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  1. jrbirdman

    N(Quilt)GD....and she is a beauty

    nice piece of rosewood
  2. jrbirdman

    HELP Wanted Heritage 535 vs Epiphone 335 vs Gibson 335, MY LAST AXE

    Well, I'm about your age and I'm a 25.5" scale kinda guy. So, 5 Les Pauls and the Gibson es335 RI (which I had to have as my final) sit in the closet. I got an Eastman T186MX 335 style guitar with a 25.25" scale. The Eastman has Seth Lover pups and is flawless. While you're looking at Eastman...
  3. jrbirdman

    Wanted Beefy Strat Bridge Pickup

    Is @Bodean still winding pups??
  4. jrbirdman

    Installed Upgrades for Am Prof strat, Sweetwater roasted maple edition.

    looks like that dog will hunt! sound clip one day?
  5. jrbirdman

    Greetings from Germany and identification request

    Nice to have you with us
  6. jrbirdman

    NGD - Robert Cray Stratocaster

    Love the RC neck
  7. jrbirdman

    Not good

    if there was just a way, they could tell us...
  8. jrbirdman

    My wife is going to kill me, but...

    That's okay, I've been dead for years! Nice guitar
  9. jrbirdman

    Over The road

    from a retired trucker...I like it
  10. jrbirdman


    Way to go! I'll get there in a few more years
  11. jrbirdman

    The negative post: What are you just not good at???

    being a parent... I'm a much better grandparent I'll be a better great grandparent
  12. jrbirdman

    When does a guitar stop being the same guitar

    when you learn to play it
  13. jrbirdman

    How much should you invest $$ .

    Spend $2000 then play it enough to justify the expense. If you buy a cheap guitar you will have a cheap guitar and will tire from it quickly. Just my overinflated 2cents
  14. jrbirdman

    NGD! Finally got one!

    that looks rich
  15. jrbirdman

    Forum advice credibility poll

    I fall in the group of getting paid NOT to play
  16. jrbirdman


    Just WOW!
  17. jrbirdman

    Hello from Washington State

    Welcome, nice to have you with us neighbor!
  18. jrbirdman

    Make It With You, 1970, Bread

    great song, solid rendition, nice guitar work! keep 'em comin'
  19. jrbirdman

    On the fence about Fender American Performer vs Ibanez Yvette Young

    You can adjust the pups to thicken the bass side
  20. jrbirdman

    Your thoughts? Is it a Bad to hang your guitar?

    Not if it steals a horse
  21. jrbirdman

    The house is burning down, which guitar do you save?

    I don't save any musical items, I go for the record of purchase or and proof of loss, to many musical assets. CRAP, now I have one more thing to do, round up receipts and photos of record. OKAY, probably my............................Oops, goodbye
  22. jrbirdman

    Why is lack of reverb my kryptonite?

    When I was a young spike I played with a lot of reverb .One day an old buck says to me "you should learn to play without all that reverb, learn to use those fingers". I love reverb but used it very very sparingly but, I took me YEars to figure out the fingers thing...magic on the tips...
  23. jrbirdman

    Installed Fralin Blues Special pickups...short review.

    I don't think you can go wrong with Fralins
  24. jrbirdman

    For Sale 1996 Fender Strat Plus Midnight Wine - SOLD!

    good price, wish it had the lace sensors, heck of a guitar