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  1. Sarnodude

    cleanest "overdrive" pedal

    More good choices :
  2. Sarnodude

    Would you rather have a Ferrari, or a Ferrari?

    Porsche 930 Turbo...and an Ariel Atom.
  3. Sarnodude

    Are guitar and pedal reviews becoming useless ?

    The magazine gear reviews were worse...there's no way to tell how something really sounds by reading about it.
  4. Sarnodude


    Not sure how she pulled it off, but I am impressed..(she's a cutie, btw.)
  5. Sarnodude

    Would You Buy A Laptop From Amazon?

    Yes.. heck, I just bought a cordless lawnmower from them. No way I could have stuffed it into my Corolla. I previously bought phones, tablets and laptops from them.
  6. Sarnodude

    cat lovers only.....

    Ellie chilling next to me on the couch.
  7. Sarnodude

    Crystal Strat

    What incredible craftsmanship!
  8. Sarnodude

    When I was age 10 on today's date it snowed at my house, but it wasn't snow.

    The scenery there is beautiful, but the road is in terrible condition. I used to drive my MR2 around the twisties down there.
  9. Sarnodude

    Clapton Shreds Live

    For me.. the Rolling Stones shreds is the funniest..
  10. Sarnodude

    Clapton Shreds Live

    good point, sir.
  11. Sarnodude

    Clapton Shreds Live

    Someone has been secretly recording me without my knowledge.
  12. Sarnodude

    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    good point! ( also not my area of expertise.. )
  13. Sarnodude

    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    ...not that I would have any first-hand knowledge..but aren't all chaps assless?
  14. Sarnodude

    What Blues Needs…

    All I know is if you mix red laundry with white laundry, you get pink laundry.
  15. Sarnodude

    Terry Kath playing "25 or 6 to 4" back in 1970 with Chicago.... OMG!

    It's killer, I watched it just the other day.
  16. Sarnodude

    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    That rig is completely useless without a tube screamer.
  17. Sarnodude

    I came this close....

    Where we used to live in Canada, the kids used to litter my from lawn almost daily. Pop cans, juice cartons, candy wrappers...sandwiches I never caught them in the act, but I did complain to the nearby school that they need to teach kids to control themselves.
  18. Sarnodude

    What is "News feed"?

    In real life, nobody likes to be followed, because it's creepy. In the cyberworld, everyone wants to be followed because it's lucrative..strange times..
  19. Sarnodude

    Black Hole at Center of our Galaxy (Images) keys..10mm sockets...Jimmy Hoffa....
  20. Sarnodude

    The Knack vs. Bay City Rollers

    I remember that a local radio station had a phone in poll to determine if BCR should be on the radio. The answer was an overwhelming "NO".
  21. Sarnodude


    I have a bottle of gin in my fridge right now. I usually mix it with dry vermouth. Having said that, I rarely have more than 2 drinks in any given evening.
  22. Sarnodude

    Start a zoo or build an arc?

    We get squirrels, rabbits, bluejays, robins, chickadees, raccoons, hummingbirds (love those guys)..and all 3 of our neighbor's cats (Calvin, Hobbes and Nimueh).