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  1. Willmunny

    NBD (storage relic content)

    Long story short, the classic vibe Jazz bass popped up on offerup at an incredibly low price. One picture and "Family emergency, today only" I made an offer and he said he could deliver. When I inspected it, it was clearly unplayed but very poorly stored. The damage eased my concerns about the...
  2. Willmunny

    NGD ( prs se content)

    I picked up this sweet little pre se custom (2010) earlier this week off the local fb mkt pl. This is my first prs, and I got it just how I like it, minty, in a case, and about 40% of retail. This guitar is extremely light, had a wonderfully dark rosewood fretboard, the thin wide neck, and the...
  3. Willmunny

    Do you remember....when you started playing slide?

    Long story short, I picked up a couple of slides to goof around with. Just planning to play in standard tuning, slide on the 3rd finger and stay as light as I can on the slide. I have enough guitars to set one up for it if I wanted to but probably not tonight lol. Any noob tendencies to look out...
  4. Willmunny

    For Trade 50s vintera Tele neck for rosewood fretboard replacement

    This neck is in very good shape, chunky "50s U" ,7.25 radius, vintage tuners and frets, heel truss adjust. This has a gloss finish with a nice tint on it. Looking for a standard rosewood telecaster neck, I would prefer to keep it fender, warmouth OK. 250$ trade value, shipping included to the...
  5. Willmunny

    SG Goodman anyone?

    This is a cut off her new album that I have been digging since Greg Vandy played it on his show last week.
  6. Willmunny

    Someone talk me off the ledge, or give me a push.

    Found a beat up heartfield rr9 on fb mkt place. I found out fujigen made them which makes it very interesting indeed. Tia for any commentary
  7. Willmunny

    Shout out to my brother in law

    Super long story short, I had to travel to Florida for family stuff and as usual I bring a guitar and vox headphone Amp. I brought a Tele instead of a strat, and when I sat down, I broke my Amp, within the first 5 minutes of my session. Jay remembered that he had an old Ibanez rock and play...
  8. Willmunny

    Would you like to see a crazy instrument? (Steve Vai content)

    I saw this on the yoo toobes today, worth a watch imo
  9. Willmunny

    Cw McCall has passed on

    Rip C.W. McCall, 'Convoy' Country Singer, Dead at 93 I knew my future wife was a keeper on the second date when this song came on and she started singing along
  10. Willmunny

    Is the pandemic guitar bubble deflating?

    I am sure that I am not alone when I look at local Guitar listings daily, you know, in lieu of a magazine while sitting on the bog. In the last 2 weeks some fairly nice guitars have popped at what I consider to be high prices Various player series strats 600 to 650 Dave Murray strat 900 American...
  11. Willmunny

    Am radio recommendations?

    Baseball season is starting and I love to listen to a ball game as I do my chores and whatnot. I have a couple of cheap radios that reception is crap, while my car am picks up just fine. Looking for recommendations for an am radio with good reception. FWIW I live in a small town in nw...
  12. Willmunny

    New partscaster day! HH Tele content

    I picked up the base guitar as part of a 200$ carload of guitars and parts a few months ago, I could tell there was an mim telecaster in all that mess from the photos. Long story short, it was complete, but the truss rod was stripped, so I bought a new standard neck from fender, swapped the nut...
  13. Willmunny

    Do you ever?

    Buy a guitar to flip, then decide to keep it. I picked up this 07 Squier se this weekend to flip, and it was cool enough to keep. The neck is super nice, slightly chunkier than a normal c and had a satin finish with some tint in it. I normally don't like pearloid, but I think this was stock. I...
  14. Willmunny

    A little Montrose anyone?

    This is a cool little video, Ronnie has a theramin attached to his guitar for space station #5. Cheers
  15. Willmunny

    Peavy Patriot anyone

    Thinking about taking a flyer on this, does anyone have any thoughts or experiences to share?
  16. Willmunny

    Well I bought a Firefly

    Long story short, I have a buddy that has been into these from the get go, and he invited me to their fb group 3 years ago, where I have quietly lurked. Fast forward to yesterday when he sent me a link to their latest, a "strat copy" As Tom Cruise said in Risky Business, " sometimes you just...
  17. Willmunny

    Would you put inserts in a solid body guitar so you can add wood for sustain?

    I wouldn't but someone did. Unfortunately the extra wood isn't. Gibson Melody Maker Special 2011 Satin Cherry
  18. Willmunny

    Vintage Squier saddle question

    The grub screws on a couple of saddles on my 1985 Squier Bullet or siezed, and or stripped. Obviously one cannot properly set up a guitar with those conditions. Would those shown in the link work...
  19. Willmunny

    I found David Hasselhoff's guitar!

    If I didn't already have a black strat, I would pull the trigger Fender K.I.T.T.-R Stratocaster Black
  20. Willmunny

    Shipping from the US to the UK

    I had a member overseas inquiring about a guitar that I have for sale. I have no international shipping experience, I won't count my time in the Army lol. I would appreciate any tips or shared experiences.
  21. Willmunny

    Shipping a guitar from the US to the UK? Sorry for the double post

    I had a member inquiring about a guitar 🎸 that I have for sale. This person lives in the UK, I am happy to do the deal but I have no experience with international shipping. This person suggested ups, so that is my likely starting point. Thanks in advance for any feedback
  22. Willmunny

    Psa Tacoma WA. Looks like an AVRI to me

    I have too many strats, but this looks like a nice deal
  23. Willmunny

    New Fender models Discuss
  24. Willmunny

    NGD (pointy headstock content)

    This fine example of a mh 350fr popped up 10 minutes from my work, at a price, not to kiss and tell, that was really good. I have never had a guitar with the following features Neck through, active pickups, quilted top. It took me a little time to get the trem dialed in because apparently he...
  25. Willmunny

    Little help please (reverb content)

    I was trying to find sold listings on this item, I thought it would be on the product page. ESP LTD MH-350 FR 2010 - 2015 Thanks in advance