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  1. jtoomuch

    Great Hotel

    Yeah, the tower thing is really tall, something like 1400' if I remember right, I only stayed there one night. I couldn't resist the name.
  2. jtoomuch

    Grocery store pricing themselves out of their market

    Things are tough all over
  3. jtoomuch

    Great Hotel

    So I was in Las Vegas last week visiting my son. For one night I stayed at a hotel called.............the Strat.
  4. jtoomuch

    NGD Custom Shop 69 roadworn strat

    That's a real beauty. HNGD
  5. jtoomuch

    Noiseless Pickups, Thoughts?

    I embrace the hum.
  6. jtoomuch

    Random pictures!!!!!!

    I miss using Tri-X
  7. jtoomuch

    Random pictures!!!!!!

    My son & a parrot playing guitar.
  8. jtoomuch

    Late night listening/playing.

    Sorry to hear about your dog, Sorry to hear about your dog, but happy birthday. The 9th was my birthday as well.
  9. jtoomuch

    Decent score

    Nice deal there.
  10. jtoomuch

    "Tone is in the hands" - silliest buzzword of the decade?

    Nobody wants to copy my playing.
  11. jtoomuch

    ...waiting on the little white mail truck today...

    Congratulations on a beautiful guitar!
  12. jtoomuch

    Curly Cord Love

    They look cool, but I don't have one.
  13. jtoomuch

    What sounds better?

  14. jtoomuch

    Somewhat delayed NGD

  15. jtoomuch


  16. jtoomuch

    I love playing my newest strat

    Maple all the way.
  17. jtoomuch

    Quack is overrated...discuss

    I use 2 and 3 the most. Pretty rarely the bridge, but I do like the neck. I like the guitar.
  18. jtoomuch


    That color looks great with the maple neck. Enjoy your new guitar, it's a beauty.
  19. jtoomuch

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    With all due respect, mine came from the factory with that feature.
  20. jtoomuch

    is my guitar a CS?

    Nice looking guitar.
  21. jtoomuch

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Some Strats can do this, neck & bridge.
  22. jtoomuch

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Strats rule. More versatile, better looking.
  23. jtoomuch

    GC multi Fender guitars review

    That's a beauty.
  24. jtoomuch

    Music room makeover

    That looks great.