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  1. jbylake

    Fender Re-releases George Harrison Rosewood Tele

    There is. It's, if you don't want one, don't buy one.
  2. jbylake

    Oil can guitar build

    So I guess the "tone wood" debate is settled?
  3. jbylake

    “Math Rock” What are your thoughts?

    Is this thread for real? I have to find a chick or some booze, or both..... Ha..ah..ah..ha..and more LoL's
  4. jbylake

    Sherwood Green

    Is Sherwood green and 7 UP green the same thing? Personally I don't like either, but that's all just personal taste. Anyway, I've seen it discussed here, with folks talking about how they liked it, so thus the post.
  5. jbylake

    Sherwood Green

    Don't know if anyone's interested, but I have heard this color come up a few times. In the Fender Mod Shop there's a lot more colors available now, and one is Sherwood Green. So if you want a semi-custom Strat, you green lovers can jump on it while you can.
  6. jbylake

    So, how many of us actually float the trem?

    One of the choices is "Locked Down". I assume this might be the same as blocked? Mine are blocked except for my "faux" "Robin Trower custom shop", is floated. My mod shop Strat is a hard tail. I personally just don't have much use for a tremolo bar.
  7. jbylake

    Need help! - Is this a fake Custom Shop...?

    If you're not sure, take a pass and buy one from the Custom Shop, or a trusted guitar shop with a trusted tech and a guarantee, for a used one.:):rolleyes:
  8. jbylake

    Fanatasy Rock Superband?

    Greatest Super Group Members of all Time, would be: Jimmy Page - Guitar Robert Plant - Vocals John Paul Jones - Bass/Keyboards John Bonham - Drums er...wait a minute, that looks familiar.... Never mind.
  9. jbylake

    Crap!!! Just got hacked again :(

    WTF? Society has lost it's way many years ago, crooks have no conscience and could give a blank less about you. You're probably just one of a great many that just their own little enterprise has hacked.
  10. jbylake

    John Paul Jones !

    That's putting it mildly. A lot of people say Bohnam was the greatest offender, but Plant was just as guilty with his own antics as Bohnam. He's openly said so himself. In one interview, when asked why he was so adamant about not touring as Led Zepplin, aside from all the bad things that...
  11. jbylake

    Sweet Loretta MARTIN, not Loretta MODERN

    I think I recognized the word "I" and maybe another vowel or two.:rolleyes:
  12. jbylake

    Sweet Loretta MARTIN, not Loretta MODERN

    I always thought it was Sweet Loretta Morgan. Learn something everyday.
  13. jbylake

    John Paul Jones !

    I once read an interview with Robert Plant who said, "in all sincerity, John was the only member of Led Zepplin, to get out with a shred of dignity left". Gee, ya think?:D
  14. jbylake

    NND! Be Careful it may burn your fingers!

    Normally, I'm pretty "conservative" (code word for boring, in this case) about the looks and colors of my guitars, but after seeing your mock up, I want one now:D
  15. jbylake

    NND! Be Careful it may burn your fingers!

    Beautiful, but it would confuse me to no end. When you look at the top pic, the angle of the striping gives the optical illusion that the frets are slanted.:eek: But serious, it's great looking, especially since the front of the headstock is also striped also. J.:D
  16. jbylake

    Locking tuners question

    Must be a miscommunications. I never recommended pulling strings tight and locking them down. How are you going to tune that way? I leave some slack, about one wrap, then lock them down. Tune. Play.:D
  17. jbylake

    One of the best games I’ve watched!!

    It was a great game, best in a long time. My only gripe is how the announcers continuously idolized Mahomes the whole damned game long. It was almost sickening. I like Mahomes, and he has the potential to go down in history with folks like Brady, Montana, Favre, Manning etc..etc.. he may even...
  18. jbylake

    Been waiting for this head to head.

    I'd take the Strat over the SE, given that I don't get to physically play it (SE). The feel of a guitar to me is as important as the tone, again that's just my opinion. So, basically just making a decision based solely on a video, I would stick with what I know. I also liked the neck position...
  19. jbylake

    RIP Alexander Dumble

    That's the understatment of the year. One will probably now cost you about twice what the annual GDP of the U.S., plus a few hundred million more, just in case it remains flat this year. Seriously I would have loved to have been one of the "chosen" to meet with him, if just to talk amps...
  20. jbylake

    Little bit of sympathy…

    My favorite Trower album! I generally do like live albums over studio versions if they're done well. I listen to the Robin Trower "Live" CD more than more than my other Trower stuff.
  21. jbylake

    Little bit of sympathy…

    y, dude. Been listening to Trower for 40 years or so. If you're into blues/rock/and a little psycho, Listen to him. He's freaking fantastic. Don't pay any attention to the guy's who says this or that crap about him, in regards to Hendrix. Robin had a great admiration for Jimi, but never...
  22. jbylake

    Little bit of sympathy…

    Ha..Saw it first thing this morning with coffee:p
  23. jbylake

    Best Strat You’ve Ever Played?

    This is a very difficult question to answer given your request to not say "my own". My own are the ones I bought or traded for and kept. Would you think mine were "the best", since they aren't your own? I'd put my money on no.:D
  24. jbylake

    Covers better than originals?

    I can think of many, many more. I loved 3 of your 4 picks. Three were right on. Can't even stand seeing one of their faces though.:eek: