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  1. GhostJam47

    SRV, did he ever use his little finger to fret?

    Yup. This box is the foundation of a lot of my playing. All those fourth frets I (usually) hit with my pinky. Although I do move around the fretboard a decent amount as well.
  2. GhostJam47

    SRV, did he ever use his little finger to fret?

    I use my pinky a lot. I have better technique than SRV. This is my greatest achievement.
  3. GhostJam47

    Shielding - what a PIA

    step by step instructions:
  4. GhostJam47

    two level pedalboards?

    ah, i was assuming it was collapsible
  5. GhostJam47

    two level pedalboards?

    does this fit in the case as is? or does it need to be collapsed?
  6. GhostJam47

    Replacement tuning machines other than the fender brand?

    I have Grovers, which are nice. Drop-in replacements for vintage style
  7. GhostJam47

    Another "I need a fuzz pedal thread"

    If you go silicon, mxr classic 108 mini in is essentially the fuzz face in a mini, pedal board friendly package .
  8. GhostJam47

    NPOD - King of Tone incoming!

    you have to at least TRY it. or I can try it for you.
  9. GhostJam47

    I Think I Am Done

    I think the real story is your metal band had a vibraphone player?
  10. GhostJam47

    Compression Headaches

    I love my MXR. With that said, if I were purchasing again, I might get the Wampler Ego for the blend knob.
  11. GhostJam47

    Mids Boosting A Big Muff Pi fuzz?

    I've heard good things about Tubescreamer types in front of Muffs to tighten things up a bit. Haven't tried myself, but makes sense.
  12. GhostJam47

    "Tone is in the hands" - silliest buzzword of the decade?

    "I'm pretty sure there are many talented funk guitarists who can play those simple riffs just as well as Nile." Oof.
  13. GhostJam47

    Looking for a nice squirrelburst

    Be like the squirrel, girl. Be like the squirrel. [insert Big Muff sounds]
  14. GhostJam47

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    I'm working my way through an Eric Krasno (Soulive) masterclass (via Marty Music). Was $60 I think, but I've seen it on sale for $30. He doesn't go too deep into theory, but stuff like if we're jamming over G7, and I'm playing rhythm, I'll play X, Y, and Z and then I'll add the #9 here and...
  15. GhostJam47

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    "First you learn the instrument, then you learn the music, then you forget all that s**t and just play."- Charlie Parker
  16. GhostJam47

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    Correct. I think for some people (myself included) understanding the universal/foundational elements is essential to understanding the abstraction of the theory. Which is why I recommend it for people who struggle with theory. Not as a replacement, but to help build the foundational...
  17. GhostJam47

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    How Music Works Highly recommend this book for people who don't like "theory". It's a more "physical science" view of how music works: -Frequencies and how they relate to different intervals -Fundamental frequencies vs. harmonics -why basically every culture independently came up with the...
  18. GhostJam47

    So I joined Instagram

    IG can be good -- I follow some cool guitar-related accounts, some funny meme accounts, and friends and family (only the ones I like). I post occasional "stories" (i.e. photos that disappear after 24 hours), mainly just pics of the baby to keep family across the country in the loop.
  19. GhostJam47

    Post yer pedalboard

    some pedals are worse than others and a few similar pedals can be okay. I have most of mine (inc. all digital) on isolated slots. I have my overdrives daisy-chained so that I have just the one power-supply plug for the whole board. This is a much better option than 10 wall-warts into...
  20. GhostJam47

    Post yer pedalboard

    bought a bunch of patch cables and a new power-supply and spent some time getting things organized. this is as neat as this has ever (or will ever) look.
  21. GhostJam47

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    awesome. that movie certainly takes a left turn out of nowhere.