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    In bed, too lazy
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    Krap, what did I miss?
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    Nature photos that YOU took

    Fixed the camera (Canon EOS 20D), for some reason it was stuck at +2 (exposure units) and all the pictures were overexposed (washed out). Speaking of Luigi (blue jay) my cat was stalking a couple of them in the backyard, and then a whole bunch of them attacked him. One of the other cats we had...
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    Sittin' on the back porch...

    My dog on the back porch. Oh wait, that’s not yesterday
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    Tonewood? Pickups? No! It’s the “Overtones”!!!

    Here’s overtones for you
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    Just mowed 3 lawns

    Did some thing similar with my mom. Yeah Anyways, its not like i am a saint, I cut his grass, but, its sad that his children are not taking proper care of him. Anyways, I'll keep my eye on him, gave him my phone number, told him, i am just across the street I can be there in 1 minute
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    Nature photos that YOU took

    Here is a better one of Luigi. But something is wrong with my Canon camera, need to look at it a setting must be wrong. Overexposed for one thing
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    Nature photos that YOU took

    Luigi, taking peanuts on the rail. The whole family was there
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    Just mowed 3 lawns

    Did mine as usual, then did the front yard of the neighbours, they are gone for a month, so I don’t want the house to look abandoned. Then did the old man across the street, I know the neighbours that are gone for a month do his lawn once in a while. So 92 years old he told me he aged a lot in...
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    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    LOL, just started listening to the album 1 minute before I got to this post
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    I just got a phishing text about a Citibank account I do not have.

    Those, I get them as text on my cell and voice on home phone.
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    Science-y stuff

    They are waiting for the aliens to sign that release form
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    Made in Mexico fret edges

    Yeah people keep saying how easy it is to fix the razor sharp fret edges. It is a also easy for the manufacturer to do. Just sayin. All the other manufacturers are doing it
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    Is one's guitar collection truly complete without

    Yeah I heard that too, and I like Annie Clark but look at the orange picture, the top "horn" of the guitar is digging right in, or it seems, but what do I know my issue is my guitar is digging in my belly not my bosom, though the belly thing is slowly going away
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    Teasing a Hard Core fan!

    Since Counting Crows were mentionned in your texts. Is it crows who can count or someone is counting the number of crows? Asking for someone
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    I had 2 supermatches on Saturday

    So they tape/tie your hands together, is the next step superglue? I was never into arm wrestling but I did beat a couple of guys bigger than me, that was in the days when I was whitewater kayaking, so I had strength and stamina. Those days are gone LOL Good for you though
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    Bringin' the heat!

    Have you tried a cat o’ nine tails?
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    maple vs. rosewood Strat fingerboard ?

    If you can hear a difference there is a difference. if you can’t hear a difference there is no difference. I have a lot of other things to worry about, guitar soundwise, than the fretboard material.
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    Made in Mexico fret edges

    Yes but I disagree. The fretboard drying thing . All my guitars have great fretboards, including my MIM Baja, but it’s an old one. All these guitars are in the same environment that’s is same humidity level. I see 3 reasons, bad workmanship, using improperly dried wood, the factory location is...
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    Random pictures!!!!!!

  21. Boubou

    Random pictures!!!!!!

    Strawberry bread/cake, ice cream, strawberry coulis, chocolate melt
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    Sunday morning "Huh?" Song

    Yes those 3 and WYWH and The Wall. LOL rediscovered The endless river recently
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    When will I learn?

    Check your inbox, maybe the seller is YOU, Weirder things have happened. 😆
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    Grandfather clocks

    Once you get to 4 it will all become clear