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  1. SonOfLerome

    Under the Radar Authorized Fender Dealer

    Kenneth is a bit of a troll but I have a soft spot for the guy
  2. SonOfLerome

    Sunday morning "Huh?" Song

    well, I guess you can tell I'm a fan of that record 😁
  3. SonOfLerome

    New Neck Day- 50s Partscaster is finally complete

    Man, I’ve gone through 3 necks on this guitar now, but it just feels perfect now. First was an allparts, second was a Warmoth solid rosewood, and now this- a 50s American Original which I bought from @Theycallmetex (Great seller- highly reccomend!) I love the tint- I originally thought it was...
  4. SonOfLerome

    Finished My David Gilmour Black Strat Replica

    Wow!!! DG would be proud. What type of parts are on that thing?
  5. SonOfLerome

    For Sale Fender American Original Stratocaster 50s Blonde SOLD

    reminds me of that new classic line they’re bringing out 🤣🤣 beautiful guitar
  6. SonOfLerome

    Nature photos that YOU took

    On film.
  7. SonOfLerome

    American Original Owners- How’s it wearing?

    I’m curious- owners of the American Original line of guitars, how’s the wear progressing? Considering they’ve been out about 4 years now I’d imagine some are pretty worn in by now! Take this opportunity to show them off.
  8. SonOfLerome

    Gilmour-ish Black Strat partscaster build

    I would probably opt for doing a clear coat over the sunburst. This in my eyes would allow the flattest, most perfect finish which would hopefully reveal much more nicely than if it wasn’t clear coated. I would think you might want to rough up the clear prior to spraying the black over though...
  9. SonOfLerome

    Made An Interesting Discovery

    I found it interesting that a lot of greats started with fairly simple pedal setups, and then in the digital age switched to way more complicated rigs, which oftentimes produced (imo) worse sound overall. David Gilmour is a prime example. His rig for the Dark Side era was about 3 pedals- fuzz...
  10. SonOfLerome

    Stress crack in neck pocket - Should I be worried?

    No. Especially if it’s a metallic finish that seems to happen really really easily with Poly IME.
  11. SonOfLerome


    This one’s a BloomDoom Ebay body, Warmoth solid rosewood neck and Fender Pure Vintage hardware/pickups .
  12. SonOfLerome

    Hello from Arizona!

    Welcome from a fellow Gilmour fan!
  13. SonOfLerome

    Finally finished LPB

    How’d you age those knobs?
  14. SonOfLerome

    Finally finished LPB

    Wow. That is nice. Amazing job man! Love that color with the mint guard.
  15. SonOfLerome

    Need suggestions for AVRI Partscaster

    Seriously considering ditching my Warmoth solid rosewood for one of those AO60s… How’s the lacquer? Seeming like it’ll wear/check? Or thick sealer?
  16. SonOfLerome

    Thanks everyone

    I think cloth covered stopped around 1969 :)
  17. SonOfLerome

    '69 Fender Bassman

    Very cool! My AC568 Twin also has an AB763 label, I think they never changed them until the later silver face circuits came out.
  18. SonOfLerome

    Fender American Performer fake?

    I see nothing wrong with the serial. 75th Anniversary decal would only be on 2021 models.
  19. SonOfLerome

    Fender American Performer fake?

    It looks real. Sometimes walnut is light in color. I would still be wary though as that price is way too good to be true.
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    Is old Tug back again?
  21. SonOfLerome

    Misleading fender finishes

    Speaking from personal experience, the lacquer on the lacquer series is really odd. I can’t speak for the body much but the neck on my 50s Strat had a super brittle finish which chipped off in large portions, more akin to poly in my eyes. Odd stuff. Not sure whether there was much under that...