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  1. rcole_sooner

    Late to the party

    But nowadays he can't drive 55. 🤣
  2. rcole_sooner

    I am just woefully ignorant of so much music.

    It's not a race. 🤣 I find a new artist I like and get stuck on 'em for a few years. I'm currently stuck on Clutch and Donny Brewer at the moment. I've also become a late bloomer Parrot Head ... which is what led me to Donny.
  3. rcole_sooner

    Finally got my picks organized!

    Music room. Upstairs study. Travel pack.
  4. rcole_sooner

    Bringin' the heat!

    Well it is a fruit of the pepper plant. Even "vegetables" are fruits of their respective plant. But without going to wikipedia, I'll say I think of peppers as a vegetable. Now I'll go check my answer... Yeah, that is what I thought, they have seeds, so they are a fruit. That puts many of...
  5. rcole_sooner

    Bringin' the heat!

    I prefer them fresh to pickled, but pickled will do. What I really like are the fresh ones sliced in 1/2 and roasted or fried with a bit of oil. I could eat my weight in those. I used to know a Mexican restaurant that would bring out a big plate of those if you asked.
  6. rcole_sooner

    Bringin' the heat!

    I love spice. About jalapeno level spice. But every once in a while I'll wonder out into the ghost pepper area just because of one thing or another. Yeah, that is way too hot for me other than those times. I'll stick to my jalapenos.
  7. rcole_sooner

    Rewarding weekends

    We lived close to my parents who had a pool, and I just didn't see the need for more than 1 pool in a family. Now we live further away, but we're empty nesters, and our neighborhood has a community pool. This is my folk's pool and backyard. This is our community pool and hottub.
  8. rcole_sooner

    Well this is new!

    Awesome grandkids!!!
  9. rcole_sooner

    Gettin closer in the display room.

    I have a few more in my upstairs study area, but this is the main music room.
  10. rcole_sooner

    Eviction notice

    I don't think it hurts em. You can see him/her running off in the background. Or at least on one of these you could.
  11. rcole_sooner

    Nearby Points of Interest

    I've never been inside the bombing memorial museum. I've run the yearly race, Run to Remember. I've been to the memorial, just never visited inside. We live just a few blocks away.
  12. rcole_sooner

    noble gases

    I thought this was going to be Taco Bell thread. 🤣
  13. rcole_sooner

    Two to Hate

    That was not terrible. I would probably be pretty happy to have been there for that.
  14. rcole_sooner

    Happy Father’s Day

    My son went to a comi con and got to meet up with many of his friends and rub elbows with the stars. He got called up for the Mummy with Brendan Fraser, but my favorite was this piece he did for a anime hero of his. He got a lot of complements for this eye thing he did. Very cool!!!
  15. rcole_sooner

    Maybe I can actually adapt: My changed views on Joe B

    I don't own any of his records, but I really enjoy his live shows. A lot of these types of blues players I'm that way with.
  16. rcole_sooner

    ST peeps that play STEAM games???

    I've been Steam a long time. Mostly shooters. But Rocksmith is also on Steam. I have way more hours in that game than any other. The Borderlands series is way ahead of others, with nearly 1,000 hours, but not close to Rocksmith with nearly 2,000 hours. I'm rcole_sooner there too. Hmmmm, I...
  17. rcole_sooner

    Why are there not........

    This cabinet I bought used and part because it was beat to crap and I thought that looked cool. But the head is shiny new. 🤣 The cabinet doesn't get used much, as I play it through an isolation cabinet.
  18. rcole_sooner

    Prepping the fishing trip

    Ya goin' for some big ol' pikes or muskies?
  19. rcole_sooner

    Hilariously bad relic jobs ruining decent guitars - Pictures please!

    I dunno, but ^that^ looks awesome!!!!
  20. rcole_sooner

    Speaking of cats

  21. rcole_sooner

    Your best ´80s song

    So many can't choose.
  22. rcole_sooner

    Hilariously bad relic jobs ruining decent guitars - Pictures please!

    I've built a couple of relics, and attempted to pretty up some far gone guitars. So there ain't no tellin' with me. 🤣