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  1. Lost Sailor

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    I hope everyone has a great day Merry Christmas
  2. Lost Sailor

    RIP Rocco Prestia

    I just heard that Rocco passed on Sept 29th. I learned bass from his records back in the day - I could play everything on the East Bay Grease album. (back in the 70s, not so much now) I got to meet him a few years ago. He was my favorite bass player. RIP
  3. Lost Sailor

    Hamer Slammer

    A friend was given this guitar.....He would like more info on it.....
  4. Lost Sailor

    Grounding on a black bridge and saddles

    I want to put a different bridge on my '92 MIM. I'm curious about grounding. Waiting for a large block, bridge, and saddles that are all black. Will the ground off the trem claw conduct to the strings? Since I don't have it yet I can't use my meter to check it out. Has anyone used one and if...
  5. Lost Sailor

    Fender Mustang 90 Nut

    My friend has one with a nut that is improperly cut - the b and high e is cut too wide and the strings pop out of the nut easily - he has re cut some of the nut but wants to put a new one on it. He wants to know if the neck slot is flat or rounded (9.5 radius) before he orders a new one...
  6. Lost Sailor

    New Fake Strat Day

    A couple of days ago someone gave me a strat copy. It had messed wiring and 3 defective pickups (all metered as open). The 2nd tone control was wired as the volume and who knows what for the other two controls. I would have rewired it if the pickups were good. I had an extra MIM pickguard loaded...
  7. Lost Sailor

    Inspirational Guitar Playing

    Anybody ever hear Pastor Jonathan Dubose? I just found this on you tube yesterday.
  8. Lost Sailor

    Craigslist again!

    Can anyone tell me why this Squier is so special??? Guitar Squier Bullet By Fender
  9. Lost Sailor

    RIP Johnny winter

    RIP Johnny, now you and Jimi can Jam together again oops didn't see this in the bar & grill Oh well, still gonna miss ya Johnny
  10. Lost Sailor

    A New One

    I played everything on this A theme or something to listen to on a windy/rainy day It is not embedding properly (?) so here is the url
  11. Lost Sailor

    Another Try....

    A thousand pardons for my last post.....I didn't even listen to the mix.... I only wanted to show how those P90's sounded in a pawn shop Squier SE that I put 2 P90's in.....last time I used it at a gig I could do no wrong with here is another attempt without all the extra garbage that...
  12. Lost Sailor

    A little advice please.......

    Asking a little advice..... I am just getting started at home recording. I have been using my Roland cube line out to the Mic input on the computer, but it is too clumsy with cables and adapters. I was thinking about using an old BR-8 (old 8 track digital recorder) for guitar/keyboard inputs...
  13. Lost Sailor

    Squier with P90's

    post deleted
  14. Lost Sailor

    New Old Amp Day

    Yesterday someone gave me a Peavy Bandit 65 - It looked like it was collecting dust for many years and the pots were very noisy....I had to take it apart and clean them with contact spray.....that worked great. Now this amp has an incredible clean sound I haven't heard in some time...I think it...
  15. Lost Sailor

    What's This??

    I made a trade a while back for a 2012 American Standard.....I didn't like the tortoise shell pick guard so I replaced it....I put it on a 2000 MIM - I saw something that made me curious then, but left it alone.....well, today I got the parts to make that MIM HSS -- a new pickguard on it so here...
  16. Lost Sailor

    New Mods on my Squiers

    Last October I found a beat up Indonesian Squier Standard and rescued it. I replaced the pots with 250k and rewired everything inside. New black pick guard, black and plastics. It has vintage style pickups and sound(ed) great. then I found a Chinese Squier SE that was interesting although...
  17. Lost Sailor

    Got another Squier

    I was in a pawn shop checking out a replacement laptop when this one looked down at me and winked -- nothing special at the time, but when I took her home and set her up lefty and played her she really sang. I did have to file the frets on the edges though very smooth now and playing nice.
  18. Lost Sailor

    Fixed a pair of Strats

    I got this white MIA in a trade -- I couldn't stand the tort pickguard So I got a parchment replacement for it. Now I like it's look. Somewhat normal now, but I decided to put the tort on a MIM burst and swapped the plastics to black - I think they look pretty good now. Before and after:
  19. Lost Sailor

    Fixer Upper

    I just won this ebay special -- It needs lots of work but it looks like it is worth it, to me anyway -- needs a bridge saddle some knobs and some nuts for the vol and bridge tone (or a complete replacement of all). I have 4 Fenders and this is the first Squier....not sure what to expect...
  20. Lost Sailor

    Replace Trem Block on MIM

    I broke a whammy bar in the block of a 92 MIM strat....So I got a trem kit from fender, wide block, bridge, claw, springs etc. I only used the block and saddle plate...being too lazy to adjust the saddles for string height, I measured the positions on the old ones and put them on the new block...
  21. Lost Sailor

    All I wanted was some strap locks and.....

    All I was going to buy were some strap locks for my Tele and sat down with this. It's an MIM but it plays like a dream, I couldn't walk away without it. It is No. 5 in the family.
  22. Lost Sailor

    Hi From Northern Virginia

    Hi -- I am originally from San Francisco but found myself here on the east coast for about 14 years I have played Strats since 74 when I bought my 1st one....I have owned 9 of them over the years (some were traded, others were stolen) -- I currently have 3, a MIA, MIJ, and the MIM is the...