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  1. JB74

    Starting from scratch

    Can I say one thing - and apologies up-front. You can't self-teach. You can read, and learn. Now, insofar as the 'self-taught' prophetic statements go, I suggest you actually find a teacher. Why? BAD HABITS start with self-paced learning or fundamentally from using or citing a single...
  2. JB74

    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    Have a cup of tea and go sit in your chair, read the comics before you list it on stealbay. Maybe have a snooze grandpa. Don't want to get your blood pressure up too high now! If you want to repeat the spray-per-view commentary posts, there are plenty of other fora to do it in. Here is not the...
  3. JB74

    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    Thread derailed again. 2K amp, 2K guitar, $500 amp. $500 guitar choice: guitar and amp for total spend sub $2500. IOTW, you can't choose the 2K amp and 2K guitar. - over budget. now it's time for Wheel of Fortune. Time to choose a Letter...
  4. JB74

    Would you rather have a Ferrari or Kurt Cobain's Mustang?

    Then you'll be Pretty Fly for a White Guy ;)
  5. JB74

    Another "I need a fuzz pedal thread"

    There's literally hundreds fo fuzzes. If you're looking JHS - try the Legends of fuzz and see if you like any of them.
  6. JB74

    How much should a 2008 AVRI ‘62 Strat cost?

    The accurate answer: More than I paid for it. The craigslist answer? I'll give you $75 for it and you deliver Reverb answer: $ Eleventy Billion eBay: Starting price $0.99 Auction ends: 40 years.
  7. JB74

    Would You Buy A Laptop From Amazon?

    Chrissy was a treasure and a truly beautiful soul, until mark destroyed her. Karma will meet him head on.
  8. JB74

    Would You Buy A Laptop From Amazon?

    Get corp EPP discount buying mac from apple store, so no point in me shopping elsewhere. Been that way for at least the last 15 years. PC's I shop around for what I want and haven't needed a build for many years now. Also, rugged laptop manufacturers are few and far between so ordering is...
  9. JB74

    Vox vs Fender Blackface - helpful ways to describe the sounds

    ...more specifically 1959SLP with 2 1960A cabs.
  10. JB74

    1979 Tokai Springy Sound vs Fender

    thats 100% original wiring there.
  11. JB74

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm listening to the voices in my head. They are telling me to build another Death Star.
  12. JB74

    1979 Tokai Springy Sound vs Fender

    Just think... If that was a 70's fender you were comparing to the Tokai, the neck would have fallen off halfway throuh playing. :cool::whistling::p I concur with the pickup height that was mentioned a little earlier- I reckon needs a fraction lower but hat's just my ears. How you like it is...
  13. JB74

    How long does it take Olympic white to turn yellow?

    First world problems....:whistling: If it's such an issue, buy another colour. Even poly will yellow with age, and even if you leave it in a case. You cannot turn time backwards - and even if you could it would still age as you went back in time, trying to prove it to yourself. Not even the...
  14. JB74

    Go ahead, start one more thread about Eric Clapton and Covid.

    I will refer to him as Cecil Patron. Or maybe... Cancer Pilot Arlen Coptic Octal Prince Pencil Actor Celtic Apron Lactic Prone Carlton Epic Catlin Coper Citroen Clap Centric opal Cicero Plant Clarinet Cop Concept Liar Coral Pectin Lao Precinct Necrotic Pal Porcine Talc Planet Ricco I could go...
  15. JB74

    The Dreaded Fluff.

    as does a bottle of CCl4 ;) *epa warning.
  16. JB74

    Go ahead, start one more thread about Eric Clapton and Covid.

    I think you mean Civic Doer?
  17. JB74

    add a question

    Isn't the Ashes State Australia?
  18. JB74

    Yesterday.....never even got the chance to play....

    an LP a strat and a tweed amp. You don't need anything else. You're done. Welcome.
  19. JB74

    Been thinking about picking up one of these Duesenberg guitars.

    If you are GASing for one, just do it. Deusenberg make exceptional guitars. I have a Venetian White TV Phonic and it's phenomenal.
  20. JB74

    New Synth Day: Roland Juno DS61

    It's very easy to get caught up in latest synth for this or that etc. It's a consuming occupation. DS is solid. Enjoy it. Every synth takes a good while to get comfortable and familiar with. I've had my pc3k88 for almost a decade and it still surprises me. Don't get me started on the Prophet...