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    Difficulty measuring neck radius

    Great call on the contour gauge. I found it much easier to determine the radius by first using the contour gauge and then using some music nomad radius gauges to compare to the contour gauge result. And you can do it with the strings on. I included a couple pictures just to show how obvious the...
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    Black Hole at Center of our Galaxy (Images)

    THATS where all the socks go …
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    Difficulty measuring neck radius

    Hmmm … I actually have one of those. I’ll give it a shot, thanks.
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    Difficulty measuring neck radius

    I get it. But I crave knowledge and I like to tinker. This info is going on my spreadsheet of all the different specs for my seven guitars.
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    Difficulty measuring neck radius

    To set up the saddles to match. Yea I know I can just set the action on each string equally. Part of me just wants to know.
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    Difficulty measuring neck radius

    I am setting up a cheapo partscaster. No info available on neck radius. Measuring it with both understring and string off radius gauges. I am nearsighted, so glasses off gives me good clear view. I can't tell the difference between 12" and 14". I have tried using sunlight, flashlight, different...
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    Name on headstock does it matter

    This is my favorite guitar, so … no
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    John Mayer dislikes blobby pickguards

    If that article got reposted on a broccoli forum and got six pages of replies and counting, then yes.
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    Problem with newly purchased Custom Shop Strat

    I once made a car dealer replace the front bumper on my new car purchase because he drilled holes in it for the license plate without asking me. (NC doesn’t require front license - he did it to tack on his dealership ad plate). So yeah, Id return it.
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    I may never play professionally again because of numbness in right hand.

    I hope things improve for you. Your post is eerily timely for me - I have a C6 nerve compression causing numbness/tingling in my thumb/index/partial middle finger. It varies depending on my head/neck position right now, but as things degenerate further, I am concerned how it will affect my...
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    I love modded strats. Show me yours!

    Started as an Indio Classic s-type. Decided to bronze it up. Swapped in bronze pickups, bridge, tuners, knobs, jack plate, strap knobs. Painted pickguard edge and string trees bronze.
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    I love modded strats. Show me yours!

    Started as Cort S-style, black with white pickguard. Other than obvious cosmetic changes, upgrades include: Wilkinson single coil size humbuckers, Bourne push-pull pots, each wired for standard/parrallel, cloth pushback wiring, Fender locking tuners, Wilkinson floating bridge, spoke wheel truss...
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    Any Love for Cort Strats?

    My first guitar was a Cort strat back in the 80s. Was my only guitar for years - loved it. Gigged with it, recorded with it - great strat sound. it’s the black one in the pic. Just bought a G290FAT - just got it a couple days ago, haven’t set it up yet. Beautiful guitar, gets great reviews.
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    P 90

    Damn - those dudes need serious help.
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    Texas woman arrested for trying to buy stranger's baby at Walmart!

    And she almost pulled it off but the baby wouldn’t scan at checkout.
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    My latest partscaster …

    I honestly don’t care if it tarnishes. Cheap enough to just replace again. It’s mostly a showpiece, unless somehow it sounds awesome.
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    My latest partscaster …

    It's all cheap Amazon and Ebay stuff. Pickups $31: Bridge $20: Tuners $20...
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    My latest partscaster …

    The Bronzecaster. Started as an $80 Indio Classic. All new hardware, including pickups, bridge, tuners. Before anyone gets upset - I am not selling or displaying this anywhere but here, so please no hate for changing the logo. Just having fun. Eventually I’ll build one from scratch. Burying...
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    thinking about getting a mustang

    Definitely recommend it.:)
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    PSA: 2 sets of Fender Locking Tuners $49 @ MF

    Thanks for posting this - jumped on it and got the deal.