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  1. Ace38

    Update! More advice on fender strats deciding my next purchase?

    Which feels better in your hands? Which makes you want to play it constantly? That's the ONLY two questions you need to answer, because if you buy something based on perceived superiority and can't stand it, then you've wasted time and money. Don't buy anything till you have those questions...
  2. Ace38

    Random No.1 pix pls

  3. Ace38

    If your Stratocaster.

    Strat/Stratocaster is a registered, legal trademark of FMIC. I guess that's fiction too.
  4. Ace38

    If your Stratocaster.

    An S style guitar as only a Fender/Squier is legally a Strat?
  5. Ace38

    Windows 11 Question

    I have two PC's that I use for video editing and audio recording. They're hand me down gaming systems from my kids. Cutting edge when they bought them about 3 years ago and they've both already upgraded to the latest and greatest. Both 500gb SSDs for the windows drive with a ton of extra...
  6. Ace38

    1954 Custom Color Stratocaster ??

    Pretty sure the first was Eldin Shamblin's gold 54. In fact, much to my shock a friend of mine is related to him and just a couple weeks ago she posted about his birthday which led to the following exchange (personal information redacted)
  7. Ace38

    Here we go again....scan week.....

    Always in my thoughts my friend, hoping for the best.
  8. Ace38

    Mod Fender players

    Your guitar, do what you want....just DON'T RELIC IT. me it looks silly but on poly finished guitars (which the player is), it looks top end, first class, high grade stupid.
  9. Ace38

    Squier Stratocaster tremolo bar not bending notes

    This may sound are pushing down on the front of the bar right? The part with the little plastic tip?
  10. Ace38

    Need a little help with pickups

    What @Guitarmageddon said. How do you like the demon? My 2nd favorite pickup at this time.
  11. Ace38

    20th Anniversary Squier Standard

    All 02 Squiers had that neckplate, even some 03 models built in 02 had it, my electric blue (available Jan 03 officially) did.
  12. Ace38

    New to Forum -inherited 1960s Strat

    67-70 according to Duchossior's book.
  13. Ace38

    New to Forum -inherited 1960s Strat

    Yeah, more pictures would be nice. The pickguard isnt stock, the F tuners indicate 1967 or later. I think one of the books I have has a serial number range that'll narrow it further.
  14. Ace38

    I love playing my newest strat

    Glad you found a winner! They were added, those aren't stock.
  15. Ace38

    Squier Genuine or Fake

    I've seen a couple fake Squiers. OP's guitar isnt one of them, but I have seen a couple fakes.
  16. Ace38

    Squier Standard body?

    Those hex heads on the bridge posts sure say Squier.
  17. Ace38

    Do you name your guitars?

    Yes, usually named after ladies that I find interesting. Celebs, models and the like. Here goes, as I look at them in the stands beside me: Gera, HK, Sydney, Sasha, Haley, Daley, Ariel, Lindsay, Macy, Sara, Megan, Giselle, Avery, Ashtyn and Brittany.
  18. Ace38

    What the heck color is this Squier?

    100% shoreline gold. Been looking for one of those myself, great price!
  19. Ace38

    Darrell addresses these scammers.

    Trogly has some really cool stuff most of the time, but GOD I get tired of hearing him overpronounce ev-er-y single word he says.
  20. Ace38

    Ummm, what is this FR Strat?

    Fender's been long known for being consistently inconsistent.
  21. Ace38

    NGD shell pink goodness

    Part of the shell pink club here.
  22. Ace38

    I didn't need another strat, but...

    14 Squiers, 2 from 99. Not a single problem with any of the blocks.
  23. Ace38

    ebay sniping... can we talk about this?

    I use Gixen, and its free.
  24. Ace38

    Deal or no deal?

    And if it is a Deluxe Players Strat, gold hardware was standard on those. Should also have 7 way switching IIRC.
  25. Ace38

    Ummm, what is this FR Strat?