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  1. Stratoman10


    Because I don't like having one in my pocket at work. I carry enough crap as it is. Bulk is the enemy
  2. Stratoman10


    Kept having to get stuff out of my car at work. Forgot to lock it. Normally I lock glovebox. Forgot that too. So go out for lunch, glovebox open, wallet gone. Along with new jeans, belt and lunchbag.
  3. Stratoman10

    Grocery store pricing themselves out of their market

    Add in fuel prices now, etc and yeah, we're taking a hit on everything. Shoot, maybe 18 months ago a three pack of Super Slinkys was around 9 dollars. Almost 15 now
  4. Stratoman10

    SG to a Strat

    Im pretty happy with my 1999/2000 American Std Strat. I not changing it. I also have an SG and think they. Bought it new and yes they feel different. For me it was the big neck and frets, 2012 SG, but nothing you s&old get hung up on I think they still go at around 800 USD. At least last I...
  5. Stratoman10

    Sometimes a kid will surprise you ...

    Whoa !! How much does that thing weigh ?
  6. Stratoman10

    Would You Buy A Laptop From Amazon?

    If I couldn't go to regular store I would. But I have an instant gratification and avoiding porch piracy thing. So I'll go to Best Buy first
  7. Stratoman10

    Said to the Mrs.

    There's only so much normal around. Some folks never get thieirs
  8. Stratoman10

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    Congrats all the way around 👍
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    I looked at the MASN app. Thats the network that carries Nats on Orioles games. But to get the app you have to go through the cable provider. So thats out To get that network on TV I had to get the most expensive package Verizon has without premium movie channels. That package just went to 195...
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    I went to YouTube TV and the best internet package I could get. Saves me about 60 bucks a month. I'm good with that
  11. Stratoman10


    Nats get blocked out by MLB in my area because MASN is available here on two cable companies. Plus I'm trying to save some money. No sense cutting Verizon out just to load on subscriptions
  12. Stratoman10


    I did switch to YouTube TV. Plenty of crap there and upped my internet speed package. Looks like around 70 bucks a month cheaper. Gotta have internet
  13. Stratoman10


    I dont know but I'll probably hoard it for awhile
  14. Stratoman10


    I got a Fire Stick for my bedroom, never did have cable in there. But shoot, even that gets way more programming that I ever thought was there
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    The cable TV cord has been cut. Now I have about 500 feet of coax cable I dont need and a bunch of HDMI cords. I'll miss watching all the Nationals games but I won't miss that freaking bill every month. It was only 60 bucks less than my mortgage
  16. Stratoman10


    Cut the cable cord a couple of weeks ago. Now I have 500 feet of coax cable and a bunch of HDMI cables im not using. As soon as I find wherever it is I need to return all this equipment to it'll be nice to get all this stuff out of my house I will miss being able to watch all the Nationals...
  17. Stratoman10

    I came this close....

    Don't be that guy
  18. Stratoman10

    Compression Headaches

    I like the EHX Platform
  19. Stratoman10

    Windows 11 Question

    I haven't had any issues with it
  20. Stratoman10

    Sticker shock

    Smoke detector and impulse buy
  21. Stratoman10

    Sticker shock

    Mine started chirping a couple weeks ago so I changed the battery. Started again this morning. I guess I'd had those for a long time Yep, pretty much nailed it
  22. Stratoman10

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    I have no preferences
  23. Stratoman10

    Safely cleaning my 1999 strat

    A soft damp cloth. I'll use a little furniture polish at times. Poly is pretty bulletproof. I can't see any good reason to pull the neck off just to clean it though Just noticed the Rosewood. A drop or two of Guitar Honey and a microfiber cloth should do it
  24. Stratoman10

    The One Tweak You Did Resulting In A Great Strat Tone?

    Dumped the noiseless pickups I had put in and went back to stock. But the key part there was a different cap. That little part opened that guitar up to what I think a Strat should sound like from the factory
  25. Stratoman10

    Sticker shock

    Beef and chicken started getting way expensive a couple of years ago but no one seemed to notice til recently. Its been awhile since I've had a steak more than once every 4-6 months