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    1986 Fender vintage Stratocaster MIJ ST62-55 spaghetti logo!

    For instance, there doesn't seem to be much info available on the 'A' serial number '62 Strat types.
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    The Connors, with Joe Walsh Guesting

    Joe's a natural.
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    Fender Fat 50's Height ?

    Hate when that happens.
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    These days, I'm more about just letting the guitar be what it is.
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    I have a 1990 American Standard Stratocaster that I've owned since new. Over the years, I've had a few different sets of Fender pickups in it, including vintage style. A few years ago, I went back to the original set and think that they sound great, although I've read a lot of negative...
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    Regardless of any confusion, the thread has been an interesting read. But, yes, I was only referring to all of the different variations of the 'American Standard' Strat. I made a mistake in my original post, but didn't see how to edit?
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    My own fault. I knew that the 'vintage' reference might not be well taken. ;)
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    And if it's true that the Time Machine '56 Strat comes stock with a set of Fender Fat 50s, then I already use them. :)
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    Yup, the American Standards are what I was referring to. And it would seem that the period in which Fender Fat 50s were used would be the era of the model sounding most vintage.
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    New Fender JV Series

    Thanks, John. I do think that mine is likely a mid-grade model. Probably a Basswood body, but it does have flat-poled alnico pickups. Full sized block, but not steel. Looks like an early 60s Lefthanded Fender Strat.
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the American Standard style groupings, through the years.
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    New Fender JV Series

    When did the 80s MIJ reissue Fenders start to make their way to USA and Canada? Are these reissue style guitars considered to be Standard models? I have an 'A' serial number MIJ '62 Strat and I've wondered how it ended up in Canada? I'm thinking that it's a 1984 or '85 model. Neck plate...
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    Within all of the different releases of the Fender American Strats, was there a model that you thought best delved into a vintage type sound?
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    'Faded' serial number - 80s USA strat

    Isn't the American Standard logo silver with black trim?
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    2004 Commemorative 50th Anniversary American Series/Deluxe Stratocaster - Questions

    crawdaddy, I also have a 50th American Series Left handed. I remember ordering in about September of 2004, when Fender decided to do a run of Lefties. Before that, I don't believe that we were included.
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    1993 USA Standard standard neck

    I have an E9 1990 American Standard Strat with a very slim neck. I've read that Fender was trying to compete with fast-neck shredder guitars of that time.
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    Left-handed pickups?

    I restaggered a set of Texas Specials and Custom Shop 54s to Lefty form. I still have the 54s in a Strat. It worked out fine, moving the magnets, but I wouldn't try it again. :)
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    NGD: Custom Shop 1960s NOS Stratocaster

    With that headstock logo, it looks like the guitar was intended to be from a specific year? More like, 1964 or 1965. Very nice.
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    Why is there a 'relic' neck in my NOS CS strat?

    My NOS '51 Nocaster has 'RELIC' stamped under the pickguard.
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    I'm curious about the history/legacy/popularity of Lake Placid Blue Stratocaster's back in the 60's.

    The LPB Strat was likely used on 'In The Evening' from In Through The Outdoor. I feel that the Jimmy pic was onstage with Zeppelin in the latter days of the band. Guessing...
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    I'm curious about the history/legacy/popularity of Lake Placid Blue Stratocaster's back in the 60's.

    Just that it is rarely seen? Old and new. Jimmy Page had an early 60s LPB Strat that he used both live and in studio. It's the only celebrity user example that I know of.
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    I'm curious about the history/legacy/popularity of Lake Placid Blue Stratocaster's back in the 60's.

    I'm fortunate to own an LPB American Standard Strat from a special run back in 2011. A Lefty at that!
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    Jeff Beck's bridge pickup

    I thought he used pickup sets that were wound by John Suhr?
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    NGD - after 8 years!

    Congrats! Looks like a Player...