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  1. Luthier-Atlanta

    Your First Guitar

    The original bill of sale was still in the case from when the guy had bought it, it was dated late 1980 (might need to look at it, could be sloppy handwriting). I don't remember the exact date, I have the guitar in a climate controlled storage, if I think of it next time I am there I will pull...
  2. Luthier-Atlanta

    How many Strats do you own & what are they?

    Adding another one,; 1979 Fender Stratocaster MIA Custom Shop Pickups
  3. Luthier-Atlanta

    79 Strat- should I refinish?

    That and heat them, Axemasters 1 4" Grooved Fret Heater Tip Soldering Iron Guitar Luthier Tool | eBay Fret Puller | Chip Stoppers, Set of 2 | Jaws and Jaws2 Set |
  4. Luthier-Atlanta

    79 Strat- should I refinish?

    Nice guitar, when I found my 79' it had a Kramer neck on it, a 1/4" of Poly, and was loaded with Custom Shop pups. Everything else was stock, I had to buy a neck and re-finshed the body because it was a basket case. Yours on the other hand I would leave alone, re-fret and play it.....
  5. Luthier-Atlanta

    Hardtail Strat Club

    A couple of my hardtails;
  6. Luthier-Atlanta

    Crack at bridge!

    Get some Hyde glue, pull the post and insert, put a little tape on the bottom of the post insert so the glue won't come up thru it. Take some of the glue and brush it all around the insert, when you push it back in,, screw the screw into to it so you can eyeball it and makes sure it is straight...
  7. Luthier-Atlanta

    How much would you pay?

    Depends on what its loaded with.
  8. Luthier-Atlanta

    Hello from France

    Bienvenue sur le site.
  9. Luthier-Atlanta

    Looking to replace a T-60

    I have one they are a great guitar so are a lot of the Ovations.
  10. Luthier-Atlanta

    Looking to replace a T-60

    SSS model.
  11. Luthier-Atlanta

    Ever shipped a guitar in case with no box?

    I had one shipped to me in said fashion and the cases handles was crushed, the seller was a douche bag and wouldn't pay for a new handle....
  12. Luthier-Atlanta

    Making the pawn shop rounds today

    Been there done that, neat little trick seldom seen.
  13. Luthier-Atlanta

    Making the pawn shop rounds today

    Beautiful neck, interesting nut job.
  14. Luthier-Atlanta

    Looking to replace a T-60

    I have a BL500 and it is dreamy!
  15. Luthier-Atlanta

    Bonjour depuis la France

    Bienvenue sur le site, s'il vous plaît nous montrer vous guitares.
  16. Luthier-Atlanta

    My Guitar family

    Looking good!
  17. Luthier-Atlanta

    Sacrilege Tele Build

    Very nice.
  18. Luthier-Atlanta

    Filing an SG bridge bottom

    Just came across this and this would have been the way I would have gone.
  19. Luthier-Atlanta


    Greetings and salutations.
  20. Luthier-Atlanta

    Very Unique Custom Strat

    I wish they lived by me, I would commission a guitar or two!
  21. Luthier-Atlanta

    humble pie/steve marriott

    My favorite vocalist of all times, I had the opportunity to see them and Frampton back in the early 70's.
  22. Luthier-Atlanta

    New Member New parts caster build

    Welcome to the site, nice platform to start with.
  23. Luthier-Atlanta

    Westone Thunder 1-A

    Simply sweet, I would own it. I have a few vintage MIJ's it is one that is on my list to own, nice guitars. Matsu made.