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  1. jbylake

    Sherwood Green

    Don't know if anyone's interested, but I have heard this color come up a few times. In the Fender Mod Shop there's a lot more colors available now, and one is Sherwood Green. So if you want a semi-custom Strat, you green lovers can jump on it while you can.
  2. jbylake

    Feedback problem

    I was listening to Joe Bonomassa do his show on Sirius XM radio, and he was playing a Gary Clark Jr. song. After the song, he started talking about how much he dug Gary Clark, and what a great show he puts on. Then he said something that really freaked me out. He got a Epiphone Casino, to get...
  3. jbylake

    Does anyone else think like I do?

    It seems that once in a while, the same post pops up, generally a LP vs. Strat, or Gib vs. Fender post. I seem to see it somewhat regularly. Goes something like "I hate them" don't you? Then it looks like, being on a Strat sight, the poster is waiting for 400 "Like" replies. Owning Fenders...
  4. jbylake

    PRS Santana Abraxas SE "tribute" guitar prices.

    When I found out that this (PRS Abraxas) album was available for pre-order, I called Sweetwater and staked a claim on one of the few they were receiving. Although "money or flipping" wasn't my motivation for buying one, I did take notice that only 1000 were being built and distributed world...
  5. jbylake

    PRS 50 Anniversary Santana Abraxis

    In the last few days or so, someone posted about the 50 Anniversary Carlos Santana PRS Abraxis guitar. I just called and pre- ordered one of these, just because they are only making 1000 worldwide. Sweetwater's quota was 60 with a few pre-orders left. They got some last night, but they were...
  6. jbylake


    Finally got my canvas print of Salvador Dahli's Persistence of Memory framed print today! Hoping it won't clash with the other oddball, non-related things I have hanging on my wall. I'm truly hoping it will inspire me musically, to quit getting lazy about playing, and work HARD on trying to...
  7. jbylake

    Tube question

    My knowledge of electronics and electrical circuits is very limited, so please excuse my ignorance of the subject. I have a question about tube wear. Hypothetically, if I play my tube amps, dimed to the hilt, every time I play, I will accelerate the wear on the tubes, correct? (stop me if I'm...
  8. jbylake

    Finger exercisers

    I've never owned them, so I don't know if they're useful, and I rarely see them anymore, but has anyone else seen those "finger" exercise things that you grip between your palm and fingers? You compress the buttons like you'd operate a trumpet. Do they help with "warm up"? I was asking a...
  9. jbylake

    Any love for the "Reverend" Shawn Amos here.

    Hey blues guys/girls, as it says any love on here for the Rev Shawn Amos here? Great player, but he has a limited number or work out on albums. The big issue for me, is that some of my favorite songs of his, that I've heard many times on Sirrus XM radio, aren't available on his albums. Go...
  10. jbylake

    Breaking in Speakers?

    Is there an easy, safe way to break in your amps speakers besides playing it until your hands revolt and sprain themselves. I was able to google a couple of things, but when I read where one fellow takes a 1" brush and lightly coats them with water so they'll stretch and breath. Sounded a...
  11. jbylake

    Head Stock Decoration Contest

    I'm in the middle of a custom build project, but for all the money I'm putting in it, the head stock is going to give it a real blah look. Most of the thing is genuine Fender, the body and neck aren't. I'm trying to come up with a solution, or suggestion before all of the parts go to the...
  12. jbylake

    Does anyone know where I can get some Roy B. Don Mare

    I'm trying to find someone who winds pickups to closely emulate the ones by Don Mare that give your tele what it needs to truly catch that Roy Buchannon vibe? Don Mare rarely takes new orders now, I think one day a month throughout the year. On reverb, the neck only can go well over $300.00...
  13. jbylake

    Head Phone Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend some fairly decent head phones that aren't super crazy expensive. I prefer the closed ear type. I'll be using them for very amateur recording and plugging into amp heads that have an output for headphones for neighbor relations. :D
  14. jbylake

    Where did they go?

    Ever wonder where this or that band, guitarist, etc..go? Some just seem to have dropped off of the face of the earth. Share your thoughts of where what ever happened to (?), what are they doing now...etc.
  15. jbylake

    Does anyone ever read the OP in a thread?

    This is not a major deal for me, it happens in almost every forum, regardless of the subject matter of said forum. But I have to ask, does anyone ever read the OP (original post, if you're new)? I mean seriously, it goes like this. Who's you're favorite fifties band. 30 posts later, Jeff...
  16. jbylake

    What music do you wake up too?

    In my younger days, I loved to wake up, pull out a Zep, Nugent, Aerosmith, Molly Hatchet etc...album, and Rock the Hell out! Got my blood and adrenaline pumping...hell yeah...even cured the occasional hangover. Ready to seize the Freaking Day..yeah...insert fist pumps here. Today I wake up to...
  17. jbylake

    Who remembers these bands

    Paul Revere and the Raiders. The Turtles. Billy Joe Royal (Cherry Hill Park_) Lovin' Spoonful The Box Tops New Vaudeville Band add your favorite...I think we should collaborate and do heavy metal versions of those old songs. Plus if you actually remember these songs when they were playing on the...
  18. jbylake

    Ray Wylie Hubbard

    Any love for Ray Wylie Hubbard here? One album in particular is rare. I wanted a new CD or Album of "Snake Farm", not to be confused with another album called snake farm. Great Googely Moogely, the freakin prices for this album are thru the freakin' roof! I had to finally bid $40.00 to get...
  19. jbylake

    First Partscaster build officially in progress.

    First, I have to say that this project is not lightly based on SonOfLerome's newly completed build. I've wanted a semi-translucent "Mary Kaye" finish on a guitar for a long time. When he revealed his completed guitar, my jaw dropped a bit. His is so close to what I had envisioned, I'm going to...
  20. jbylake

    Satchurator Pedal

  21. jbylake

    Is this the forum for elderly players?

    I do watch the age of many posters here, it has an upside and a downside. The upside is most folks here have "mellowed" out, and more into just having a good time talking, playing, helping others, and just good fun for Strat players. However, and I'm one of them, it seems that one of the...
  22. jbylake

    EVH Fretboard

    I have "heard" that EVH used a neck with an extremely flat fretboard..I don't know if there is any truth that he did, or didn't, but if true, how would a very flat fretboard work in his favor. P.S. I'm not even trying to copy EVH, or emulate his sound, I'm just wondering about his fretboard...
  23. jbylake

    You know you're getting old when..

    I remember as a young pup in the military, somewhere around '75 or later, when I would pick up a Les Paul at one of the larger music stores in the town where I was stationed, my first thought was that I had gone to Nirvana. Of course I couldn't afford one on my monthly paycheck back then. Just...
  24. jbylake

    Happy Birthday Buddy Guy

    85 years old today, and still a badass!:D