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  1. EC Strat

    cleanest "overdrive" pedal

    Definitely look into a K-style pedal. I prefer the Wampler Tumnus Deluxe- it’s an insanely versatile pedal. You can use it as an EQ for coloring your cleans or to add grit. It’s got an internal voltage doubler so you can overdrive an amp with just the volume knob. The EQ section is very...
  2. EC Strat

    Starting from scratch

    Also look into a high quality nootropic for mind health like Mindlab Pro. I use it and it’s pretty awesome for boosting your cognitive function and memory.
  3. EC Strat

    Can someone recommend a vibrato arm that wont bend/break.

    Take a look at Callaham or Gotoh tremolo / bridge assemblies. They are among the best to you can get and won’t bend / break.
  4. EC Strat

    My Dreadnought is a beast

  5. EC Strat

    How different are Pre 1998 57 & 62 pickups from Pure Vintage 65 pickups?

    Nope - but Sweetwater offers a rwrp set
  6. EC Strat

    Random No.1 pix pls

    My workhorse
  7. EC Strat

    Random No.1 pix pls

  8. EC Strat

    Random No.1 pix pls

    Nice! Did gold lettering turn green or did the knobs come with green?
  9. EC Strat

    Random No.1 pix pls

    Damn! How does that vintage pro reverb sound? I have the custom 68 reissue and it’s immaculate
  10. EC Strat

    Which Colour do I go with? - About to pull the trigger!

    Except that the mocha looks horrid
  11. EC Strat

    help / advice needed, woodworms in my new ultra luxe strat

    Just an awful turn of events - I’m so sorry. I’d be sick to my stomach about it if it were my guitar. You’ll need to call Orkin or a bug killer company and has your house treated ASAP!! You don’t want those bastards setting up in the wood frames of your home. Damn man. That totally sucks.
  12. EC Strat

    What Tone Qualities Do You Listen For…

    I listen for a great mellow sounding neck that’s scooped and glassy with a fat bottom end, spanky 2 and 4 and a bridge that cuts thru (and maybe overwound)
  13. EC Strat

    Are guitar and pedal reviews becoming useless ?

    Unfortunately, so true. But the store in Louisville KY called Moms Music is incredibly successful despite a GC down the road. And they sell high end stuff, custom shop Strats and LPs They had a ‘68 D35 for sale recently. But they are the exception though.
  14. EC Strat

    Blackstar St James

    They sound really good - my guitar store has a couple of them
  15. EC Strat

    What goes best with Sonic Blue?

    How much for the body?
  16. EC Strat

    Amps that made the "final cut"

    Are those SF amps the 68 reissues or vintage amps?
  17. EC Strat

    Amps that made the "final cut"

    I’m all about that Custom 68 Pro Reverb - I have one myself and it is superb. Unbelievable tone. I constantly get compliments on it.
  18. EC Strat

    What goes best with Sonic Blue?

    Parchment for the win, especially after it ages a bit - mint makes the sonic blue look more greenish IMO
  19. EC Strat


    Wow! So you built those for auction??
  20. EC Strat


    You must be po-po...appreciate your service! What are the pickups going into your corksniffer? I suppose all 3 of my strats are corksniffers - all premium parts and sh**
  21. EC Strat


    My goodness LOLOL I really like a hot bridge though. I have a guitar with an SSL 5 in the bridge Endless sustain
  22. EC Strat


    My goodness LOLOL I really like a hot bridge though. I have a guitar with an SSL 5 in the bridge
  23. EC Strat

    Custom Shop Pickguard Replacement?

    Try Overdrive Custom Guitar Works. They have some.
  24. EC Strat


    Touching - I didn’t know Kelly but he seemed like he was a super cool dude and a helluva musician. Are they overwound? What’s the DCR? Is this the build that you’re using the neck I sold to you for?