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  1. rolandson

    Seymour Duncan pickup ID help

    My Duncans all have "Seymour Duncan" embossed, stamped, imprinted nicely into the bottom. And the SD sticker says "SD"
  2. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    Damn I feel old. It's difficult to envision what might have transpired had I emerged into the field a decade later. These things weren't on the radar in my time. Superconductivity didn't enter our everyday lexicon until I had moved on. My lab was by way of the ancients. Mass spec/atomic...
  3. rolandson

    Help me make a decision about a bridge....

    That was the reason I acquired a Callaham V/N...a 64 that suffered the same. I played it for many years as it was, it is something one can easily adapt to, but as an injury and then arthritis began affecting my play, the V/N accommodated that.
  4. rolandson

    Happy BD To My Boy

    Often these creatures save us. They become the heart and soul of family. And they forever carry us to places inside ourselves we never knew existed. The very essence of unconditional love can be found in their eyes. George isn't gone Ant, he's right there next to you. Right where you need him...
  5. rolandson

    Poor Strat lover from Ukraine

    I truly wish I could do more.
  6. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    The evaporation was my primary tool for calculating structural anomalies on surfaces using a transmission scope. Shadow angle. Not nearly as exciting as...whatever the hell it is that you're up to...:oops: But then...they were paying me to look at it, not to like it. And by they I mean you. Did...
  7. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    I can't speak to the to the technique because I've never engaged in such, but I can say with certainty that a water borne ammonia compound was used rather commonly in my time, ACA ... Ammoniacal Copper Arsenate. It turned wood a lovely shade of blue-green. The ammonia was merely acting as a...
  8. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    I did P-chem after I had learned I wasn't going to medical school. Ultimately it worked out better for everyone. I'd have made a horrible physician I think. Anyway, I was three years in and if I didn't do something, they'd have been a waste. So I finished and went to work as a chemist in wood...
  9. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    If I cared, I'd say someone was employed at a genius bar. If you'd like I can offer discussion into optical pump design framework, and tunneling scanning electron microscopy. Or perhaps detective quantum efficiency relationships to charge coupled devices. It's elementary to circuit design. But...
  10. rolandson

    Tremolo Stabilizer... Anybody Using One?

    I've had a HipShot thing in a specific parts drawer for something on the order of 30 years. Tried it, found it to be worthless, put it in the drawer marked 'junk.'
  11. rolandson

    Your weird claim to fame.

    Hey Boubou... Your avatar...:thumb:
  12. rolandson

    Help me make a decision about a bridge....

    Incidentally, having three Callaham bridges, including a V/N, I am comfortable offering that they are a very good piece of hardware. If they weren't, I'd have returned the first. Instead I bought two more. Except gold isn't an option. You'd need a plating service for that. ETA Wait. We're...
  13. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    I thought of responding with a description of my journey through six iterations of mac and how each was completely user serviceable, every component easily accessible and how each supported the programing of the previous ...until the pro. But this journey has also enlightened me to another...
  14. rolandson

    Would You Replace This Bridge Plate

    Chont...those saddles look pretty beat too. At least from their appearance in the photo. Now the bridge plate looks like it belongs.
  15. rolandson

    Looking for a new mini amp

    How mini is "mini"...? There are a couple Jet City PicoValves out there...but then you'd need a cab.
  16. rolandson

    Your weird claim to fame.

    I've a younger sibling that flies for something like that. A celestial bunch...or so their name implies. Apparently an NDA curtails who rides in back. But...two passports are involved, which I thought kinda cool.
  17. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    Not according to Apple. After no joy on my end I did the phone support thing. Which included macs newer than the 2012. The drive enclosures gave every indication of normal operation but were not appearing on any of the machines I had access to. I would have capitulated and bought a new mini but...
  18. rolandson

    Any Mac Pro types ...?

    And... While nothing apple makes will talk to outdated - abandoned - verions of apple stuff it seems... Windows will. I spent what seemed like days trying to get a variety of apple devices to read, sh!t even acknowledge the presence of, the drives that had been formatted to the now dead...
  19. rolandson

    Why I hate...

    Okay. Keep your head down professor...:thumb:
  20. rolandson

    What is this??

    I think it's designed to drop into standard paf humucker sized cutout ... Be kinda dumb to produce something that won't fit into anything without serious modification.
  21. rolandson

    What is this??

    Seymour P-Rail.
  22. rolandson

    62 AVRI 2 stamped on back headstock

    I haven't seen that on any fender guitar. I have never heard of a "factory second" from fender either. Nor have I seen a factory refin look like that. Get photos of the end of the neck (heel), the underside of the pickups, the body cavity and the neck pocket. Plus detaled photos of the tuners...
  23. rolandson

    About to watch the remake of Robocop

    Are you discussing your last visit to an unnamed fellow in Texas again.* ETA *that shoulda been a question mark...but I didn't check my work. Miss Langstromvic made me stay after school when I didn't check my work. I didn't check my work often...:thumb:
  24. rolandson

    Cleaning a Strat

    Why on earth would you want to do that? A damp (water) cotton cloth, followed by a dry cotton cloth. Naphthalene is a solvent that won't generally harm nitro finishes, and removes adhesive really well. WD 40? I wouldn't. If a rosewood neck¹ needs attention, lemon or mineral oil is okay...