion and questions on a variety of topics. The "Stratocaster" section is not a general discussion area. Its purpose is for topics that are about specific Fender Stratocaster models. Dating, pricing, paint colours...
  4. jayoldschool

    Floyd: The Later Years project (box set)

    Who's been following what is going into the box set? I am STUNNED that my 30 year wish is coming true... they've taken the beautiful 35mm film from the Delicate Sound of Thunder concert and remastered and re-edited it!!! Yep, full restoration, scanned for HD transfer, 16:9 aspect ratio, used...
  5. jayoldschool

    Greta Van Fleet on SNL

    Anyone catch their performance? Thoughts?
  6. jayoldschool

    One of those interesting days listening to XM on the way to work

    First discovery was Dan Hartman. Not "I Can Dream About You" (which I love), but "Relight My Fire" (which I'm pretty sure that I have never heard). WOW, this sounds like Jamiroquai released it yesterday. Next up, a crazy disco version of Floyd's "Have a Cigar" by Rosebud. How was...
  7. jayoldschool

    NGD: 1998 CAR Strat Plus!

    First up, a big thanks to Lonn for helping me quickly sort out this deal. This has been a couple days in the making, but it's a pretty great day. I was surfing our local online classifieds as usual, and going over the same old stuff. Prices are high, and I haven't bought anything for a year...
  8. jayoldschool

    What model is this?

    I'm not familiar with the Squier Strat models. What's this one? 22 fret, big headstock, two point trem. CAR, I think.
  9. jayoldschool

    Help with a vector file for a logo?

    I'm new to working with Inkscape. Can anyone edit a logo file for me? I've done a rough copy in paint, but I'm lost on how to accomplish what I need to in Inkscape (or Adobe Illustrator).
  10. jayoldschool

    Stratosphere sale/discount?

    Hi everyone. I've got serious GAS for something that Stratosphere has. I chatted online with them, and they told me to sign up for their newsletter for emailed discounts. Does anyone know if they normally run a sale soon? I'm about to pull the trigger, but would wait until Dec 26th if I can...
  11. jayoldschool

    Anyone catch Tame Impala on Kimmel?

    Guitarist Dominic Simper was doing a pretty good (look) impersonation of early 70s David Gilmour...
  12. jayoldschool

    Let's play "what Strat is this?" 500 cdn might be a good deal. I posted the actual link in case it helps someone, I'm not a buyer. Big trem, locking nut, 22 frets... I'm out of my expertise area here. MIJ? MIA? Fake-o-caster?
  13. jayoldschool

    Uh oh... I have the GAS

    Went to see Matt Andersen at the NAC in Ottawa last week. Great show, btw. Check him out if you don't know who he is. His main electric was a 70s Telecaster Deluxe. It looked cool, and sounded even better. Of course, this has given me GAS. Humbuckers, maple neck, big Strat headstock... I'm...
  14. jayoldschool

    What year is this "E" Am Standard? Really bad pic!

    Here we have an early American Standard. As depicted in one of the worst FS pics I've ever seen. It looks like "E" serial, but what's that second number? I might post a couple more pics, but this is it for now.
  15. jayoldschool

    Clapton TONIGHT

    Arrived in NYC yesterday for tonight's show at MSG. Friday's show got great reviews, I'm so happy that my wife convinced me to try and get tickets. Hope the same guest stars take the stage tonight! I'll update after the show.
  16. jayoldschool

    Feeling comfortably numb (or, the ultra low budget black strat)

    A buddy gave me $200 for a set of wheels I had sitting around the garage that I didn't pay a dime for. Found this MIM Standard online, asking $250. Closed the deal at $220. I didn't need another guitar, but a deal like this is tough to pass up. Included a nice Levy's gig bag worth $75...
  17. jayoldschool

    Fake US Strat... fake signatures?

    Your thoughts? Wrong truss insert, 21 frets, sketchy serial decal, wrong single string tree, wrong back plate, wrong bridge, wrong pickguard screw location... 1989 E9 USA Fender Stratocaster Keith Richards Ron Wood Rolling Stones Signed | eBay
  18. jayoldschool

    NGD! 68 Silvertone 1456!

    Picked this little beauty up today. It's actually a Canadian Simpsons-Sears Silvertone, model 29633 (US version, 1456). The last Silvertone in the Sears catalog. Has the rare block logo "SILVERTONE" instead of the script or the dot. Made by Teisco, with all the vintage Japanese mojo intact...
  19. jayoldschool

    Thoughts on this interesting CS Strat?

    Ran into this guitar last week while on a cruise, it was being used by the lead guitarist of one of the bands. We got talking, and he let me check it out. I had already noticed the Custom Shop logo on the back of the headstock when he was playing, so I needed to know more! He bought it in...
  20. jayoldschool

    Need caster dimensions!

    My 89 The Twin has Fender caster pockets installed. So, I wanted to pick up a set of casters to go with them. Bought casters with these dimensions, which I thought were correct: Stem: 7/16" x 1-3/8" (11 mm x 35 mm) Brought them home, tipped up the amp, popped in the caster, only to find...
  21. jayoldschool

    NAD: 1989 The Twin!

    Really happy today. After looking for a year, I found the amp to go with my 1989 AS Stratocaster. A mint 1989 Twin. This thing looks like it was made two months ago, not over twenty years. Came with the original footswitch, owners manual, and service info. Tolex is perfect, grille cloth is...
  22. jayoldschool

    My Classic Series 60s won't stay in tune!

    Since I got it (used), this guitar won't stay in tune. I can tune my 89 AS, and not touch it for a week, and it still sounds perfect. The CS 60s goes out of tune fast. I finally got around to cleaning it up, and restringing. While bringing it up to tune, I noticed that the A string loses...
  23. jayoldschool

    Classic Series 60s case candy?

    Can someone let me know what stuff would have come with my 2005 Classic Series 60s Stratocaster? Looking to get some bits for the case. Pics would be great, but any info appreciated...
  24. jayoldschool

    Must... resist... having a NAD

    74 Twin Reverb is for sale locally. Guy has owned it for over 20 years, and is asking $650. I don't need it, but I want it soooo bad!
  25. jayoldschool

    Classic series 60s pickup pics?

    Anyone have pics of what the back of the pickguard is supposed to look like on the Classic Series 60s? I just got a used one today and want to make sure that I got the correct stuff. I'll take a couple of shots of what I have too.