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  1. montemerrick

    it's official...

    Our wildlife hospital in the redwoods is seeking a new location
  2. montemerrick

    Testing the Strat-Talk market

    Bikini Kill, L7, Seven Year *****, The Breeders, Frank Black, Pavement, Sonic Youth (they stayed relevant until the mid 90s unless yer a lifelonger in which case i guess they still are), the Roots, Sleater-Kinney, Tom Waits (he had a great decade) the Afghan Whigs, Wu-tang, Mark Lanegan, Mazzy...
  3. montemerrick

    NGD. Jazzmaster Ultra

    what a beauty!!!
  4. montemerrick

    good morning everyone. i brought donuts

    our current lease ends in 2022, so we have about 20 months to locate new property and move, without interrupting our work... it'll be tough, but necessity doesnt care if things are tough, only that you get them done... so that's what we'll do.
  5. montemerrick

    good morning everyone. i brought donuts

    in other news, we're a day or two away from letting our landlord know they blew it and we're not seeking renewal... one more board meeting to get through (i deeply appreciate our board, but meetings aren't in my bag.) this has been a period of soul-searching and talking to old mentors (really...
  6. montemerrick

    been a rough couple of weeks, and goodbye

    landlord is making our lease renewal impossble, so all the development i've done the last ten years are to be scrapped and i have 20 months to move our wildlife hospital without disrupting our mission or patient care... its kind of a blow - i spent the last young man energy i had (sg 48-58)...
  7. montemerrick

    I'm all steamed up

    it's very nice to see a post from you. i hope all is well in your life, or as well as can be expected these days.
  8. montemerrick

    Civil War Reenactor

    well, if a silly crunchy-guitar pop ditty about a relatively easy to ridicule segment of society (ive got friends who loved black powder rifles and absurd mustaches - they brought the ridicule on themselves) is so risky to the forum rules, perhaps the thread should just be deleted...
  9. montemerrick

    Damn I hate these Santa Ana winds.....

    Santa Anas are definitely a haunted wind... Jim Morrison's poems are the textual equivalent....
  10. montemerrick

    Civil War Reenactor

    remember this little indypop ditty? "you drink the whiskey i'll saw your leg off"
  11. montemerrick

    Solid state vs Tube

    i have a very nice tube amp. i mostly use my DAW at home. the most significant and lasting improvements to my sound come from (now and always) practicing techniques such as touch and attack and fiddling creatively with the volume and tone on my guitar as i play, and learning evermore about...
  12. montemerrick

    Sometimes I get pretty frustrated.

    frustration is ordinary, and frustrating. sounds like your right on target.
  13. montemerrick

    Thirty Best Blues Guitarist Today......

    a bunch of people who respond to guitar world polls have spoken! never been the arbiter of blues before, probably still arent..
  14. montemerrick

    Big Star.

    this Liz Phair (and many others of hers) has that Big Star as secret ancestor vibe
  15. montemerrick

    "You have to practice improvisation,

    i've got a couple of Leo Nocentelli licks i learned, mostly so i could see how he establishs a rhythm with pentatonic licks (i mean, he's better than most - Cissy Strut seems simple enough until you try to play it.) but i cant just repeat those ad inifinitum, ad naseum!
  16. montemerrick

    "You have to practice improvisation,

    whether i'm playing for myself (or in public, someday, again, i hope) or doing one of the improv challenges, this clip of HR talking runs through my mind, i'm a million miles technically from his capablitities, but even a novice can appreciate the poetry of his thought...
  17. montemerrick

    Thirty Best Blues Guitarist Today......

    i was listening to her a lot a while back... some aspects of her show i really like, but the high gain gibson tone wears me down eventually...
  18. montemerrick

    "You have to practice improvisation,

    let no one kid you about it." - the brilliant Art Tatum
  19. montemerrick

    Is your partscaster ever "done"

    IMG_3870 by montemerrick posted Jan 12, 2017 at 4:11 PM IMG_3960 by montemerrick posted Jan 28, 2017 at 12:55 PM IMG_5859 by montemerrick posted Feb 27, 2018 at 3:16 PM this guitar, at the top was what remained of a warmoth hardtail partscaster i traded a ST member (deleted account) one of my...
  20. montemerrick

    Is your partscaster ever "done"

    i feel like we all need to see this guitar again... i can sort of imagine it, but....
  21. montemerrick

    Make fun of us some more.

    when your partner is asking why you can't be less yourself and more someone else, you're a fool to stay.
  22. montemerrick

    Just wondering your thoughts...

    well, i've wondered about how aluminum might alter the sound or signal, - i've only used it with jazzmaster style pickups and a mini humbucker... i didnt notice anything i could put my finger on... what might be some of th downsides?