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  1. SurfsUp

    Re-wiring N3 pickups

    I can't help you, but would like to give the N3's a shout out. I have them in my 2015 American Deluxe V neck, and I really like them. Like everyone, I fell into the internet trap and swapped them for "the better" but have since put the original pick guard back in and tried to ignore the 'net...
  2. SurfsUp

    inexpensive overdrive for my tube amp..

    You need what I found! A RAT! Everything from fuzz to distortion and with my Boss SD1 pushing it, brilliant! EDIT.....I bought mine new for $99 Canadian. CHEEP CHEEP 🐤🐤
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    Shimming a neck... advice needed

    Noticed as soon as I hit 'post'. Hence my second reply to the thread. Ah well, was funny at the time I guess.
  4. SurfsUp

    Shimming a neck... advice needed

    Dam. I'm late, lol
  5. SurfsUp

    Shimming a neck... advice needed

    I'm gonna go get some popcorn ready as I wait for the first "you'll notice a difference in tone" post from one shim to the next.
  6. SurfsUp

    Player Gets Lace and a Facelift

    Lace make great pickups! Check out my profile pic, LOL......nuttin' but! Your guitar looks great with them. Enjoy
  7. SurfsUp

    Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon

    Not "too" hot then. My Red Lace Sensor is hotter than that, if that's the case. I've no experience with this pickup, but it's always been 'there' so to say, on the back burner of my radar. Let us know how it is
  8. SurfsUp

    I found a couple cool RUSH and U-2 DvDs today!

    Rush in Rio is a killer DVD. One of my fav live shows. The crowd was mental! The band, unstoppable. And I couldn't hand select a better (up to that time) a RUSH setlist
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    As did a workmate. He came home to find his dog did a jobbie on the floor, and his robovac thought it clever to drag it throughout the place lol. Dog stayed. Vac didn't
  10. SurfsUp

    NGD Godin 5th ave

    A fine piece of Canadian craftsmanship there! :thumb:
  11. SurfsUp

    NGD again (Les Paul)

    If I'm not mistaken, bursts like this (regardless of colour) are referred to as 'tear drops' whereas by looking at the guitar (in a stand for example, up and down) the inside of the burst looks like a crying tear. My favourite being the Tobacco Burst Les Paul. To the OP.......THAT is a...
  12. SurfsUp

    What Strat are you a sucker for?

    I'm a sucker for solid colours. Retro feeling. Although my first Strat is that 93 Plus Deluxe in Antique Burst on the right. Speaking of Plus' I'm also a sucker for the Plus series, especially the older models with the fatter nut.
  13. SurfsUp

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    WOW happy N(old)GD!!!! That is a unicorn. Where the heck has this been 58 years???? Looks new
  14. SurfsUp

    Why doesn't Fender put a boost circuit on more Stratocasters, as in the Clapton Artist Series?

    Nice vid! I own a 1991 EC Strat in Pewter. LOVE IT!!!! Love the boost, too........for those who hate changing batteries........thank me later.
  15. SurfsUp

    Impressive organ

    That I do not know. I'll need to ask. I'd guess yes, as I'm pretty sure there's not that much competition out there lol
  16. SurfsUp

    Impressive organ

    The bassist in my band travels all over Ontario and tunes organs like that for a living. You should see some of them he sends us photos of. Insane workmanship.
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    The biggest/best (guitar/amp/effect) deal you got or missed out on...

    Just last week, a lady slightly north of Toronto was selling a Fender Twin Reverb for $500. Mint, mid 80's, made in the USA. "her husband hardly used it". I had the van running when she replied, sold. And I was within a few hrs of contacting her when it was listed, didn't last long. Someone...
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    A little Clapton for your Monday...

    I, personally, will never tire of playing inside my nice, safe, blues box me a clone, call me a copycat, call me what you will, but I'm the only one on my block who can do it so there hahaha. Has anyone ever noticed or wondered how blues music evades plagiarism? I mean, darn near...
  19. SurfsUp

    No load pots for blender

    Very much a sound difference when on 10. I believe it is a no load, I've the spec sheet in the Cave, just being lazy to dig it out lol......
  20. SurfsUp

    Who use’s a Keurig ?

    This! I used to use the k-cups, but what a pain. Being earth-friendly, I'd scoop out the grinds for compost, wash the plastic for recycling. Then discovered this gadget thanks to my older Brother who has one. Game changer. Especially in this house, where I'm the sole coffee drinker. An entire...
  21. SurfsUp

    A little Clapton for your Monday...

    What about this? The vocals. The band. Everything. Even at the end, you hear the band's reaction to his singing. Wish I could do that........
  22. SurfsUp

    A little Clapton for your Monday...

    This? I enjoyed this one. The candidness of it all hits home. Tea time, busted string on his 12 string acoustic, the lot. Feels like I was sitting right there.
  23. SurfsUp

    Popping my head back in

    Welcome back. Darrin in Ontario, Canada
  24. SurfsUp

    No load pots for blender

    My 2015 American Deluxe has an indent at 10, on the bridge tone knob. You feel it click in, and it takes a slight "oomph" to get it out and dial in 9 and that a no load tone pot?
  25. SurfsUp

    A little Clapton for your Monday...

    Journeyman is brilliant. Old Love, Running on Faith. Epic LP, and it was this point in time when I first discovered Eric Clapton, been hooked ever since. I think EC himself would tend to agree with you there. There's so much talent out there, now and then.