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    Strange sunburst 1960

    If you look closely at this one, you will notice the edge isn't that jet black color that is on the guitar in the ad. It is actually a really, really dark brown. Guitar HQ site calls it a "blackish-brown", which you can see if you are holding one. I just put mine down. And yea, Leo was cheap, no...
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    When does a guitar stop being the same guitar

    I upgraded my tele, until I had enough parts left over in the old parts box to put together a tele. :) After putting it all back together, that is the tele I play most of the time. Go figure.
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    Your thoughts? Is it a Bad to hang your guitar?

    You should never hang a guitar for a long time. You should take it down and play it.
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    Pondering, Beatles, singing in English

    This came up in a thread somewhere about modern "country" singers, with their obviously fake accents. So, funny thing, I sing country. I lived in TX for 20 years, and spend a good bit of time in places like east TX, which is a whole dif accent than central TX. So, when I sing country, I don't...
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    POLL: Straps or strap locks?

    They just moved the store over to the building on the other side of the parking lot, the smaller one where they had the used shop and did the lessons. So way smaller place. They just tore down the old store like a month or so ago, I saw postings from the guys I still know in the south bay area...
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    Heresy? Have I gone mad?

    I'm a big user of the bridge single coil on my strats. Not a fan of a humbucker there, for various reasons. 1. It is an ok, sound, but I prefer the humbucker in a shorter scale, like a 335. 2. I do not like a split humbucker, I don't think any of the ones I've tried splitting over the decades...
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    POLL: Straps or strap locks?

    Straplocks. I've been using them since the mid 70s. I have one main strap, and gigging, I use a wireless, it is way faster to swap the whole strap with the wireless on it than move the wireless over to another strap, for one thing. I have a backup strap and a couple others here and there but...
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    This is your shot. Names the BEST BLUES SONG...EVER. And, tell us why it is.

    When I was first learning to play, this album and Buddy Guy Man and the Blues were the ones on the turntable. I still do Please stop Messing Around. Funny thing, I'm a huge BB fan, Thrill gets mentioned a lot, and I like it ok, but it is far from my fav BB song.
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    Heresy? Have I gone mad?

    Last night I did a gig, strat and a tele. Most of it, on both,was on the bridge pickup. I like humbuckers, which is why I have a 335. I don't hate humbuckers on a strat, but to get that, I'd have to lose the bridge, and the bridge is where I spend most of my time. If someone else likes...
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    Fender 60s tone capacitor. Which one should I buy?

    The ceramic caps sound crappy thing was a joke. I should have put a smiley after it. When I was buying parts for projects from Mouser, ceramic caps were cheap. I just looked them up, .1uF ceramic cap - 5 cents. I will say this - caps have other values beside capacitance. Those do differ between...
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    $400 for a refret!

    I checked, Peter Skermetta in Austin is who I used when I was there. Last fret job was about 200-250. He is now up to 350. He was the most reasonable in town for a long time, and one of the best ever. So, if his prices are there, yea, I can see it. Seems you are in Texas, I'd have taken it to...
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    How important are pedals?

    Yea, but in reality, how often do you use those? Never used a flanger, but I have had the others on my board. I'd use the chorus or phase maybe one or two songs a set. Maybe. Echo, maybe a couple. I have a wah pedal I've used for recording, I've never had it on a gig. Or none at all. I've done a...
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    Anyone else hate bent steel saddles? Edit: Bothered by...not hate..... :D

    45 years and then some. I'm fine with them.
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    What's The Most Expensive Guitar You've Ever Bought?

    I bought a used Heritage H535 for $1600. A good 50% more than I had ever paid for a guitar.
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    Who is the best singer?

    If I didn't see that on the first page, I was going to post that. :-)
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    How many amps have you got?

    '66 Pro Reverb '76 SFDR early 70s Sho Bud tube twin - basically a Twin copy. I did a cap job on it, and it was working, then putting it back together, it stop, so now it is sitting in the garage, another amp project. Suhr Bella 5e3 clone I built. I also have a Sarno V8 preamp I'm trying with...
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    A little insight from the experts on a 61 please

    Yea, that is what it was supposed to be when they were made. These types of caps are known to wander in value. You need a meter that does capacitance, I have a Fluke that does. Any good tech should have one, if you have a regular guy. It actually got so bad the neck was practically unusable...
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    A little insight from the experts on a 61 please

    Just curious, have you measured yours? I had heard they can drift, so I got out the meter - .6 uF. Yup, .6, crazy high. I unsoldered one end, left it in and put a new cap in (mine has been a working guitar all its life, it was well worn in when I got it 45 years ago, so swapping wasn't an issue...
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    Do you weigh your Strats?

    No but I can tell if one is too heavy to play on stage for 4 hours. :-)
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    Do you weigh your Strats?

    When I buy them , yes, I do. I pick them up an if they are too heavy, I do not buy them. I don't know I've ever run into any that were too heavy besides some 70s ones.
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    Stickers on guitar?

    Saw this guitar in a pawn shop, I guess no one wanted it cause the guy put his name on with those letter stickers . SRV - what was his name Sreve? Sorry, pass.
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    Stickers on guitar?

    Woody WAS what punk aspired to be.
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    Stickers on guitar?

    Man, I worked at Starving for a couple years back in the 90s. Know that sticker well. Funny thing, we would get guitars (and drums) in with stickers on them. Goo Gone. Lots of goo gone.
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    If I ran a Guitar Center store...

    I worked part time in a place for a few years in the 90s. It was usually busy, but during slow times, there were SO many other things to do. Just putting the place back together at the end of the day was a job. But though it was not a chain, it wasn't small, they had probably a couple hundred...
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    If I ran a Guitar Center store...

    Ever work in a music store? You would need one full time employee just to walk around and tune all the guitars. Even in slow times, there are way more productive things to do. And if you are on commission (I never worked commission) you are going to put more money in your pocket talking to a...