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    Slider's 59s Alnico 5

    A video of my slider 59s hope this helps
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    An idea for quieting single coils...

    Copper plating under the pick guard that.... and just playing on the main 1 3 and 5 the out of phase 2 and 4 are more noisy but you only really hear it when you not playing the guitar
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    The only fralins I use was on my es 330 in the neck pickup nothing strat related. But I'm sure...

    The only fralins I use was on my es 330 in the neck pickup nothing strat related. But I'm sure they're good for strats too
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    Anyone have experience with Brandonwound pickups?

    Yup got a PAT# humbucker set in my sg standard sounds real good
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    Best Strat pickups for jangly gooey biting sparkle (ha)

    If you want abit more jangle... try boosting your treble and lowering your pickups abit and your middle pickup all the way down to the pick guard surface...... you're welcome Money spent 0 lol... all you need is a screwdriver lol
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    NPD mccon-o-wah bell tone review

    Of course I still enjoy these pickups. Thank you for the compliment. These are just a joy to play.
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    NPD Ron Ellis 54s review

    My slider 59s are incredible..... just 10 out of 10 Damn near.
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    Neck radius preferences...

    I got 7.25 and 9.5......I like 9.5 abit more
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    Klein epic series 63 pickup set review

    I got a set of the 64s for a Aztec gold fernandes le-2g. That sounds great in that i need to make a video of it
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    How much would you pay for a Mexican made guitar

    It depends on the model year and the color...i think i spent was like 900 bucks on my burgundy mist strat classic series 60s
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    NGD - Fender MIJ Daybreak Strat

    Wow that guitar is PRETTY boy
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    What pickups sounds vintage-y for my strat

    I believe it i got a set of Klein 63s
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    Strat Rhythm Guitarists

    There's afew very influential rhythm strat players. One was somebody ppl never mention CURTIS MAYFIELD. Huge influence on Jimi hendrix and pretty much every reggae artist. What i love about curtis was he wasn't at all flashy. He did he his lil hammer ons played within the pocket. The most...
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    What pickups sounds vintage-y for my strat

    Vintagey strat sounds here you go
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    Fender “Cunife” Wide Range Humbuckers? Can it be true?!?

    I been wanting a starcaster for a long time because nobody has them. I don't know why but I'm just skeptical of anything fender makes pickup wise i feel like they'll find a reason to not make it 100% vintage correct because it's *too expensive* to do. Plus those guitars use tailpieces now n...
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    NPD mccon-o-wah bell tone review

    Howdy folks another review for a guitar and pickups i finally got out of the shop. They're the mccon-a-wah bell tone pickups that's been installed in my 1990 MIJ fender stratocaster st500VR i got like 2 & half months ago. Now mccon-a-wah is primarily known for really good wah pedals. But...
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    Your worst misconception regarding strats

    My misconception was that they couldn't sound big or warm enough. But that was back when i didn't really know what i was looking for in a strat and how to get it the way i wanted it to sound. But with time and alot of studying reading and listening to examples of what i was looking for. I got...
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    Do you float your trem.

    Nope they're all decked or hardtail.
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    How Did You Learn To Love The Bridge?

    Buy vintage style pickups.... use raw vintage springs which fatten up the tone a bit. Use the pickup height to my acquired taste that gives me the fatness but also the bite. Use a .1uf cap like the originals and aluminum shielding
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    My two Strats... How many Strats do you have?

    I have 12 strats in total Top pic is a FSR fiesta red with gold hardware strat and vintage blonde. Middle picture is a Inca silver Robert cray hardtail stratocaster Bottom pic from left to right is sunburst, Aztec gold, shell pink, vintage white, black, Sherwood green, burgundy mist, CAR and...
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    Who is the Worst Successful Singer?

    No question Bob dylan....i tried to listen to his music i just couldn't get through it.
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    Cheap mods for better tone.

    Because i don't know everybody budget lol.... ive used both they're both very good.
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    What's your next pickup purchase gonna be?

    Black covers or black bobbins?
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    Why is the Classic Vibe 50's being discontinued?

    These are my newer Indonesian classic vibe 50s the fiesta red is nato body and the vintage blonde is pine. But with the additions ive made to them if they're not amazing i don't know what is