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  1. SoulSurfer

    This popped up on my music stream in the car

    A remix version of Sad But True - Metallica as done by the Mexican Institute of Sound. I loved the pulsing rhythmic rendition. It reminded me of every Fast & Furious movies I've seen
  2. SoulSurfer

    Deep thoughts...

    On the 11th year of remission from cancer, I came across this pic which I took around 1978 with my 35mm camera and a honking huge lens. The peace and serenity of the sun, burning through the morning fog and bouncing off that tin roof, always seems to remind me of a calmer period in our recent...
  3. SoulSurfer

    What's Better, Red Or Blue?

    Red is definitely "faster"
  4. SoulSurfer

    Is this a good price for a Martin 00-18 1947

    That bridge. Something looks a bit wonky, like it had been re-glued or something. Do you see the outline marks from its apparent previous placement?
  5. SoulSurfer

    RIP Alexander Dumble

    He was the "Aldus Dumbledore" and headmaster wizard of the amplifier world. I have played through a Dumble profile on my KPA (Kemper Profiling Amp) and found it to be really interesting. Whomever's Dumble amp was used for this profile, they were all unique in the sense that they were built to...
  6. SoulSurfer

    NSD - New string day for the Tele Acoustasonic

    Usually a day I dread. My Roadie3 really helps as a string winder and tuner. Over a year on the same strings and they were looking a bit "groady".
  7. SoulSurfer

    Is your strat the easiest guitar you own for barre chords ?

    My Tele strung with 9's is the easiest.
  8. SoulSurfer

    My ship came in!

    Love your sweet collection of Reverend. Always been fascinated by this brand.
  9. SoulSurfer

    New CS Strat

    That is a sexy beast! Ya baby, YA!!! (said Austin Powers style)
  10. SoulSurfer

    This took me way longer than it should have to make.

    Nice front for the Mark V/90. I have a Mark V/35 just cuz the 90 weighed a metric ton. All pre-Gibson of course.
  11. SoulSurfer

    I seem to have lost the manual

    Look into "passive parenting". I am blown away by how our daughter and son-in-law are raising our grandkids. Had I known this, I might have saved years of therapy and anger with our son.
  12. SoulSurfer

    Guitar Wireless System

    I use the G50 and LOVE it. Personally I would stay away from the G10 series due to fire hazard.
  13. SoulSurfer

    Good Omen or Bad Omen

    Bad omen only if the cat relieves themselves on your set list.
  14. SoulSurfer

    Peavey Classic 50 - any opinions?

    Had one and deeply regret selling it. LOUD AF! HEAVY AF, too. The one that got away. I had both the Classic 30 1x12 and the Classic 50 2x12. Great cleans and lovely crunchy tone too. I actually use profiles for these two amps on my KPA (Kemper Profiling Amp) to relive the greatness.
  15. SoulSurfer

    The last N G D of 2021?

    Love that Duesenberg! Their trem is the smoothest ever. I have it on my custom Gretsch Billy Bo build
  16. SoulSurfer

    Got a haircut about 4 months ago

    Reminds me of the CSNY song - "Almost Cut My Hair" Dang I feel the same way. I loved my hair! Not too many guys my age (69) even have hair anymore!
  17. SoulSurfer

    Ever regret selling a Strat?

    Yup this one. A 1994 Delux USA. I did not know how good I had it.
  18. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

    Same here. I bought it new about 6 yrs ago, therefore pre-Gibson acquisition.
  19. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

  20. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

    Good eye! Mark V/35 Clean and LOUD AF! I profiled it so I now have it’s clone inside my KPA (Kemper Profiling Amp).
  21. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

    Got it at Costco online. I buy the demineralizing cartridge on Amazon. And yes you just need to clean the part under the tank out with vinegar - thanks for the reminder.
  22. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

    It is ultrasonic, yes. I point the nozzles away from my gear and wipe them down regularly.
  23. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

    A new demineralizing filter every year and a good gleaning. Other than that, fill it up, set it and forget it.
  24. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

    We sold our last house 4 yrs ago to downsize and got this really cool and big-enough-for-the-both-of-us old penthouse apartment. The management company is really good and did the work. I still need to keep the humidity up or suffer the "cheese-grater" fretboard effect. So far, so good.
  25. SoulSurfer

    Let there be "humdidididy"

    Now before y'all go tellin' me that my stuff is to close to that radiator, please note that it has been decommissioned since we moved here, for that specific reason. Keeping the "humdididy" at 34% or more is always a bit a challenge in the winter months. Enter the "big-ass hoomidifryer" from...

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