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  1. Jim Carl

    Ideal Vox amp for you

    I don't have an AC30, I have an AC15c1 in vintage black. This was a Sweetwater exclusive. It came with a Celestion creamback. I like to play my strat through the top boost channel and my tele through the normal channel. I haven't played other Vox amps but as far as I'm concerned this is the...
  2. Jim Carl

    anybody use an pedal amp?

    In my never ending tone quest to sound like Angus and Malcom I recently bought a Catalinbread DLS. The funny thing is it makes the clean channel on my DSL 40cr sound just like the drive channels
  3. Jim Carl

    Any amps I should avoid?

    I bought a Marshal dsl 40cr last September and it has become the amp I plug into most often. I bought it to pair with my Les Paul but I soon found that my strat sounds great through it also. The last few weeks I have been plugging in my tele and it also sounds great. With 4 channels it goes...
  4. Jim Carl

    Dolly withdraws R&R HoF nomination

    Dolly's the coolest! I just recently broke up with my wife, I would love to find a 35 year old Dolly Parton just for myself. Not that I listen to a lot of her music but if Islands in the stream comes on the radio, I'm not changing the station.
  5. Jim Carl

    Has what passes for guitar genius changed as much as the guitars since the golden age?

    I agree with what you're saying. Almost all of the music I listen to was recorded +/- 15 years from 1974 (the year I was born). There was some good music recorded in the 90's but I rarely listen to it. I'm primarily a rock and roll fan but that era came and went. I have been listening to a...
  6. Jim Carl

    Pick question

    Fender 351 heavy premium celluloid, either blue or green.
  7. Jim Carl

    Can't buy Vox...just because of its ugly logo

    I personally like the way Vox amps look, classic. They were designed in the late 50's/ early 60's, a very stylish period in time. Look at the way people dressed back then or the cars that were designed. Lots of good taste to go around. In contrast, most of the things that are designed today look...
  8. Jim Carl

    Favorite Van Halen Era (Poll)

    When I started my itunes music library years ago I didn't have any complete Van Halen albums yet, but I had a pretty even split between DLR and SH era songs. After listening to my Van Halen playlist over and over, I found that I was skipping over all of the Sammy songs and only listening to the...
  9. Jim Carl

    My new neighbor.

    I'll bet your local sporting goods store has an adequate selection of woodpecker eviction devices.
  10. Jim Carl

    Pick guard

    I went through Warmoth when I needed one. I am very happy with the the pickguard and the service was as expected. Warmth also has a better variety of products available. Nothing wrong with Fender products though.
  11. Jim Carl

    How many amps have you got?

    4 at the moment. Marshal DSL 40cr Vox AC15c1vb Orange Rocker 15 Fender Bassbreaker 007 (tweed edition)
  12. Jim Carl

    Does anyone find tinted maple necks ugly?

    I prefer the look of natural maple. I find tinted/ roasted maple necks to be a worthless modern gimmick. Given time and some exposure to sunlight and the maple will darken t the perfect tint.
  13. Jim Carl

    Do you still consider the players series.

    I think of Squire as being the entry level. The player series is a compromise. Some people value American craftsmanship and real rosewood fretboards and some people prefer to have a few extra dollars in their pocket.
  14. Jim Carl

    Speaking of pointy Guitars, should I buy this?

    You're going to hate that guitar the first time you stab yourself in the balls with one of those pointy horns.
  15. Jim Carl

    Stalkish Songs

    I saw Ozzy listed previously but nobody has mentioned "No More Tears" yet. Even Zakks guitar solo sounds like stalking, then chasing and eventually the rape and murder of the girl in question. God bless Ozzy!
  16. Jim Carl

    What's your Christmas Day song or album ?

    Oh Come All Ye Faithful - from Twisted Sister's Twisted Christmas album.
  17. Jim Carl

    Which is better: rock, paper or scissors (poll)

    Has to be rock! No rock = no rock and roll.
  18. Jim Carl

    Great Band, terrible song (Opinions)

    Don't see Metallica mentioned here yet. I would like to nominate The Unforgiven I, II, and III.
  19. Jim Carl

    Do you own more guitars or amps?

    5 guitars... sort of; Strat Tele LP Partscaster project 95% complete Acoustic 4 amps; Marshall DSL 40cr Vox AC15 Orange Rocker 15 Bassbreaker 007
  20. Jim Carl

    What are you reading?

    At the moment, Strat Talk Forums!
  21. Jim Carl

    Who is/was BETTER?!? Pearl Jam or Creed (Poll)

    I've never been a real big fan of Pearl Jam, but they were a good band with a lot of good songs. I can't stand Creed.
  22. Jim Carl

    No Guitar/Amp/Pedal purchases for 2022

    My New Year's resolution is in the same ballpark... sort of. My goal for this year is to make everything in my Sweetwater wishlist find its way to my living room.
  23. Jim Carl

    String choice for your strat?

    NYXL 10 - 46 on all my guitars.