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    Would you rather have a Ferrari or Kurt Cobain's Mustang?

    Can I get Jerry Garcia's Wolf and a cheaper Ferrari instead?
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    Incoming HNGD after divorce phase

    The Korean Lite Ash guitars were not inexpensive guitars. They were priced above any Mexican Fender and also higher than the entry USA made Highway Ones. The story I read was Fender was touring either the Cort or Samick factory in support of some other guitars and they saw a few pallets of Ash...
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    Any Savoy Brown fans??

    I never really knew much about Savoy Brown other than knowing the name. Bu I did go see Kim Simmonds a few years ago in a small local theater, he put on a great show.
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    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    I agree usually better guitar with only certain exceptions. So if these are the only choices I'm going $2K guitar,$500 amp. But in real life with real money, about $1500 guitar and about $1000 amp.
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    Would you rather have a $100 guitar and a $400 amp, or a $400 guitar and a $100 amp?

    If you are talking new $100 is too low. There are no new electric guitars available for $100. And $100 for an amp gets you a practice toy. So if you go 4:1 ratio or close to it one piece is going to be crap. If all you have is $500 split equally or close to it.
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    Need a name for my guitar "brand"

    Fenson or Gibder.
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    MIM Fender Stratocaster advise

    First you get better hardware on the MIM guitar. And the Fender logo makes the guitar easier to sell. Here's the way it works, although a lot of people don't like to believe this, the Fender corporation prices their guitars according to quality/features. A CV Squier is better than an Affinity...
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    Need advice on a neck profile.

    You did get a pretty comprehensive list.
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    Need advice on a neck profile.

    I would think the Jimmie Vaughan Strat would be the most readily available Fender V neck.
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    Colored headstocks - love them, hate them, or don't care?

    They look great. The only reason they aren't common on Fender guitars is they introduce much more complexity into the manufacturing process.
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    How much should you invest $$ .

    But a guitar will hold it's value far better than any other discretionary purchase. Yes maybe the 78 Strat only held its own with inflation , but you could sell it for enough to go on vacation or even buy a crappy used car, but if you bought a brand new shiny rack stereo system for $600 in 1978...
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    How much should you invest $$ .

    Buy a USA made Fender at any kind of a discount in 10 years it will be worth more than you paid for it. Buy a computer, cell phone, TV and it will be worth nothing in 10 years. Buy golf clubs, skis , any other sporting equipment it will be worth pennies on the dollar in 10 years. Far better...
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    When do you become a "cork sniffer"?

    When you spend more money on a guitar than the next guy. Guys who spend more money than me on their guitars are corksniffers. Guys who spend less money than me on their guitars are cheapskates
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    Am I crazy, or are the new player series w/ maple neck...junk?

    The answer for most people now is "yes". We live in a different world for the time being. People are buying new cars right now at over sticker price with features disabled because the manufacturers can't get computer chips.
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    Am I crazy, or are the new player series w/ maple neck...junk?

    A couple of things. The good ones will get sold, the bad ones will sit hanging on the wall. So?.....has Fender's quality slipped in the past couple of years? Of course it has, sales are up, stores are screaming for inventory, components are hard to get. Is a minor flaw going to keep a product...
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    What’s the most overpriced gear ?

    Wow! I have continued playing golf, but taking it a lot less seriously the last few years, so not shopping for clubs. Prices have skyrocketed.
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    What’s the most overpriced gear ?

    There's not a lot of R&D going into a Strat.
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    What’s the most overpriced gear ?

    Oh? Nitro....Made in USA....Rosewood fretboard. Try to find a Fender that offers that for $1000.
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    American vs Mexican strats is it really a difference between them?

    Not frothed up, just an observation from reading these forums for over a decade, seeing hundreds of threads and thousands of posts on the subject there is more stone throwing coming from the Mexican side.
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    American vs Mexican strats is it really a difference between them?

    Incorrect, and this is really easy to confirm by reading these MIM vs MIA threads. There are way more MIM owners claiming MIA guitars aren't "worth" the difference in price than there are MIA owners saying MIM guitars aren't decent.
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    American vs Mexican strats is it really a difference between them?

    There is a lot of truth in that statement, especially if we are talking about the Standards. Although the upward path isn't so much a steady line as stairs. 2006 was a year of big improvements, bigger frets and a bigger heavier trem block. I don't know offhand what other years got...
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    Ever been assaulted on stage?

    Just in case some people haven't seen this.
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    Flashback: MF Guitar Prices 1998 - The Good Old Days?

    What strikes me is how well priced the Standards are. You can buy a Mexican Standard and a USA Standard for less than the price of the reissues.