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  1. CalicoSkies

    Rob O'Reilly guitar: Cool or gimmicky?

    I just saw a video on YouTube about this Rob O'Reilly guitar that has some effects built in, MIDI connectivity, and even a screen on it: Useful or gimmicky? This is another review: :
  2. CalicoSkies

    What do you call a group of Eric Claptons all together?

    ...Eric Applauseton
  3. CalicoSkies

    New Synth Day: Roland Juno DS61

    I've had a Roland Juno-G synthrsizer for a long time, and in the past several months, its LCD screen has started to fail. It seems to be a common issue with the Juno-G, unfortunately. The screen still works, but only intermittently. Sometimes it will only partially display or not display at all...
  4. CalicoSkies

    Zynthian Raspberry Pi-based synthesizer

    Recently I found about Zynthian, an open-source synthesizer project that involves software & a hardware kit based around the Raspberry Pi mini computer. (If you're unfamiliar with the Raspberry Pi, they are very small kit computers that can be built on for many uses - You can install Linux on...
  5. CalicoSkies

    Legos (Back To The Future DeLorean content)

    Who else here likes Legos? A little while ago I bought one of the Lego Fender Stratocaster kits when it was released, although I haven't built it yet (I am planning to though). More recently, as I'm a fan of the Back To The Future movies, last week I bought one of Lego's 2022 Back To The...
  6. CalicoSkies

    Setting to start on the New Posts page instead of Forums page?

    With the new Strat-Talk update, the site now loads to the list of Forums. I'm wondering if there's a setting to have it load on the New Posts page instead, like it did before? At least for those who remain logged in, I think it would be handy to have a profile setting to have the site load the...
  7. CalicoSkies

    Subscriptions to enable car features?

    Apparently, there's a new trend for car makers to charge a subscription fee to enable certain car features. I saw this article today saying Ford has said heated seat subscriptions are unlikely, but subscriptions for other car features aren't off the table...
  8. CalicoSkies

    Do you think a Bright switch is useful on an amp?

    Now that I've learned a bit more about Fender's Tone Master amps, I'd almost be tempted to buy one.. I don't think I need something so big & loud like a Twin, but I might be tempted to by the Deluxe (and save some money). I like that the Twin has the Bright switches though. I used to have a...
  9. CalicoSkies

    Fender Tone-Master amps

    Today I got an email from Fender regarding their Tone-Master amps, which they say are new versions of their classic tube amps, except instead of using tubes, they use digital modeling (and are supposedly lighter in weight too). For example, their Deluxe & Twin...
  10. CalicoSkies

    Taco Bell is selling a $10/month taco subscription

    I saw this article this morning: Apparently, for $10 a month, you can get one taco per day for 30 days. The article says with the subscription, you can add a crunchy taco (including their Doritos Locos tacos), spicy...
  11. CalicoSkies

    Interesting item for sale in my local Facebook market

    I saw this for sale in my local Facebook market. From the photo, I thought it was slightly disturbing, but then I saw it's meant to be "Picolas Cage" and then I felt like it was more amusing than disturbing.
  12. CalicoSkies

    Fender Mustang Micro vs. other guitar headphone options

    Several months ago, I saw Fender released their Mustang Micro guitar headphone amp. I already have a pair of Vox guitar amp headphones, but I'm wondering if Fender's Mustang Micro is any better?
  13. CalicoSkies

    The Matrix Resurrections

    Are there any Matrix fans here? The new Matrix movie is about to come out in theaters. I'm curious to see it, but mainly because I'm wondering what it adds to the franchise. After the first 3 movies, I thought the Matrix had been destroyed. From what I've heard/seen in the trailer for the...
  14. CalicoSkies

    Strat body shape consistency

    From what I've heard, the early Stratocasters were all made by hand, and naturally, the shape of the contours etc. would vary. I'm curious how they shape the Stratocaster bodies these days. I haven't taken a close look at many different Strats these days, but I imagine they've probably...
  15. CalicoSkies

    Roland Juno-G (synth) screen stopped working.. Recommendations?

    I have a Roland Juno-G synthesizer and hadn't turned it on for months. I turned it on today and the screen wasn't showing anything, except for a single line (see below). Otherwise it still works - I can change instruments and play sounds and still hear everything. The screen is a known...
  16. CalicoSkies

    Global supply chain problems

    It's not my intent to get into the politics of this, but I just wanted to express that I've had to be a little more patient when buying things (or wanting to buy certain things) these days because low supplies seem to be causing delays across the board. I've been waiting a year now to upgrade...
  17. CalicoSkies

    Selling things on eBay

    This isn't specifically related to selling musical instruments, but I'm curious if anyone else has been a little frustrated selling on eBay lately? I've been using eBay since 1999 and often it is an easy way to sell things (aside from the slight hassle of having to pack & ship what you're...
  18. CalicoSkies

    An Evening with Mark Knopfler (2009)

    Mark Knopfler (including his time with Dire Straits) is one of my favorite musicians. A few years ago, I came across An Evening with Mark Knopfler, which he performed in 2009. I wasn't aware of this concert. I've watched most of the songs from this and thought it was interesting. It doesn't...
  19. CalicoSkies

    Fender Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Fender makes a couple sweaters they call "Ugly Christmas sweater". :p They're on sale for $40 each (they say they're normally about $70). Maybe the "Fender" and "Ugly" can combine to make them "Fugly"? I wonder if these are worth it even for $40...
  20. CalicoSkies

    Grocery store playing loud classical music at night to deter illegal/dangerous activity

    This is something going on in Portland, OR recently - A local grocery store in Portland has been playing loud classical music from parking lot speakers at night to deter dangerous & illegal activity...
  21. CalicoSkies

    Do you find shipping guitars to be a hassle?

    When I've sold guitars, I've found the idea of shipping a guitar to be a hassle. I've often thought it can be a bit of a hassle to find a box big enough for a guitar (especially if it's in a case), as well as padding. And I sometimes worry about shipping something as big and heavy as a guitar...
  22. CalicoSkies

    Paul McCartney won't sign any more autographs

    I just saw this article - Paul McCartney won't sign any more autographs:
  23. CalicoSkies

    Selling on Your "shop"

    Yesterday, while putting a piece of gear for sale on, I noticed Reverb has a part of your user profile where you can edit details about your "shop". For sellers, is Reverb oriented toward people who own a musical instrument store? I thought Reverb was for anyone to buy & sell...
  24. CalicoSkies

    Buying something used that doesn't work

    I have a second computer at home that I use as a server PC, which is almost 10 years old. Recently I've thought of replacing it with a newer PC. Yesterday I bought a used PC (from a private seller) to replace it - a couple years old but much newer & faster than what I have. I paid $500 cash...
  25. CalicoSkies

    Best Buy and musical instruments

    In 2008, I remember some Best Buy locations started selling musical instruments. I thought that was an interesting (if not random) thing for them to sell, and I thought it was cool to have another place to be able to buy musical stuff. That didn't last very long though, and Best Buy stopped...