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  1. 3bolt79

    My Little Board

    You might want to try one of these powered boards for up to 8 pedals. I snagged em on sale. SKB PS8. $139.99 and comes with Velcro, cords, and an adapter from wall to 9volt battery hook up. I ordered 2. Does what I need it to, and nothing more.
  2. 3bolt79

    Starting from scratch

    I studied Classical Guitar for 5 years and that ended 10 years ago. My sight reading is a bit rusty today. I did get to the point that I could read ok in different keys, but most o the pieces I was learning were in E min/G, Amin/C, B min/D, F#min/A. And D min. My ability to play far...
  3. 3bolt79

    PSA. 15%off Catalinbread pedals at Zzounds

    Good through the 30th. I just might try a Gallileo. F.Y.I.
  4. 3bolt79

    Blood Pressure

    Lisinopril and Propranolol. I also have Diabetes. Just tryin to keep above ground.
  5. 3bolt79

    First time, Long time ... just bought a Squier Strat

    First, take some lighter fluid to that fingerboard, and after it’s clean, oil it. I would go nuts playing some other guy’s gross. I wouldn’t worry about replacing anything that wasn’t broken as it kind of defeats the joys of owning a bargain guitar. HNGD!
  6. 3bolt79

    cleanest "overdrive" pedal

    I have been using an MXR Fat Sugar. You can use it as a Boost (it’s supposed to be a Klon Klone, but you can get a nice Tweed on the edge of break up thing happening as well.0
  7. 3bolt79

    Im learning so much chinese from strat talk. Its like Rosetta Stone.

    Yeah, I’m getting tired of it as well.
  8. 3bolt79

    Strat Tone knob wont come out

    I use a spanner wrench on some of them, Strats mainly. Sometimes I will slide a pick under to get it started.
  9. 3bolt79

    The Happy Bubble

    Gilmour and Zappa’s test tube baby.
  10. 3bolt79


    Yeah the heat would have been the cuprit. Sucks either way.
  11. 3bolt79

    Trying to straighten neck by adjusting truss rod

    Oh, so he wasn’t kidding? Jeez. There is a kit to cut a few extra threads on the truss rod if more adjustment Is necessary.
  12. 3bolt79

    Crack in body, should I care or do anything?

    Definitely have a pro look at it. They will tell you what the options are. And the job may well cost the price of buying clamps for a DIY.
  13. 3bolt79

    Trying to straighten neck by adjusting truss rod

    I am in the process of adjusting 2 very sensitive necks. I ran the AC for a few hours today. Total temp drop was 2 degrees. I leave the truss rod covers off on my SG and Ibanez RS550. When they need adjustment, it’s just a slight tweak, but they seem to need it more often than my other...
  14. 3bolt79


    Well, I hope you didn’t leave the keys to your house in there. I always worry about them getting the address off the registration, etc, and making a visit to the house. Sorry that happened.
  15. 3bolt79

    Can anyone identify this model of guitar?

    My wife got one of these. It was only $1200.00 The man at GC said it’s worth double that. She got a bargain.
  16. 3bolt79

    Would you rather have a Ferrari or Kurt Cobain's Mustang?

    I will take the Ferrari any day of the week.
  17. 3bolt79

    I made the decision…and spent money. NPD. 4X this month.$

    I know pedals can be a rabbit hole like pickups, but geez I’m only talking distortion boxes basically.
  18. 3bolt79

    help / advice needed, woodworms in my new ultra luxe strat

    I have a 79 hardtail and a Vintera 70’s Strat. Both Ash. I have not noticed anything on either of them. But the Vintera is from the last few years. Besides the weight, is there a reason they couldn’t use northern ash?
  19. 3bolt79

    I made the decision…and spent money. NPD. 4X this month.$

    I was watching a YouTube video demo of the Caitilinbread Sabbra Caddabra pedal. It was just the pedal into the front of a clean amp. I have a Plexiglass style one channel head. I have been experimenting with different pedals in front of it. 1. I used an MXR Distortion Plus in front of...
  20. 3bolt79

    help / advice needed, woodworms in my new ultra luxe strat

    Hopefully you \used a credit card for the \purchase. If the dealer or Fender \wont\ make it right, you\ can have t\he Credit card company not pay them and get your money back.
  21. 3bolt79

    Electric or acoustic, with fingers, pick or both?

    I am used to -laying classical and steel string acoustic with fingers/nails. I hybrid on electric though.
  22. 3bolt79

    I killed my own rabbit…

    Sorry to hear that. So sad.