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  1. Believer7713

    Nature photos that YOU took

    Last week's blood moon.
  2. Believer7713

    Ya gotta keep em separated.....

  3. Believer7713

    We'll Leave the Light On For Ya...

    It was actually strategically placed across the street and slightly around the bend from the police precinct. My guess, as it was stated earlier by someone else is that it's a pissed off neighbor.
  4. Believer7713

    Suddenly realised my Stratocaster looks so good

    Thank you!! That is one of my signature carves along with the lower horn being opened up more to be able to reach the low E string on the 22nd fret.
  5. Believer7713

    Locking Tunners

    Yes, they should fit. I do also believe them to be 18:1 also. They are the same as the non-locking tuners. Welcome to S-T too!
  6. Believer7713

    Post a current picture with one of your guitars !

    My most recent pics Then I need to include my bestest buddy too!
  7. Believer7713

    We'll Leave the Light On For Ya...

    Lol No, maybe in a different lifetime but not in this reality.
  8. Believer7713

    We'll Leave the Light On For Ya...

    Saw this on my drive home yesterday. Had to take the long road home today just to take a pic because nobody believed me. Lol Don't worry, I pulled over and stopped to take the pic.
  9. Believer7713

    Would you rather have a Ferrari or Kurt Cobain's Mustang?

    I have a strat that I built modeled after the Bullitt Mustang. I even had the Dark Highland Green paint code matched. I like it better than anything Cobain so I'll keep this one.
  10. Believer7713

    Polishing frets?

    I wouldn't want a screwdriver stuck in my junk either... Errr, wait, are we talking about the same thing? o_O:whistling:
  11. Believer7713

    Polishing frets?

    Here is how I normally do mine. Keep inind that this is a full refret but if I am only polishing and not smoothing then start at the 22:00 mark. If I am smoothing them then I use a crowning file followed by an emery wheel on my dremel before the polish wheel. Start at 14:05 for the full...
  12. Believer7713

    Locking tuners

    I need take another video of it. I made the decision to make that one when I saw another thread like this one while I was stringing a guitar at the same time. I was also recovering from a knee replacement surgery so I didn't want to hobble across the house to get the tripod because I wasn't...
  13. Believer7713

    Note to future self about a house remodel

    Same not to self for moving. We moved the first week of April. I'm still looking for stuff and finding other stuff that has been lost since March.
  14. Believer7713

    Suddenly realised my Stratocaster looks so good

    I think that every time I do arefin and contour. I mean just look at those sexy curves!
  15. Believer7713

    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    Which model Lotus? I had a 1972 Europa Special for a while.
  16. Believer7713

    Random No.1 pix pls

    Can't say that I have an actual #1 but if I did this would fit the bill.
  17. Believer7713

    What do you call a group of Eric Claptons all together?

    A round of applauselton!
  18. Believer7713

    What goes best with Sonic Blue?

    I'm just here to silence the mintsses!
  19. Believer7713

    What goes best with Sonic Blue?

    Go with the parchment! Mint is ONLY good in mouthwash, chocolate chip ice cream and girl scout cookies.
  20. Believer7713


    Yes sir. I've done several for the Care Team, one for P.A.L. unit, one for Crime Stoppers and one for University of Kansas Health Systems neuroscience department for Stroke awareness month so far. It all started by me getting hit by a car while at work during a sobriety checkpoint. I am...
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    I haven't gotten that far in the planning of it. I still need to make the body for it but I have most of the materials for it now. I have a couple custom jobs for charities to get done first though. I do work for the Po-Po but am not an LEO. I am a supervisor in the Fleet Operations Unit. My...
  22. Believer7713


    The neck on this one will be one that I refretted with Stainless Steel frets and installed an LSR nut on. It's from 2001 and is pretty well worn in with naturally rolled edges. That roasted maple neck that I got from you will be going on my corksniffer guitar that I plan to have done later this...
  23. Believer7713


    Hot is an understatement for these things. LOL The specs are: Bridge: 13.2K Middle: 10.6 Neck: 10.5 Here is Kelly, himself, is demoing them.
  24. Believer7713


    Having Kelly's name on them makes them even more special for me. When I saw the box in the mailbox I couldn't help but to cheese from ear to ear and I literally teared up when I saw your engraving on the back. These will be going into a pickguard that @Stephen James is making for me with one his...