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  1. jayoldschool

    Starting out on synthesizer?

    And watch lots of Dr Mix videos on youtube!
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    PSA announcement: peak vs pique

    Wala! He gets it.
  3. jayoldschool

    PSA announcement: peak vs pique

    Discussing this is probably a moo point.
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    Anniversary trip to Ft Lauderdale next week

    Ok, that was easy! Well, there are other beaches to explore, all are different than Hollywood. Ft Laud beach, Dania, etc. Good videos on youtube. Until you go, here's the cams from Hollywood. I was there a few weeks ago.
  5. jayoldschool

    Anniversary trip to Ft Lauderdale next week

    Take the Water Taxi, lots of good stops to get out at. Try going over to Hollywood Beach, nice beachfront walking and shops (and Margaritaville!). Lots more to do in the region if you want to get away from the beach (including a good Guitar Center).
  6. jayoldschool

    ‘86 Corona AVRI ‘62 Strat Restoration

    John Cruz would be my first guess.
  7. jayoldschool

    Scammer smart332

    He's now banned. Common sense will prevent falling for obvious scams like this. I know that stings to hear, but it really needs to be said. Three strikes: - new member, zero posts - tells you to email someone else - you send money F&F
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    Perfect strats

    Yep, as I've posted before, my 98 Strat Plus ruined everything else for me. It's just too good.
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    Scammer smart332

    Did you report him?
  10. jayoldschool

    1993 USA Standard standard neck

    Slimmer? My 89 definitely feels slimmer than my 98 Strat Plus.
  11. jayoldschool

    For Sale 1996 Fender Strat Plus Midnight Wine - SOLD!

    Looks identical to my 98 CAR Strat Plus.
  12. jayoldschool

    Suspicious listing on that auction site.

    It's an 87 or 88. This is well known, and well documented, and discussed many, many times on this forum and others as to why they were using E4 SNs in those years. Closing this before someone says something really stupid and gets a vacation.
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    Matt Mcgibney Guitars and other smaller (less known) builders

    Three threads of related info merged. Hopefully that allows everyone to follow the narrative.
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    Sorry for the thread

    To clarify: "Is this a real Strat?" threads are ok. I move them where they need to go once we figure things out. "Check out this fake Strat!"... not ok.
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    RIP @heltershelton

    Just catching up now. I've made this a sticky. Ian, thank you for your updates.
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    Hello from Toronto

    Welcome from Ottawa!
  17. jayoldschool

    Not what I thought it was...but that's OK

    Gastelum stamp is well-known. Google images with his name plus Fender should turn up lots of results. This article should help out:
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    Any love for an old yellow Strat Plus?

    That's the cover guitar for the 1988 catalogue. I have one in my 1989 case.
  19. jayoldschool

    Is my strat real?

    We could use some more pics of the actual guitar and neck, but, no, it's fake.
  20. jayoldschool

    Info Requested (if Possible)

    Sending a PM conversation.
  21. jayoldschool

    Pickup I.D. Please

    Yes, I was going to post something along those lines the first time I read this thread. Go to AliExpress and search to see if you can find Pups that look like these (and hope you don't find any).
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    Real Custom Shop Stratocaster?

    Is he talking about this guitar?
  23. jayoldschool

    Could someone summarize selling options, especially regarding shipping and the IRS

    Keep your political views to yourself when posting, please, everyone.
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    Seeing John Mayer tomorrow night

    Questlove sat in for second set at the Garden earlier this week.