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  1. chicago slim

    Vox AC15C1 vs Vox AC30S1

    I went with the Vox TB18C1 (2 X 6V6's) and Bad Cat Cougar 15 (2 X EL84's). They use plywood for the top, sides and bottom. I've got mine down to the 37 lbs. range, with a speaker swap.
  2. chicago slim


    I go with Fender Strat's for single coils and a maple neck. PRS for humbuckers and a rosewood neck. Ibanez got me hooked on comfortable, double cutaway, Strat copies, with the Roadstar II.
  3. chicago slim

    How many amps have you got?

    Eight! Although now that I have the NexTone, I can sell 2 Katanas and the SCXD. Vox TB18C1 Bad Cat Cougar 15 Tone Master Deluxe Reverb SCXD NexTone Stage Acoustisonic 40 Katana 50 Katana 100
  4. chicago slim

    NGD (Serious GAS!!)

    I saw a Blue 10 top Custom 22, at my PRS Dealer's web site (high contrast photo's). When I saw it in person, it was so dark that you could hardly see the wood pattern. I liked the Black/Gold better. Plus, it was less expensive. I really like your Red Fireburst. These colors look classier to me...
  5. chicago slim

    NGD (Serious GAS!!)

    Congratulations and HNDG. That's a beautiful pair. I also sold off 7 Strat's and bought a pair of core Custom 22's and a kickass SE Hollowbody II.
  6. chicago slim

    S2 and SE, just a few thoughts

    All mahogany guitars, have their own sound, as do maple capped mahogany guitars. I found that I like each, with the right type of pickup. The all mahogany Vela and Starla, are great with Filtertron type, pickups. The same goes for laminated maple guitars. Whether they are carved or laminated...
  7. chicago slim


    Nice guitars! I love PRS and Strat's. I stick with single coils and maple necks, for my Strat's. Humbuckers and rosewood necks, on my PRS guitars.
  8. chicago slim

    NUAD - Bad Cat

    While demoing a couple of guitars, I got to try a used Bad Cat, Cougar 15. I passed on the guitars, but bought the amp. I had always read bad things about them, on the forums. They are noisy, heavy, no clean headroom. Man were they wrong. I really liked the sound. After I got it home, I did...
  9. chicago slim


    Congratulations! Your new guitar looks beautiful. PRS Guitars run the whole gamut. There are some models that I love and others that I don't. When you take the time to play and compare guitars, some of the PRS guitars really stand out. And not just the fancy expensive ones. I now only play...
  10. chicago slim

    Best Bond Theme Song / Singer

    The Spy Who Loved Me, by Carley Simon. "The Spy Who Loved Me" Opening Credit Sequence - YouTube
  11. chicago slim

    What are PRS S- and T-type guitars known for?

    I now only play Strat's and thin double cutaway, PRS guitars. It's a very easy switch. With the edge going to PRS for their Playability (necks) and tuning stability. I may not like some PRS models, just like I don't like all Fenders. I've owned all of the popular guitars and worked as a full...
  12. chicago slim

    Favorite Color on a Strat?

    Surf Green.
  13. chicago slim

    If you had to pick three guitars to do "everything" which ones would you pick?

    Strat, PRS Custom 22 and S2 Singlecut Semi.
  14. chicago slim

    Are you going back to the movie theater?

    No! The last movie that I paid to watch at home was, Ford Vs. Ferrari.
  15. chicago slim

    I hate to root for The Cowboys but...

    At 44 years of age, Brady is still one of the hardest working players in the league. Then hearing about him helping problem players. Antonio Brown said, "Brady is a true friend. Every day I try to prove myself to him. Both, in how I play and how I live my life". He is becoming my hero.
  16. chicago slim

    Pedal players... from tube amps to Quilter/Katana......

    People tend to use more overdrive and effects, in the bedroom. You need a cleaner sound when playing live. Watch a rig rundown, on a top Pro. They will have several overdrive pedals, that sound like they are set to edge of breakup. Then, they always have a pedal that they say, "I really just use...
  17. chicago slim

    Pedal players... from tube amps to Quilter/Katana......

    I'm finding that there isn't much that I can't do with my Tone Master Deluxe Reverb or Katana, and a MFX pedal. I have used a Zoom MFX pedal for over 17 years, in order to get "my sound" out of a provided backline. It works great with my TMDR. I'm able to use the Katana without the MFX pedal...
  18. chicago slim

    Anyone else refuse to let anyone work on your axe

    I really enjoy working on my Strat's. They are really pretty easy to work on. Other guitars, not so much. I once had a band mate, who upgraded a Squier Thinline Tele. He did the work, himself. When he bought a USGA neck, he took it to a luthier for fret work. The luthier charged him $350 for...
  19. chicago slim

    Boss Katana 50 mk2 vs Vox ac10

    My home amp usage: 1 - Katana 50 2 - Katana 100 3 - Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb 4 - Fender SCXD 5 - Vox TB18C1 Gigging: 1 - Katana 100 2 - Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb 3 - Vox TB18C1 4 - Katana 50 5 - Fender SCXD You are starting to see a lot of Pro's using Katana's, on Broadway in...
  20. chicago slim

    Boss Katana 50 mk2 vs Vox ac10

    The Katana also has an acoustic setting. The built in effects will save you a lot of money, in the long run.
  21. chicago slim

    Non Strats In Your Stable?

    I've got a pair of Black/Gold, PRS Custom 22's. They have 5-way switching, that allows for things like, the bridge humbucker and split neck pickup, in parallel. A Zach Myers, with Vintage Clean, A2 & A5, Bootstrap pickups.
  22. chicago slim

    Joe Bonamassa - It Doesn't Matter What Guitar You Play

    It's funny. I saw Joe Bonamassa when he was younger. He only played one guitar for the whole show. It was an Ibanez, played through a Marshall head and a 15" PA cabinet. I have no idea what speaker was in the cabinet, but he sounded good and like himself.
  23. chicago slim

    NGD - PRS S2 594

    Congratulations and happy birthday! That's a great top, for an S2. The S2's are great guitars. I went with the S2 Custom 22.
  24. chicago slim

    Easiest playing guitars you own?

    As I've gotten older, my arthritis has gotten much worse. My PRS Custom 22's would be the easiest to play.
  25. chicago slim

    Les Paul's What's the Big Attraction?

    I'm a Strat and double cutaway PRS guy. I sometimes get caught up in all the forum hype. This year, I found a PRS S2, McCarty 594 Single Cutaway. It corrects most of the ergonomic problems that I have had with Les Paul's. Not too heavy, 8.2 pounds. It's a nice guitar. My biggest complaint is...

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