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    SD Red Devils

    I have the Red Devil bridge in a Player Strat with Texas Special middle and neck pickups. I really like it. Great for rock and really fattens up the bridge position nicely.
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    Is a Plek Setup worth it

    When I bought my Ultra Luxe Strat here in Australia, the shop PLEKed it for free. I don’t know what the guitar was like before it was PLEKed but it was perfect when it reached me.
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    Texas Special pu's

    I love the Texas Specials in my Player strat but am one of those who pushed down some of the pole pieces. I don’t recommend doing this but I got away with it and prefer them now. I prefer the more even string-to-string balance, which I couldn’t achieve by simply lowering the pickups. I’m...
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    Stratocaster player Strat 2018...ceramic or alnico pick ups?

    If it’s a regular Player series strat, it’ll have the Alnico V pickups. The Mexican Standard line which preceded it had ceramics.
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    Taking The Stagger Out Of Stagger...?

    Hi. I did this on my Texas Specials and was pleased with the results. I didn’t touch the high- or low-E pole-pieces but adjusted the others.
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    $400 for a refret!

    One of the main reasons I bought my Ultra Luxe was because I wanted a Fender Strat with stainless steel frets. Without going master built, there wasn’t much choice. The extra money compared to a Pro ii or Ultra was worth it for me, as it was PLEK’d for free so plays like a dream and I’ll never...
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    Strat Ultra Luxe HSS Floyd

    Glad you like your strat. I have the SSS Ultra Luxe strat with the regular trem and love it. The neck, compound radius, and frets are perfect and the best part about stainless steel frets is that they’ll stay that way.
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    Gen 5 vintage noiseless?

    I don’t think they sound exactly like the single coil pickups I’ve owned but I really like them, for what it’s worth. The balance across strings is good, and I think they sound great for everything from clean to high gain sounds. I really love the sound of the neck and bridge combined.
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    Gen 5 vintage noiseless?

    Yes, I have them in my Ultra Luxe. Just watch any SSS Ultra or Ultra Luxe strat reviews on YouTube. There are quite a few. I think that they’re excellent pickups and really versatile.
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    is the American Ultra strat consistently heavier than the Pro II?

    The stacked noiseless pickups in the Ultra weigh significantly more than the single coils in the Pro II. For example, the loaded pickguard in my Ultra Luxe, which has the same pickups and electronics as the Ultra, weights about 5oz more than the pickguard in my Player strat, which has 2 Texas...
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    Is "Texas Hot" pickups code for something?

    I installed a set of CS Texas Specials in my Player strat and think they’re excellent. I use an Obsidian Custom Blender solderless harness and swap a Seymour Duncan Red Devil in and out of the bridge position every now and then.
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    What’s with the Custom Shop Strat Prices?

    I am equally happy with my Ultra Luxe, as I’d have to go masterbuilt to get the same specs, such as stainless steel frets, from the Custom Shop. However, if I won the lottery or something, that’s probably exactly what I’d do.
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    What’s with the Custom Shop Strat Prices?

    Hi all This answered a few of my own questions. Whether the difference in price between a production strat (or partscaster) and a custom shop strat is worth it is obviously a personal decision and there’s no right or wrong answer.
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    Would you believe Clapton uses Ultra Noiseless pickups?

    I agree. They are not the same. Fender Vintage Noiseless: Fender Ultra Noiseless Vintage...
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    What’s with the Custom Shop Strat Prices?

    Well, why would he own one if he doesn’t think they’re worth it? Just wondering. Is it necessary to own a custom shop to have an opinion? He did say he’d played some.
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    Strat weight

    My Ultra Luxe strat weighs 8.7lb, while my Player strat weighs about 7.7. Doesn’t bother me at all. The Ultra Luxe feels and plays much better than the Player. I hadn’t even thought about the weight until I saw all the chat on here.
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    Thoughts on a new American Pro Dark Night

    The back of the neck on the Player is satin urethane. From the Fender site “Neck Finish: Satin Urethane Finish on Back of Neck with Gloss Urethane Headstock Face” My Player definitely has a satin neck finish, although it feels different from that on my Ultra Luxe.
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    Adding series option to Ultra/Ultra Luxe S-1 switch

    Thanks very much for this. I’m not very good at wiring so I guess I might need to take it to a tech to see if he can work out how to add series to positions 3,4 or 5.
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    Adding series option to Ultra/Ultra Luxe S-1 switch

    Hi i have an SSS American Ultra Luxe strat, which is just about perfect, and love the additional options that the S-1 switch provides. Like several other models, including the Ultra, which features the same pickups and switches, it adds the neck pickup to positions 1 and 2. Does anyone know...
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    So many models…??

    Hi Here is an overview of the whole range: Good luck with your choice!
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    Noiseless or close to it strat pickup recommendations"

    The ultra noiseless vintage pickups that came in my Ultra Luxe are great, in my opinion.
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    Possible Noob Question for Am Pro ii

    Looks correct to me and agrees with the manual:
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    Luxe ultra

    I love the black headstock. It might not look great in the pics but I would’t change it. As for everything else, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The guitar looks and feels classy and plays like a dream.
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    Luxe ultra

    I really like the pickups and have no plans to change them.
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    Luxe ultra

    I love my Ultra Luxe strat. It's PLEK'd so the stainless steel frets are brilliant and will stay that way for years. There's absolutely nothing I would change about it. Whether or not it's worth it is subjective but, for me, no question at all.