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    DPDT mod

    Hi Captainate. Did a mod similar to what you're looking for on a Squier strat. Had to do it with two 250K ohm audio taper pots w/ DPDT switches. Used these for the tone controls. First tone control added the neck PU to the Bridge position or out-of-phase bridge/mid position. See the...
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    So i pretty much love this girl...

    Yep, She deserves dinner, ice cream, and some quality time!
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    Show us your basses

    Many bassists would tune it in fourths, like normal, starting with low B. That's fine because bassists are used to the fingerboard patterns that would go anywhere on the neck. But being a guitar player, I tune it like a guitar with a low B, one octave down. All of the fingerboard patterns that...
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    Do you use any effects on bass?

    Either just through a volume pedal to the amp for the small jazz/casual gig or through a Behringer Bass V-Amp rack w/ 1010 foot controller (compressor on all the time) for larger gigs.
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    Anyone use a pick for bass playing?

    Primarily a fingerstyle player on bass. But when I double on guitar, I'll use a pick - Dava Control or Control Grip nylon.
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    Show us your basses

    Just a few of the tools. Conklin GT7F fretless w/ Labella Nylon wound '98 Fender MIM Jazz Deluxe V w/ Labella flatwound '06 Squier MII Jazz Deluxe V w/ Labella Supersteps '92 Fender MIJ Fretless Jazz w/ Labella flatwound '03 Squier P Bass Special w/ Labella Quarter round - just got EMG's - Nice!
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    How thick is your pick?

    V picks are not bad. But, at $4 a pop and completely clear, I'd be afraid to drop it - you'd never find it on a night club floor!
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    How thick is your pick?

    Dava Control or Dava Control Grip Nylons. The best all around pick for the money. Just slightly larger than a Fender 351. Lighten you grip, gives a medium-thin feel ( between a Dunlop .60 and .73) for playing rhythm; clamp on it a bit harder and it turns into a heavy (about a Dunlop 1.00) for...
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    Great Bass Players

    Great bassist! Don't forget Tommy Cogbill - check out his stuff on Dusty Springfield's Son of a Preacher Man. Ralphe Armstrong - a very distinctive voice, a la Jamerson, and tasty, too:!:
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    What is the most important thing you ever learned?

    Oops, one more: Reading notation and learning standards = more gigs and money.
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    What is the most important thing you ever learned?

    Best I've learned, don't play scales like...scales. Make scales into chord arpeggios, like CEG, FAC, GBD, = C major scale, etc. It makes you "see" your soloing possibilities "under" the chords. High and fast is for guitarists. Making it sing is for musicians. Play for the song, you'll never...
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    American Strat with stiff action

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying you Strat, Larry. As one poster put it, Every strat - in spite of CNC manufacturing - is going to be a little different with it's own set of quirks. Once you adapt, it's smooth sailing. Just another hint, depending what area in the US you are in, Have your...
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    What to make of the new fender Special/American Special lines...

    So the Hwy1 series is gone? If so, Fender is doing more in the last 3 years to make me question what are they trying to prove. It seems like they are issuing variations on their products to prop up their "used market value". If I wasn't so loyal and liked their general product line so much...
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    My grumpy old man thread (why technology pisses me off)

    Strat-Talk, running Safari as a browser also does spell check on the fly on chat rooms and forums, too. Technology? It stopped for me with vacuum tubes and the first or second generation of bipolar and field-effect transistors. Computers? A necessary inconvenience.
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    HELP P-Bass Hum like singlecoil

    Tried it in another amp?
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    Fender Jazz Standard Five String?

    Only issue I've run into on MIM and MIC Squier jazz 5's is that they don't like D'addario strings. I think D'addario has changed something in their manufacturing. They seem to place more tension on the necks than in years previous. You have to max out the truss rod to keep the neck straight...
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    Good answer, anubis. However, in most home studio situations I've seen, a 6' cable will place you on top of the Mac laptop running PT. In project studios, most engineers do not know how to properly "gain up" a Hi Z input without taking the noise with it. Best to give the engineer lots of clean...
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    2nd Strat or Baja Tele?

    +1 on the Baja Tele. But keep the Strats, too.
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    I like active DI's of reasonable price. In order of like: 1. BSS active 2. Radial J48 3. Radial BassBone 4. Behringer DI100 (don't laugh, they're quite good) Have been recording with EA iAmp micro 300 into DI100 to the board. Set the eq flat in the iAmp and you have a darn good direct "B-15"...
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    POO POO on GC

    Y'all are right GC and SmAsh are hit and miss. Though I had a good experience @ GC in Hollywood on Sunset-Guitar row. When you get to Nashville, Check out 1. World Music Nashville and 2. Corner Music. Good people, good service, good selection, good prices, no BS. Any GC manager that is...
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    I have the same problem on almost all guitars

    Used to have the same buzz problem. A friend did me a huge favor: Gave me Dava grip picks - the ones that get stiffer as you grip them closer to the edge - and turned up my Champ amp from 5 to just over 6. Immediately, I lightened up my touch and the buzz went away. for me, it was an...
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    NGD: Fretless Jazz Bass

    The way you set the controls on your bass+amp is also important, but I'm not good at explaining that part, as I usually just dial around untill I'm satisfied with the sound. When I play fretless, I almost always use the bridge PU exclusively, turn up the bass (about 80Hz on eq) and boost the...
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    New to the Forum - Superb Site

    Happy New Year to all. Have been looking around on forum for a bit and decided to join. Great Forum!!! A 10 of 10! ("But this one goes to 11..."). Funny anecdote from 2009: Working a road gig near end of last year. Was hired to play bass (sorry, all). Purchased a couple black Squire Jazz...
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    Mods on your Squier strat?

    Happy New Year to all. New to the forum and have a quick question. A few years ago, picked up a Strat Mini to keep around the house for when "that moment of inspiration stikes". Not a bad guitar for the price and for its intended use. However, the bridge is a pain to restring - a hardtail...