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  1. Deebs3

    How good/bad are your ears?

    Ah, so the problem is we don't all have really expensive headphones.....
  2. Deebs3

    How good/bad are your ears?

    11700 for me, sounds like its from a sci-fi movie..
  3. Deebs3

    Sleepwalk guitar cover

    Thats fantastic, that's a great version.., i have never tried it on my tele, i better give it a go later..
  4. Deebs3

    Wanna Get Real

    I don't think i want to watch that...
  5. Deebs3

    Where does the ‘tone’ come from in an electric guitar????

    I'm not gonna watch that, I know where the tone comes from... My Ernie Ball glow in the dark guitar picks... So there...
  6. Deebs3

    Rob O'Reilly guitar: Cool or gimmicky?

    Geez i thought the title said baba o'reilly so i watched a bit of it... cool but not really my cup of tea..
  7. Deebs3

    14 year old SRV story

    That was fantastic, I've listened to everything Stevie has recorded, always nice to hear the stories behind them.
  8. Deebs3

    A good 14 plus minutes.

    Such a strange album for Dire Straits to put out, but i still loved it, have only ever listened to the LP version..
  9. Deebs3

    What Blues Needs…

    It's funny how the OP posted the same thread at tdpri, it's much more positive over there, perhaps tele players are a bit more relaxed when it comes to srv dissertations...
  10. Deebs3

    What Blues Needs…

    In 30 years we haven't had a new srv, we never will I'm afraid, times have changed too much. But I keep looking, and enjoying all the new Blues I come across.
  11. Deebs3

    Leather and Lace, Stevie Nicks Don Henley 1981

    Damn that was good...:thumb:
  12. Deebs3

    Any Nazareth fans out there?

    Yes i remember roller skating to Love Hurts in the 80's, good times, good times..
  13. Deebs3

    S.T. Where the party's at!!!

    Yeah you come for the love of strats, but stay for the crazy, I mean what else are we gonna do? Practice??
  14. Deebs3

    Time to admit it

    I sold half of my collection last year and immediately regretted it. Have a hundred or so left, maybe 1000 cds which I'll keep. I have also compared a cd to the same LP at the same time (Ray Charles Genius album) and the difference is amazing, the LP has a much wider stereo effect, anyhoo, do...
  15. Deebs3

    Don't Cross The River, 1972

    I love those early America albums, saw them in 1988, I remember coz I bought a t-shirt with a big 88 on the front.
  16. Deebs3

    R.I.P Guitar Shorty

    He was an amazing performer, i saw him a while back doing forward rolls while still playing.
  17. Deebs3

    new donated rescue rig day...

    Ah so they are the blues junior of the car world....
  18. Deebs3

    Alla yous are invited

    If it will be finished next week then you would have already gone back in time and you would have already finished it now...
  19. Deebs3

    Can you guess what it is yet?

    Patrick from SpongeBob?
  20. Deebs3

    Roadhouse Blues

    That is certainly slick... Wish I lived next to Daryl.
  21. Deebs3

    Ok class

    I just love BB, the first time I saw him I was so close I had to lean back to see him, just so amazing, thanks for that.
  22. Deebs3

    Would you like to see a crazy instrument? (Steve Vai content)

    He has a new album out and had surgery on his shoulder and so played some songs with one hand..
  23. Deebs3

    Would you like to see a crazy instrument? (Steve Vai content)

    Just read an article about Vai, apparently he was inspired by the guitarist in Mad Max Thunder Road
  24. Deebs3

    fender player series gilmore lookalike

    I've seen a few pics of those guitars recently, but can't remember where i saw them, they would be great gilmour project guitars.
  25. Deebs3

    Boss pedal fail!

    It will work, you just won't hear any sound....