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  1. jaybones

    Buying 1st Electric Guitar for Granddaughter- Advice Please?

    Get her a Classic Vibe. If money's too tight try to find a used one. But for an extra $75 - $100, a brand new one (in her choice of colors, as long as it's an appropriate color) with a custom engraved neckplate, like Martin says.
  2. jaybones

    One word song title transference

    Sunshine Of Your Love- Cream
  3. jaybones

    wider necks and regular width necks (what do you think)

    I have bigger hands also (but short thick fingers) and I prefer a bigger neck.
  4. jaybones

    NGD USA Original 60’s Stratocaster OWT

    Yep, very nice! Oly white Srat through a Marshall- where have I heard that before? :)
  5. jaybones

    One word song title transference

    Live And Let Die- Sir Paul & Wings
  6. jaybones

    please read the rules people...

    I gave that coffee mug to my brother!
  7. jaybones

    please read the rules people...

    What, like slings and arrows? Scottish claymores, mace, flail, throwing stars? Lightsabers, blasters, phasers, disruptors (switched series there)? Flintlock muskets, cap & ball, Gatling gun? Or more modern? From my cold dead hand? Or using a motorvehicle?
  8. jaybones

    Finally Moved That Volume Knob Down A Step

    I do a lot of volume swells, anchor my pinky to the PG near the volume knob and have never moved it on accident.
  9. jaybones


    My techology challenged 80 year old mother asked me what the difference between 4G (she has an iPhone 6) and 5G is. I told her 5G is 1 more G than 4. For when you need that extra push over the cliff.
  10. jaybones

    please read the rules people...

    Wait, there are rules? Here I thought I could swear, spit on the floor, wear my muddy boots in the house, burp during dinner, fart in mixed company, and blow my nose on my napkin at dinner.
  11. jaybones

    Do you think this kind of cruelty should be allowed to go on?

    I'm not a vegetarian- did that during my granola days. And nothing against the dairy (or meat) industry but this sickens me. I've been a hunter, and still fish, and every time I've taken an animal I gave thanks for that animal's life. There is always respect and decency there. As far as...
  12. jaybones

    One word song title transference

    A HA! A HA! :) Run Like Hell- 'Floyd
  13. jaybones

    ST is to me...your take on the glorious monster?

    For me personally its an outlet for my rock n' roll lifestyle. There are zero like minded individuals here. Everyone I made music with lives in other places, and other than the occasional text or email there's nothing. Couple guys won't even email ("I sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day...
  14. jaybones

    One word song title transference

    In The Air Tonight (Oh Lord)- Genesis :)
  15. jaybones

    One word song title transference

    Something In The Way- Nirvana
  16. jaybones

    One word song title transference

    Rock N' Roll- LZ
  17. jaybones

    Monoprice 8 plug 9V PS?

    After upgrading from a boat anchor SS Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 to a Bugera V5 Infinium I've been adding pedals for what I gave up- chorus, EQ and boost (I use as a drive/dirt pedal, since the Bug is only 1 channel). I'm adding color pedals (analog delay, autowah, octave, volume wah and a comp)...
  18. jaybones

    Proper restringing method

    I thought everyone knew that...
  19. jaybones

    PBS Fundraising

    Well, I'm looking forward to being retired sitting in a rocking chair jamming some Jimi, Dead or Stones. You forgot to studder- TA TA TA TALKIN BOUT MY GENERATION! JES BECAUSE WE GET AROUND!
  20. jaybones

    PBS Fundraising

    Parents leave the TV on all the time- background noise kinda thing. Just walked downstairs, dad's reading, mom's on the computer. And PBS is fundraising- with a Doobie Brothers concert. Dad's tapping his foot to a rocking live version of Talk About Love. I can understand folk acts- Pete...
  21. jaybones

    Jumbo frets - pluses and minuses?

    My first electric, the Stratocaster in my avatar ('76 hardtail natural- homerun first swing!) has jumbo frets. Its all I know and when I play shorter fret guitars I feel I have to dig in more and press down more firmly. You other brothers can't deny.
  22. jaybones

    One word song title transference

    Learning To Fly- Floyd
  23. jaybones

    Not sure I've eve been more comfortable with 2 guitars...

    Got a thing for aged plastics, do we? :)
  24. jaybones

    NGD: BRG

  25. jaybones

    Share your random fun fact.

    Today is National Donut Day. Started during WWI to honor Salvation Army volunteers who served donuts to the troops.