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    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    Snort. As if anyone drives 55...
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    NPBD…and NPD

    What brand is the board?
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    NAD-Vox AC10C1!

    I bought mine in 2019 and have played it practically every day since. I put an overdrive in front and with my Strats it sounds like heaven. Play it way more than the Princeton. Happy New amp day!
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    Very Belated NGD

  6. Stratbats

    Sleep Walking...

    My pleasure, love to hear what you post on here!
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    Great guitar, my '08 is Sienna Sunburst.
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    Sleep Walking...

    Fezz... OMG that's beautiful!
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    NGD AmPro II

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    Black Hole at Center of our Galaxy (Images)

    Always looking on the bright side of things?
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    We live in an era where people would rather repeatedly watch 10,000 hours of the Law and Order franchise than sit down and read The Sun Also Rises. Or any other book, for that matter.
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    My Aunt had regular cable for years, Atlantic Broadband. A few years ago the customers all of a sudden had to have a BOX for each television to receive the stations. When my aunt built her current home she had each room fitted with regular cable hook up. Now it would be $5 for each television...
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    The thought of endlessly watching idiotic tv programs makes my head spin. And PAYING FOR IT? Read a book.
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    NPOD - King of Tone incoming!

    I've bought I don't know HOW many pedals that were touted to be earth shatteringly great and were eh... My KTR is everything it was supposed to be. It sits on my '64 Custom Hand Wired Princeton. And my Okko Diablo sits on my Vox ac10 and for my tastes nothing beats it! I have tried all versions...
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    I have gotten used to low hanging...

    Stevie's pedalboard looks like a blackboard.
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    Fingernails on fretting hand

    My nails, like my hair, grows super fast. I am trimming nails all the time, which can become a pain in the ... So, I put a pair of clippers & file in the car & every time I am stuck in line at my bank (slowest people on the face of the earth), I trim out the window & file 'em down.
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    Did you ever get GAS for something you used to have no interest in?

    A '60s Gibson Les Paul... One part of me knew I would not be happy with one, would not be happy with the shape, definitely the weight... But Beck played one! Peter Green! Mike Bloomfield! (This childish crap dies a hard death). So a few months ago I bought one. Beautiful guitar. Big mistake...
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    NGD! 2020 Gibson SG Special!

    Every now & then I look at those... HNGD!
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    Purchased a Strat, now I'm here

    We've been waiting for you...
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    I Think I Am Done

    The MJQ put out a live album from the late 1960s, Blues At Carnegie Hall, which is one of my favorite live albums; under the radar. Bags is amazing!
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    I Think I Am Done

    Oh, I have that!
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    When you were a kid...blazing saddles

    Yeah, my mom was slap happy, something my sister brings up every time she can, has ridden that horse dead. But it makes you not look too fondly on slapping kids. Never a good thing.
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    New member new guitar

    Beautiful guitar! Welcome!
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Another Tube Screamer More picks... Yippee!